Tong Zhenren nodded at Fengxi Xian. "What Xian said is not bad. If I didn’t put my foot in my mouth, one of the breath fluctuations is the candlestick man."

Although the imperial dynasty is adjacent to the sphere of influence of the Sect of Heaven, it is far away from the mountain gate of the Sect of Heaven, but this distance is not too far relative to the strong in Tianzhu. The real person is no stranger to the Sect of Heaven, and he was invited to be a guest of the Sect of Heaven.
If you were someone else, even if you could sense the fluctuation of Tianzhu’s encounter with the strong, it would be impossible to distinguish the fluctuation of the atmosphere of the candlestick and the old man like a real person
Feng Xixian was surprised. "So there are forces who have made bad friends with the Sect of Heaven. Although the Sect of Heaven has four strong Tianzhu, it is not an idle force to be bullied!"
Tong Zhenren is also curious in his heart. After all, he has a deep impression on the old man who asked him. In those days, he was invited to ask him personally. He asked himself that he was by no means an opponent. Now he has the power to fight with him. If you don’t let Tong Zhenren have curiosity.
Generally, even the imperial dynasty is not enough to make fengxi immortal, but it involves nearly ten statues of Tianzhu. It is impossible for the strong to choose a statue of Tianzhu.
A little thoughtfully, Feng Xixian said to Tong Zhenren, "Channel friends would like me to go and have a look!"
It is absolutely impossible for the two major forces to casually break out in a war, especially when Tianzhu is involved. If the strong don’t have enough interests, how can they let Tianzhu be strong in person?
How many ten thousand years have passed since I heard that the two major forces fought to kill Fengxixian, and everyone here immediately responded.
The real person nodded at the queen, but the queen was virtuous and said with a smile, "Although you go with Fengxi’s sister, it is the dynasty that has a concubine."
Two figures went up into the sky and disappeared in an instant.
The halberd in Lu Bu’s hand covered in blood has already collapsed. At the moment, Xiang Wentian’s old man is waving his fist and smashing it in the past. Where is Zhao Yun’s white horse and heroic appearance? It’s not much better than Lu Bu’s. It’s also a bloody close-fitting fight with the old man.
The combination of two people is still suppressed by the old man who asked for it, but also thanks to the combination of two people. Otherwise, they may have been suppressed by the strong old man who asked for it.
Although the true man is strong, whether it’s Lu Bu or Zhao Yun, it’s all from the battlefield. The strong man is not an equal generation and two people cooperate tacitly, so that the true man can’t find the time to suppress one person
Boom a lyu3 bu4 inverted out mouth big mouth blood KuangPen but lyu3 bu4 gave birth to hold himself up and pounce on Xiang Wentian old man again.
However, when Lyu3 bu4 pounced on the old man in Xiang Wentian, it was at the distance that the upright man desperately killed Huang Zhong, South China Reality, Xun Shuang and others and roared, "Are you not even as good as Lu Mou if you don’t break through us?"
Can let lyu3 bu4 so proud population for help, it is conceivable that the old man brought them pressure, so it can be said that lyu3 bu4 and zhaoyun are exhausted.
South China’s reality incarnation, Kunpeng, is hitting Wan Li, who is full of Shaqi, and unexpectedly has a sudden body shape and a bloody fist and goes straight to South China’s reality head.
Even the fist has reached the South China reality, but the South China reality still stays strangely without flashing eyes.
The fist is right in the middle of the head of the South China reality. It should be the scene that the South China reality was blown up. However, the fist directly passed through the head of the South China reality.
The figure of South China’s reality is actually a little blurred and disappeared. The statue of South China’s reality in Boxing Town can’t help but look at the shape of South China’s reality in astonishment.
When the statue of the strong man was overwhelmed by this scene, a colorful butterfly danced in the air. The colorful butterfly’s wings just flapped, and when I saw the statue of the strong man, it turned into a blood fog on the spot.
A statue of a half-step Tianzhu boundary strong man was so nullified by a butterfly with no power at first sight.
At that moment, a flapping wing killed a statue of Tianzhu, a strong butterfly, and South China’s real figure became solid.
South China reality shape condensed moment a breath of terror South China reality center to spread around.
Looking around, South China’s real people stepped out one step at a time and roared out straight for the old man.
"Hahahaha, South China Old Fairy, you really broke through!"
