At this time, the fusion of Lin Shengti’s true qi has reached a critical moment. Don’t disturb Lin Shengbi’s old and direct Wu Sheng’s mid-term peak repair, and put an enchantment on the whole house to prevent others from breaking in.

Lin Sheng’s brow is faint with a black gas, which is obviously uncomfortable to the extreme, but Lin Sheng himself can’t move, while the old man is standing quietly without disturbing Lin Sheng. He always pays attention to Lin Sheng’s true qi movements, and when something happens, he will no longer hesitate to directly interrupt the true qi fusion. Although Lin Sheng will be injured, he can somehow save a life.
As time goes by, it seems that Lin Sheng has become the only thing in the world. In front of him, it’s just a fleeting moment. Lin Sheng’s whole body has become ethereal. At that moment, he felt that there was still some childish little apprentice in front of him, which actually made people feel that he was never old and shook his head. Just now, everything died, and his eyes became clear again. Just now, it was just an illusion, but the old heart eventually had some inexplicable ingredients in it.
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[7] Leijie reappearance
? At this time, the distant horizon suddenly came, and thunder was absolutely amazing and disappeared directly into the house and then appeared on a high mountain outside the house.
At this time, the sky has been completely covered by red and black colors. The red cloud points are the signs that Lei Jie is about to take shape, and the black cloud symbolizes that this is the most severe 99-year-old inflammation. The thunder punishment force contained in the cloud is more and more frightening. It is just that the old wolf at the peak of the mid-guanyu period is somewhat overwhelming. It is very strict to know that Sirius is a beast to repair Lei Jie, but it is also a 66-year-old inflammation Lei Jie when it passed the guanyu robbery, but now it is actually 99-year-old in the sky.
"Who is preparing for Du Jie at this time, and it is still the worst 99-year-old inflammation. What kind of beast is it?" Never old at the top of the mountain before looking at the sky JieYun stupidly and then low to himself.
But then he thought about Lin Sheng’s confusion. If he is in the moment of qi fusion, then this inflammatory LeiJie will "wave" to Lin Sheng, and then Lin Shengke will be in danger.
Without the slightest hesitation, Juelao soon reappeared in Lin Sheng’s room, but at this time, this room has changed greatly. That Lei Jie has locked this room completely.
"It’s not good to be able to send out power after the integration of Shenger Shenger’s true qi. It’s already reached the level of guanyu. It must be that heaven and earth Leijie sensed this conan the destroyer breath by mistake. Someone broke through guanyu!" Juelao immediately understood the cause of the incident.
"Shenger will quickly disperse the true qi, or everyone will be blown to pieces by thunder!" I don’t want to yell at Lin Sheng directly. He doesn’t know whether Lin Sheng can listen to him at this time, but there is nothing to do at this time. However, there is no sign of weakening in the sky, but there is a trend of continuous accumulation. At this rate, I am afraid that the first thunder will come directly in half an hour at most.
At this time, Lin Sheng still kept his eyes closed and didn’t respond at all. He didn’t listen at all. At this time, he was able to control the fusion of the true qi and dared not be distracted. At this time, he had gained some control and was no longer as angry as he was just now. But at this time, he couldn’t come. If he stopped the fusion of the true qi by force, Lin Sheng would be blown to pieces by the golden’ color’ of Lin Sheng Dantian, which had been fused with the true qi, and the original green’ color’ red’ Color’ and light yellow’ color’ qi have completely disappeared at this time, and the combination of three qi has actually formed a golden color’ color’ qi. When I returned to the house, Lin Sheng was completely surrounded by golden light, and all the changes outside were difficult to impress Lin Sheng. Lin Sheng seemed to be in an independent place and completely closed to the outside world at this time.
The golden qi in the abdomen is running in the Lins’ Xuangong. At this time, it has been running in the Lins’ body for two weeks when it breaks several breaths along the’ point’ position of the Lins’ meridians.
When the golden’ color’ qi touches the acupoints of Lin Sheng’s meridians, it melts them directly like hot magma meets ice water, and then it is constantly reorganized. In an instant, all the meridians of Lin Sheng’s body have been reorganized twice, and the meridians have been baptized by the golden’ color’ qi and become tough. The face is faint with a faint golden’ color’ light. There are still a few green’ color’ qi and red’ color’ qi left in Lin Sheng’s meridians, but they dominate the gold. It swallowed it up and directly transformed the gold’ color’ qi. Lin Sheng watched all this except luck to keep his abdomen from falling apart.
At this time, it is already a thunder outside, forcing people to suppress the momentum from the cloud to the area where Lin Sheng is located. After seeing that Lin Sheng still shows no signs of waking up, he will definitely ask the rest of the people to quickly move to a place ten miles away. There is no way for them to help here. This 99-year-old thunder robbery is not something that ordinary people can do one after another, but they are not sure at all. Then even if the rest of them are here for the first time, they may be directly blown to ashes.
Although everyone is extremely reluctant to leave here, especially Lin Yun, he is afraid that he will lose his son again this time and force him to stay.
"Brother Lin, if you stay here like this, it will affect the master, but it will not hurt him. Let’s go." The Xiao brothers forcibly dragged away the’ door’ Lin Yun directly. Duan Xin did not do this to Lin Yun, but he insisted on staying, but in the end, after listening to the words of the Xiao brothers, he did not force to stay, but made a deep ceremony towards the old man and then walked to one side.
At this time, the red cloud is already red and almost purple, and the energy is already finished. Click a ray with a diameter of more than one meter directly to the house where Lin Sheng lives. The old eye’ color’ reacts quickly and jumps directly. It turns out that it is relying on its own’ meat’ body to give a hard fight to the first lightning.
