"Then you have a good rest and relax. It should be all right. Someone has been in the hospital and handed it over to you. You should take good care of yourself." Liziyu didn’t say much, and she didn’t even ask Ling Feng’s name, so she planned to leave.

He has to go out to do business, so he must teach some people some painful lessons, otherwise they will really take him as a vegetarian.
They should have the consciousness of paying a painful price if they move to Meng Xin.
"Can I go and see Meng Xin?" LAM Raymond stopped Liziyu.
"Well, the doctor said that you can go to see her if you have no problem. Just tell the nurse then and have a good rest now." Li Ziyu nodded and strode away.
Two-person car this time by Zhao Xing.
Li Ziyu gave Wu Qiangui a message and expressed his thoughts. Wu Qiangui asked two more sentences, "Didn’t you say that you will wait until after the Chinese New Year?"
"Some people want to die early, can we?" Liziyu asked
Before the plan, it may not achieve the effect they planned before, but this sudden attack may also have unexpected effects, so Li Ziyu insisted that Wu Qiangui go back on his word now.
"Well, I know, you can rest assured that you will see our company’s application one day." Wu Qiangui immediately promised that Liziyu would hang up without saying anything.
Zhao Xing directly sent Li Ziyu back to the company. Zhao Xing worked overtime and issued an announcement. After Li Ziyu signed it and stamped it, Li Ziyu went home to change clothes. By the way, let the servant make some nutritious soup. Zhao Xing continued to deal with the things behind.
-dividing line-
Meng Xin didn’t wake up until six o’clock, and it was still dark at six o’clock in winter.
But her room is bright and won’t glare. She opened her eyes and felt the pain in her neck first after the anesthetic passed. She didn’t dare to touch her roots and gently turned her neck, which could make her groan.
Qi Xinglin woke up in an instant, and then she saw Meng Xin struggling to turn her neck with her eyes open. She hurriedly ran over and said, "Don’t move your neck and sew a needle."
"Mom and Dad, you …" Meng Xin didn’t remember what happened afterwards. She remembered that someone asked her what her name was. She told each other everything when she heard Liziyu’s name.
Later, I felt that the other person seemed to want to save her, and then her whole nervous mood was relaxed. At that moment, she completely lost consciousness.
Fortunately, she survived without being defiled.
"Is it Auntie who informed us that you don’t talk yet and want to drink water?" Meng Haidong explain why they are here.
Qi Xinglin stepped on Meng Haidong as soon as she heard the name Meng Haidong to Liziyu-she made it very clear to Meng Haidong last night. After analyzing it, she always felt that Liziyu had hidden a lot from them. Besides, she felt that Liziyu was a nemesis of Meng Xin.
Life seems to have never been calm when I met Li Ziyu Meng Xin. She was always called to Li’s home by the old lady of Li’s family, so she would not say anything. But she can’t sit still when she met such a big thing today.
Even though Li Ziyu is a very nice man, she doesn’t think it is suitable for Meng Xin.
"Well" Meng Xin slightly replied.
Qi Xinglin took it aside, adjusted warm water and put a straw for Meng Xin to suck.
Meng Xin took a big drag and didn’t see Li Ziyu. She was slightly lost. After the survivors, she wanted to see him for the first time.
Just so thinking about the door, there was a knock at the door. Liziyu pushed the door and glanced at Meng Xin, who had opened his eyes. Then he smiled at Meng Haidong and Qi Xinglin. "Uncle and aunt, I stewed soup and you have a drink together."
"No, with …" Qi Xinglin refused directly. She didn’t even want to ask what happened yesterday. Anyway, she decided that after Liziyu and Meng Xin, she would oppose it to the end.
"Ah Yu, you’re here. Your aunt is hungry. I’ll take her back to get something to eat. Please help us keep Meng Xin later. Your aunt will go back to ask for leave with the unit. I’ll also go back to help Meng Xin ask for leave and come back for you at noon, okay?"
Section 44
Meng Haidong said it before Qi Xinglin said it was more difficult to obey, and at the same time grabbed Qi Xinglin’s hand and took her away.
Qi Xinglin struggled badly, but Meng Haidong didn’t give up at all and dragged Qi Xinglin outside the ward.
Meng Xin didn’t say much when he saw it. First, she really couldn’t speak because it hurt. Second, she didn’t know why Qi Xinglin suddenly hated Li Ziyu so much. This was not the case.
"You …" Meng Xin wants to say how he came so early. Li Ziyu seems to have a heart in mind to stop her from "thinking about coming early when she can’t sleep"
When he got back, he asked the servant to get up and cook the soup. Fortunately, there was a hen in the refrigerator at home, so he directly had the whole chicken stewed to a pulp and finally concentrated it into a pot like his hand.
Although it hurts all over, Meng Xin still held out his hand towards him. Liziyu immediately handed his hand to Meng Xin and grabbed it, then sat on her bedside and picked her up and hugged her in his arms.
A thousand words of "Meng Xin’s sorry" finally turned into these three words, no matter whether he made Feng Meiting and Liu Jingyang pay the price afterwards, he failed to protect Meng Xin after all and made her suffer so many fearful things.
"…" Meng Xin shook her head. She didn’t need him to say these three words. Isn’t it all right now?
Of course, if Feng Meiting’s trick succeeds, maybe she is really not in this world, and she can’t live.
Meng Xin stretched out his hand and touched his face. He must have been worried and scared after learning the news of her kidnapping. This is the first time she has seen him unkempt.
When did Li Ziyu not shine in her eyes before? Even if he was in a wheelchair, she thought he was the most handsome and tasteful man in the world.
"It’s okay, you know?" Meng Xin said softly with a hoarse voice.
There is probably antipyretic and anti-inflammatory liquid in the liquid lost yesterday. She feels good at the moment.
"It won’t happen again, believe me." He will ban Feng Meiting, and he also told Qiu Jue that no one is allowed to take Feng Meiting’s order anywhere he can manage.
Moreover, he claimed 50,000 yuan from Feng Meiting, which completely broke Feng Meiting’s idea of wanting money to buy a murderer. After such a bad thing, Feng Meiting would never have a chance to do it again.
"Well, I believe," Meng Xin smiled. It hurts all over, but now she feels very happy snuggling in Liziyu’s arms. Yesterday, she didn’t have such an opportunity again. Fortunately, nothing happened.
It is enough for her that she can still enjoy Li Ziyu’s warm embrace.

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