Fei Xiu is arrogant and Su Jing has a "small watermelon", a pair of broken utensils and a colorful sword. Su Jing has to persuade him to revive it.

Xiu Xiu didn’t say much, and didn’t go to see those bets again. He nodded "Goodbye" to Sue’s scenic spot. After that, he was swept up with the help of the hand demon monk, but just flew out more than ten feet. He stopped and turned around and asked Su Jing, "Can you give me another flower of wisdom?"
I don’t know where that one was thrown just now.
"Yes," Su Jingxiao smiled and gave birth to a palm flower, which flew to the other side with a shot of flowers, and Qi Xiu went to meet Qi Huashan.
In addition, before leaving the mountain, the leader who led the foreign religious scholars out of the mountain has whispered to do more entertainment for this group of other people. Those religious scholars have also been able to enter the mountain to watch the war in vain. It is already a face-to-face from the mountain. When facing the Shenhe reality, the elders from the mountain, and the young martial uncle who is really sage like type, he thanked him seriously and was satisfied with the mountain.
Not long after leaving the mountain, it was quiet again, and all the outsiders left, but my cousin, Token Demon, and San Grandpa stayed where they were. They took a long step and bowed to Su Jing, "thanking Martial Uncle and congratulating Martial Uncle."
Thank you for what? Congratulations? Shen He didn’t say anything, but everyone was white.
Thousands of elders, true brothers and foreign brothers bowed down to thank you and congratulate you.
Lang Lang shouted that there is more respect and joy in drinking, and everyone will be happy if a person has achieved something; A person has done a beautiful thing, and everyone is honored. This is leaving the mountain.
Su Jing bent down to reciprocate, but he didn’t know what to say, but the word "thank you"
The owner got up and seemed to want to say anything, but his eyes glanced behind Su Jing, and his face suddenly showed an expression that Su Jing couldn’t understand, and he smiled inexplicably after him.
Not only Shenhe Sujing, but all the brothers from the mountain look like the head of the company, and then they respond with a strange smile.
Su Jing doesn’t follow the crowd’s eyes and looks back. One person has released the ground before fighting and hasn’t recovered a few bets. What’s ridiculous about this … Where is the "I" red cloth?
After seeing Su Jing’s eyes, I suddenly found that the red cloth on the head of the cage was scattered like three zhangs.
The colorful Taiyi gold is dazzling, the three-poster statue is towering and striking, the big word on the chest and back is big, the eyebrows are smiling, and the smile is big. How can it look so festive?
The brothers from the mountain can’t help but be dumbfounded and laugh-a statue of Sanzhang Jinjing himself? Little Martial Uncle, what is this … what kind of feelings!
Quite unexpectedly, Su Jing remembered that the red cloth was tied well, so he was relieved by the loose … It had already fallen off and Su Jing smiled again.
When he smiles, his younger brothers will laugh more heartily. Laugh, laugh. Anyway, no outsiders are all classmates. They are all a family. The more you laugh, the more heart Su Jing will have.
Laughed for a while, Su Jing coughed and looked at Shen He, who could understand him and nodded, "Please speak if you have something, Martial Uncle."
"There are a few things." Su Jing was led away by the Star Peak Array as soon as he returned to Menzong. There are indeed many things that have been temporarily forgotten, just taking this opportunity to do it.
"Please talk to Gongye Chang before" Su Jing received her own golden house and blue light girl, like the former is a sword and wants it for herself; The latter is that people feel guilty like melting away.
In his own image, Su Jingcai didn’t take it seriously. He always laughed at the former Gongye Chang. "I have this big gold essence and Fu Xiu who lost from the mountain. Please accept it. It will be hard after Gongye Chang is old, and I will forge a good sword from the mountain."
Gongyeqi was pleasantly surprised when he reached out and pointed to the elephant. The head of the company coughed gently for an old man, which saved him the trouble of pointing to his predecessor. He hastily withdrew his finger. "This elephant … you and me?"
After waiting for Su’s scenic spot, Gong Yeqi rushed to shake his head again. "Smelting Martial Uncle is like a disrespectful brother …"
Before he finished Su Jing, he laughed, "I don’t take it seriously myself, and you must take this image seriously. It’s not me, but a friend gave me a joke."
When someone laughs, who else is the most unruly red elder? She didn’t explain after laughing, but the meaning was white, but she didn’t believe Su Jing’s explanation
Gongye Chang’s old mind flashed, "Secondary smelting is absolutely impossible, or so I can handle it, leave this elephant with gold skin, and add good copper and steel …"
He didn’t bother Su Jing. What’s to say? Nodding should be Gongye Chang’s old joy and joy. Put away a lot of gold essence. That sword is also a tangible sword, and the magic of refining the marrow of God has died with the previous owner and must be sacrificed again.