Lyu3 bu4 watching South China reality is naturally laughing. With the breakthrough of South China reality, Lyu3 bu4 and Zhaoyun are both relieved.
Zhu Houzhao and others here can’t help but let South China’s reality break through a heart.
Seeing that the number of the strong on their side Tianzhu has exceeded that of the candlestick Sect, there is no hope that the candlestick Sect will erode the big one if it is not for any accident, if it does not let everyone’s hearts fall.
A stuffy hum ChuYi figure flying out tianyi temple master looked puzzled at ChuYi way "you … you really are not strong in Tianzhu territory, but have you been fighting for a long time?"
Chu Yi didn’t pay attention to the top of his head, and his eyes were red and he came straight to him. Instead, Zhu Houzhao stared at the main road of Tianyi Temple. "If I am willing to submit to the great god, I will have a cabinet."
At this time, Chu Yi’s cultivation was not blessed by the altar, and it was the heavenly king’s cultivation that exposed him.
Killing Chu Yixiu several times, although it is said that it has not reached the peak of the king’s realm, is not far away. If it is killed for several months, it will be so stressful to keep Chu Yi at the peak.
Has reached Chu Yi’s side. Zhu Houzhao shouted at the list of gods, and suddenly the list of gods was simplified. Chu Yi turned into a yellow dragon robe.
After these, Zhu Houzhao was a little relieved. "It doesn’t matter how you are a big companion!"
Chu Yi couldn’t help but shake his head at Zhu Houzhao when he was preparing to take the list of gods. "If you take the list of gods, then I will destroy the list of gods before you. I can’t lose this list of gods …"
Tianyi Temple Master looked at Chu Yi and then looked at Chu Yi’s body, which was transformed by the list of gods. Finally, his eyes fell on Zhu Houzhao.
Chu Yi saw that he could step out of the mountain and river tripod one step at a time, and then leaned out toward Tianyi Temple and smashed it with one hand.
Is tianyi temple master don’t flash, don’t avoid the hand was struck by a mountain tripod instantaneous a broken advice to Zhu Houzhao moment Zhu Houzhao was killed on the spot.
Seeing that Zhu Houzhao was killed by the Lord of Tianyi Temple on the spot, everyone couldn’t help but be stunned and then roared with anger.
"positions! The old minister is here! "
Chen Ding, a veteran, heard Chen Ding roar and pounce on a statue of Tianjun when a golden abacus appeared on his head, and then the whole person crashed.
Yue Fei’s head is changing, and a golden-winged Dapeng bird crashes and melts, and the time disappears into Yue Fei’s body, and the horrible breath rushes up into the clouds.
Chu Yi watched Zhu Houzhao explode into a ball of blood and fog in front of him. It was not a moment of stupidity. Chu Yi’s eyes were red, and a full moon appeared. The full moon on Chu Yi’s head fell at the moment and disappeared into Chu Yi’s body. The temple master seemed to hear a breakthrough in the realm. A horrible breath spread from Chu Yi’s body.
Chapter one thousand one hundred and fifty-seven Zhu Houzhao do you want to die again?
Tianyi Temple Master has an insight into Chu Yi’s true repair. Although it is not clear what Chu Yi can have the strength of Tianzhu, it is nothing more than a great god.
It is said that Chu Yi, the master of Tianyi Temple, is least worried about his pressure breakthrough. Under normal circumstances, it is extremely difficult for Chu Yi to make a breakthrough now, and it is almost impossible.
Seeing that Zhu Houzhao actually simplified the list of gods into a dragon robe to give Chu Yi a protective place, the temple master conveniently gave Zhu Houzhao a ringing off the hook.
It seems that Zhu Houzhao, the god of Tianyi Temple, is nothing. Although it is very difficult to say that God wants to replace the Lord, it is not impossible to say that Tianyi Temple has not reassured Zhu Houzhao.
However, the Lord of Tianyi Temple even never dreamed of the position of Zhu Houzhao Great God in the eyes of all.
If Chu Yi and Zhu Houzhao are the two foundations of the Great God Dynasty, then Chu Yi has always been majestic, showing that people are more in awe of Chu Yi, while Zhu Houzhao is generous and not too harsh on the minister of civil and military affairs, which can be regarded as how much he respects Zhu Houzhao.
As soon as the temple master made a move, he would blow up Zhu Houzhao, but it would be strange if the big etiquette who saw this scene did not respond.

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