Chapter 52 Sword Name Hidden Front

Fire Kirin threw himself out of the fire and pounced on Xiao Wu.
It is like a mountain burning with golden red fireworks, and the huge beast is like a burning star falling from the horizon.
A golden red arc trace was drawn in the star, and the long trace was burning.
The fire is raging!
At this moment, Xiao Wu is no longer in the mood for leisure to watch him burn himself in flames.
Because he’s going to burn people to death, and they’re not in the fire
Although the man is burning now.
In his eyes, in his heart, his gods were all filled with the sudden huge fire unicorn beast.
He takes care of him in his spare time.
He felt the fear of life and death!
In his eyes, the fire unicorn beast is getting bigger and closer. He has already felt the terrible fireworks temperature. He has loved playing with fire since childhood and has never been afraid of fireworks, let alone the high temperature.
But this time is different.
He felt hot, his skin burned a little, and then he turned red and hot.
He seemed to see himself in the blood-red ruby eyes of the fire unicorn beast.
His face and skin are like red-hot iron!
He felt that he was going to die.
He smelled death.
Of course he won’t die.
At the very least, the hundred religious missions in Tiandong will not die in front of everyone, playing with fire and setting themselves on fire.
Because the huge golden hair roaring wings at both ends of climbing the snow are still carrying two giant drives.
Although the golden hair roar at this moment, the blood pressure of the fire unicorn has been afraid to raise its head, but it does not mean that the two characters in the giant drive are also afraid of the blood of the fire unicorn beast.
Even if you don’t drive out the two ancient Taoist forests, there are three generations of brothers in Tiandong, besides the Great Yan Emperor Yan Nan Fei Bai Lou God.
The first 100 cases of Liancheng tactic and three generations of younger brothers are all heavenly teenagers.
Although Xiao Wu is strong, it is only the fifth place in the new list.
This time, with the Tiandong delegation visiting the monastery, the third generation brother of the hundred sects can not only be the fifth little Wu on the Xuanxin list.
For example, that huge sword with a big body and a big back is lonely!
His ranking in the new Xuan list will be in front of Xiao Wu.
Return to the front of our son
He is the third in the earth.
The third place in the earth is lonely!
On the whole, the flaming unicorn beast is about to swallow Xiaowu’s mouth and instantly move!
It’s not him who moves first, but his sword!
His sword is heavy and big, and its front is like a huge iron ruler!
No one will recognize this as a iron ruler.

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