After Su Jing added, "Elder Feng, please come forward."
We haven’t seen each other for more than 100 years. The elder of Shuilinfeng, who is in charge of Lingcao and Shifeng, is still as cold as that. I heard the little martial uncle call himself "brother" before he stepped forward for some reason.
Su Jing touched the splendid capsule and took out an object. "I want you to see if there are any benefits in Nanhuang. Can you enter Dan for refining medicine?"
An obscure mushroom in his hand can be heard by the wind. Elder Feng was hoarse when he saw a strange cry. He almost got a magic posture. He robbed the mushroom from Su Jing’s hand … The poisonous mushroom was born in the fire and the scorpion’s predecessors’ cave dwelling. Where did you go all over the world to find the second one?
Elder Feng is a discerning person. When he got mushrooms, his mind went into it, and he said nothing. He hurried back to his Lingshui Peak with mushrooms in his hand, and he couldn’t wait to decompose the medicine.
Su Jing mixed up and said, "Elder Shen Tu, please go ahead."
Before the old, thin and dim-eyed man stepped forward, "Shen Tu Lingling visited Uncle Shi"
Elder Sibao left the mountain treasure house because he looked after him, and his greedy temperament was quite similar.
Su Jing retreated and the two of them made room for a vast expanse. Elder Shen Tu didn’t understand, "What does Uncle Shi do?"
Su Jing waved his hand and motioned for him to know for a while until they could put a hill. Su Jing stopped and followed another beautiful bag!
Chapter two hundred and ninety-nine Forbidden Area
The fairy light is bright, and Su Jing waved his hand at Xiao Xiao. He and the elder Shen Tu piled up a Baoshan!
All kinds of magic weapons pile up mountains
The three elders, Lishan Caster, Alchemy and Sibao, each have their own stupid surnames. At this moment, the situation of Shen Tu Lingling is not better than that of the first two. He fell down and looked up at Baoshan in front of him.
And stop Shen Tu elders from mountain brother qi qi exclaimed elders all breath in a gasp, even the head of the eyes are off at first.
Su Jing didn’t say hello before leaving the mountain, and everyone was naturally unprepared. Who would have expected that they would meet such a lot of treasures!
Everyone knows that Su Jingnan had an adventure, but who can guess … Only after the adventure, he made a fortune!
There is no doubt that it is strong from the mountain, but the foundation of the school for 3 thousand years is still shallow and the foundation is insufficient.
The treasures of the Great Sage who knew the sea and came from nine wonderful places all fell into Su Jing’s bag, and then they were peeled off by Emperor Rui, and senior brother Chen Xiaosheng of Qi Fengguo gave Su Jing’s collection generously. Now, they are taken out to fill the family’s home from the mountain, which is a lot thicker.
Su Jing smiled and said, "I got some treasures outside to pay for my legacy."
Elder Shen Tu is out of his mind. "This … so much … ah."
Shen He’s face flashed with surprise, that is, after being noticed by others, Lang Kou said to many younger brothers who were away from the mountain behind him, "These treasures should be counted by the elders of Shen Tu first, and then they should be distributed by the elders of Zhuxingfeng and the deacons of each cliff."
"True brother can get three pieces, a younger brother; Outside the door, the younger brother’s own practice depends on the device. Every five people fall into a device. "Say that finish, Shen He’s real smile." This is what the younger martial uncle has long commanded. "
Su Jing is in charge of sending treasures back to the mountains. He won’t tell me what to do. It is only at this moment that Shen He learned that Su Jing actually picked up a mountain treasure from Nanhuang to talk about "early orders."
Shen He is a real person who sends Su Jing’s feelings to every brother!
The leader’s words don’t stop. "There’s still a good gold essence from the mountain. Please invite Gongye Chang’s old stove to start offering the refined good sword. Everyone has a share when I’m away from the gate, the gate and the outer gate, but everyone has to be patient at this time …" Here he laughed. "I have to be patient."
After that, I don’t know which brave brother couldn’t resist the cheers from the bottom of his heart. All the teachers took care of each other and smiled. If you don’t stop the cubs from cheering, go and cheer. It’s a good thing to be happy.
Who doesn’t like getting a treasure and a sword? The elders will immediately get busy if they don’t leave their younger brothers, and the head of the company will arrange for more than a thousand treasures to be distributed away from the mountain, so the backbone strength will rise greatly.
Shen He smiled and waited for them for a while before coughing and saluting Su Jingdao "Thank you, Uncle".
After the four words of the head, it is the loud and neat thank you from Shandi!

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