Before … The old man was furious and mad, and made a series of roads. Leili seemed to be caught off guard in his bun. He was always embarrassed by this one-meter-diameter thunderbolt, but it didn’t cause any real’ sex’ damage to the old man at most. At this time, Lin Sheng was still unaware that he was still sitting quietly in that golden light, feeling his body in the abdomen, where the gold’ color’ and the true qi were extraordinary. The gold’ color’ and the true qi were crazy compared with the Lin Sheng meridians.
The red’ color’ hijack cloud has just broken up, and the black’ color’ hijack cloud is covered again. At this time, the whole piece is like being covered by an inverted iron pot, trying to put everything in the pot.
The black’ color’ cloud robbery has just taken shape, and it is always feeling that one’s body qi is suppressed by a big stone, and the general running speed is a few beats slower.
"Not the kui is a 99 inflammation LeiJie! Just after the second thunder robbery, it was already so tough that it really had the power to destroy everything! " Never old dignified sighed, but at this time, he has no retreat. If he flashes, LeiJie will definitely go directly to Lin Sheng’s bombardment. Now, this state will be repaired and now Wu Shen will be born, even if he can’t come.
"Come on, let me see how strong you really are!" Looking at the ever-increasing accumulation of Leili black’ color’ in the sky, he seemed to be the only one in heaven and earth. At this moment, like a sword drawn out, his powerful body met the Leili, who rushed over and bombarded the black body.
"Give it to me!" At this time, the two giant hands clenched into claws, holding one end of the robbery cloud in one hand and running the great avatar of Wusheng period directly wanted to tear the ink’ color’ robbery cloud.
But is it easy for heaven and earth to uphold justice and punishment? The old hand has just grasped the robbery cloud, and Leili just jumped down to the old body, and the old body was paralyzed, but it didn’t relax at all. At the same time, the old body was also extremely dramatic, and one or two feet were’ inserted’ into the rock, and the face rock was directly smashed and constantly looked at the face. The old mouth corner had already seen filar silk and blood, and the thunder robbery was so severe that it was the second thunder robbery, which made the strong man in the middle of guanyu suffer minor injuries.
The black’ color’ hijack cloud is divided into two parts, and it is no longer difficult to condense the overwhelming pressure. Many lightning strikes are carried directly in the past without moving.
The dark clouds cleared away and the red clouds reappeared in the sky. These two kinds of clouds crossed each other to appear red. Once the aura of heaven and earth appeared, it was a complete riot. The department was absorbed in the cloud, and it was actually able to strengthen its strength with the help of the external aura. Lei Jie has become a’ fine’. Naturally, it will not be allowed to increase its restrictions. It will be a huge fist to wave his hand and condense his true qi into a huge fist. At this time, it will be bombarded with the aura that is constantly converging towards the cloud. Directly, it is falling apart, but the power of Jieyun is still rising. After all, the aura can play a very limited role, but the power of this third Jieyun is strong to the extreme. At this time, it is rising rapidly at a constant speed, looking at more and more people’s palpitations. Jieyun is constantly gathering and his face is getting ugly. He estimates that he can carry it to the fourth floor at most, and it is very likely that he will be seriously injured after carrying it, and then there will be five Leijie …
I have to think about it. At this time, the cloud robbery is already over, and the overwhelming thunder is like hail. I greet the old woman directly. In an instant, the old man has been drowned by the overwhelming thunder robbery.
"Master! "In the distance, the Xiao brothers shouted in a hurry, but the overwhelming thunder has blocked everything from the outside. They can’t see the old and the old, and they can’t see them at this time.
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[79] My heart is crazy
? All the thunder trapped the old students inside. Where did the Xiao brothers and others shout? There was no response to the thunder abusing Lin Sheng. At this time, his eyes were closed. At a certain moment, Lin Sheng’s brow suddenly "smoked" and his fingers moved slightly. Lin Sheng finally regained control of his body. Lin Sheng jumped up and this time happened to see that Leili was raging there. With a wave of his hands, the golden "color" was raging and it was like a sunrise. All eyes were attracted to the past. Shake hands into a fist, and blow directly is to bomb the huge gold’ color’ fist in the clouds. Bang directly is to bomb LeiLiLi, which has not been moved, or it is directly blown away by Lin Sheng’s fist. At this time, the mess is abnormal and the old man finally appears in everyone’s eyes. The corners of his mouth are already a little bloody. See, this huge LeiLi has also caused him some damage. At the same time, Lin Sheng is also directly shaken by that huge recoil, and blood appears in his mouth. Gold’ color’ qi swept away Lin Sheng’s slight injury, which was a direct recovery. Gold’ color’ qi overbearing horse can be called the true qi in the true qi theory, whether it is attack ability or repair ability is extremely high.
LeiJie was scattered sky red’ color’ clouds at this time is also a horse dispersed, but a moment later, the dark clouds are condensed again, and the wind is gradually blowing away, and the clouds in the valley are hundreds of miles away. At this time, I already don’t know where to go, and at the same time, the whole area has turned into a dark’ color’ cloud, which has enveloped the earth and stretched out my hand.
"The fourth robbery is coming!" Never frown before you say hello to Lin Sheng, that is, immediately drink a big drink and watch a few people outside. Just now, I was happy to get rid of the trouble in Never Old, and now my heart is tense again.
Dark days at this time are like a hat on the top of everyone’s head, which generally gives people great oppression. Then the dark’ color’ days spin rapidly, as if the huge whirlpool on the sea surface keeps spinning, as if trying to swallow everyone up. The purple’ color’ god Lei Long is looming.
The vortex became more and more turbulent. At this time, the aura of heaven and earth in dozens of miles of Fiona Fang was completely’ chaotic’, but a huge Razer kept winding in the vortex and gradually the vortex stopped rotating and turned into a huge lotus’ flower’-like thing.

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