There are a large number of these helicopters crawling out of dozens of columns that Lin noted. When they flew to rotten mud, they also used their weapons … It looked like a fog sprayer was aimed at the square mud.

"Abnormal microbial population was detected here! Carry out sterilization work! " Lynn heard a helicopter suddenly say this, and at the same time, its body … the fog sprayer also spilled a large white fog on the mud.
These fogs will soon come into contact with the surface of the mud, and the cells on the surface of the mud will immediately feel that … this is a kind of … highly toxic substance that can take effect rapidly.
There are still a lot of Lin on the surface of the mud, but they didn’t devour the fungi. They were quickly killed by highly toxic substances, and some Lin cells died as a result.
However, Lin quickly asked the remaining cells to modify the shell so that the poison would not enter, but this did not seem to solve all the problems.
They spill toxic substances and are infiltrating into the mud and flowing deep into the mud, killing all the defenseless fungi along the way
Although Lin put the fungus nutrients here, she won’t eat them up, but they are now seriously threatened.
These helicopters are flying around in this mud and continue to sprinkle a lot of toxic substances. Obviously, this kind of trip is aimed at Lin.
But at first, they acted because of an order from Nao Ling, and Nao Ling seemed to decide to carry out the sterilization order because of the strange sound in the flashing picture.
Then the most fundamental question is … Who is the sound source in that flashing picture? It seems to know Lin.
"No, it doesn’t work!" Suddenly Lin found that most helicopters stopped spilling poison and discussed it.
"A considerable number of flora are still alive, and the drugs have not achieved the expected results!" "It’s impossible! This is the latest medicine! " "But it didn’t work!" "It seems that some effect happened at first. Are these fungi mutated? So short? "
They can detect that there are still a lot of Lin cells alive in the mud, so they all behave a little flustered.
At the same time … Brain spirit over there.
Tick-tock-the brain spirit is still staring at the flashing picture. At this moment, a blue picture suddenly pops up next to it and a helicopter sound comes in the picture. "Report! Those fungi have resisted the latest drugs … Now we can’t kill them! "
"Then replace it with old drugs," said Nao Ling.
"But … the old ones have been destroyed," said the helicopter. "There is no other medicine to use now."
"no!" This sound is not brain spirit, but in the flashing picture, "You must kill it all! Otherwise it will be too late! "
Chapter one thousand four hundred and fifty From the desert
"quick! Kill them all! Kill them all! "
The loud sound echoed in the air, and not only the brain can hear it, but also the helicopters in the rotten land seemed to hear it, so the former report helicopter asked, "Who is this?"
"You ignore" brain spirit immediately said "to find a way to eliminate those fungi"
"But we didn’t do it!"
Suddenly, the helicopter made several screams, and its sound disappeared. The brain asked doubtfully, "What happened?"
But the blue picture didn’t answer it. That’s mainly because … the helicopter responsible for answering has encountered some problems.
It was entangle by a huge tentacle sticking out of that mud.
"Help!" It gave a cry of panic and was then pulled in by this tentacle … The helicopters sank into the mud.
The helicopter tentacles around it didn’t want to save it at that moment, but they were all scared to death. They generally hid in both sides and stopped after retreating to their own safe positions and watched it being dragged into the mud.
This tentacle is actually made by Lin. It is very easy for all kinds of cells to construct such a simple shape …
Lin wanted to catch a helicopter and look at the place, so she set her sights on it. It was always like a captain’s helicopter. After dragging it into the mud, Lin quickly let the cells get into other bodies for testing. Lin soon found out that it was not a cellular creature.
It should be said that it is not a cellular brain, but a brain similar to … intelligent machinery, but this helicopter seems to be similar in personality and intelligence to ordinary personality creatures.
There’s nothing special about it … It’s not equipped with weapons. It’s just a fog sprayer filled with that poisonous substance.
If you really want to investigate, you should go from Nao Ling.
"Captain was seized by the monster! We must retreat and report! " After the helicopters froze for more than ten seconds, they flew into the column one after another and quickly retreated. It wasn’t long before they all escaped.

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