"Hello" The wussy old man seemed a little nervous and got up and bowed. "Good" He didn’t know whether he was nervous or forgot to say his name.

The valley Masataro hey hey say with smile "here here, please".
The old man asked, "Do you want an invitation?"
Nagu Masataro said, "Yes, yes, yes."
The old man pointed to a dish and said, "Hey, hey, if you want to eat a bowl of scrambled eggs with tomatoes, I will give you an invitation."
Gu Masataro said, "Just eat a bowl."
The old man said, "Yes."
Valley Masataro sad face light way "not toxic"
"How can it be toxic?" The old man was a little short of breath. "This is specially sent for people to eat. How can it be toxic?"
Gu Masataro said, "It’s really not poisonous."
"It’s really not poisonous." The old man stamped his foot and swore, "If it’s poisonous, I’ll thunder five times a day."
Gu Masataro gritted his teeth and closed his eyes, picked up a bowl of Bala Bala and finished it, then shouted, "Come on, I want an invitation."
"What do you shout? You want the invitation. Take it." The old man took out a bronzing invitation and handed it to Gu Masataro.
Gu Masataro gawk way "that’s it, just give it to me".
The old man said "all right"
Gu Masataro said, "It’s as simple as that."
The old man said, "Yes, that’s it."
Gu Masataro was excited to flip the invitation and felt that it was very kind to start with heavy workmanship and even fake. He was surprised, "How could this invitation be so simple for me?"
The old man shook his head and said, "I don’t know if someone hired me to send invitations here. I don’t know anything else."
Gu Masataro eyes turn nasty asked "how many invitations do you have".
The old man said, "Don’t worry about how many I have. I’ll send one to each of you, and then go."
"You" Gu Masataro really can’t see that this wussy old portrait is a martial arts expert, but he dare not expect to leave and go back to a job easily.
Chapter four hundred and fifteen Fifty invitations
However, after he set this precedent, there was a long queue of scrambled eggs with tomatoes in the square soon.
Who on earth is this? Why does he have a large number of invitations to the imperial city decisive battle? What is his purpose?
For this reason, this invitation was really sent out, and every letter was genuine. The person who received the invitation didn’t need to know martial arts. Maybe this is a genius drama, but I have to say that this decisive battle of the imperial city seems to have fallen into a situation that no one can imagine today. But if you can observe it from the bureau, you will still find that someone seems to be holding a thread silently, which controls the trend of the situation.
It’s all noisy.
Can’t stop making trouble
It’s already dusk on April 10th.
The decisive battle period will be based on how many things have happened and how many people have died. The decisive battle will be held as scheduled when two people are not dead.
Now it’s time to fight.
A decisive battle is a decisive battle, but what if one side of the decisive battle doesn’t arrive? Can this decisive battle continue?
Kotaro, the God Valley, has been restored to its original state in the longevity pavilion, as if it had never been knocked into the lotus pond, and every inch of land there has also been restored to its original state. Those buried footprints and traces of fighting have disappeared, and Qu Yong has been destroyed and wiped out here.
Now we are waiting for the decisive battle. When will the other side arrive?
No one knows, no one knows whether the destiny will come from the day after the battle between Destiny and Qu Yong, both of them disappeared.
Just outside the imperial city at this time.
Qu Yong, the avenue outside the imperial city, walks outside the imperial city.
He has a man on his back, a man with his eyes closed and there seems to be no sign of life.
"Uncle, don’t worry, we have arrived outside the imperial city. I will definitely finish this last battle. You must hold on."
It’s just a word "hmm" that you have to rely on people’s backs to cope with your destiny.
"Hush hush …"
Not far from the corner, there was a black shadow waving at QuYong.
"What is it?"
The black shadow stealthily shrank to the front of Qu Yong, combed a big steel head with two moustaches and leaned sideways. "There’s nothing I want to ask you if you want to enter this imperial city to watch the world war I"
Qu Yong is wary of three points in his heart. "What if it is not?"
The shadow thief laughed. "Don’t deceive me. I know you can get in without an invitation."
Qu Yong said, "I don’t have an invitation. Do you?"
The shadow proudly said, "Just ask the right person. I really have it."
QuYong touch nose doubt "you have"
The shadow said, "You are lucky. I have sold almost the last letter at a price of 10 thousand yen."
"Ten thousand yen is definitely not expensive, even if it is 100 million, people will buy it, but I doubt if you can take out the real invitation," Qu Yong said. "I don’t believe you. I won’t believe it unless you see the real invitation."
"Alas, you," the man stamped QuYong aside and actually pulled out a red hot stamping invitation.
Qu Yong put it in his hand and found that the weight of this invitation was exactly the same as those he sent out
"Where did your invitation come from?"
The shadow said, "Don’t worry about where I come from, just say whether I want it or not. I sold it to several people in front of you today, and it’s very refreshing. If you don’t want it, I’ll sell it to one."
QuYong backhand grabbed the man’s wrist and said, "You are from the Yamaguchi group. Do you think Hideki Watanabe sent you to test me? If you don’t want me, I won’t kill anyone."
"You’re crazy," the man shouted, "This thing is hurting me all over the world."
"It’s all over the world"
Qu Yong, of course, he didn’t know that it was still difficult to get the invitation on the first day in his same square. On the second day, someone sent it on a large scale, which made the street a little powerful and the scalper also had an invitation.
That humanity is "true"
Qu Yong said, "Who is sending it?"
The humanitarian "don’t know how I know"
Qu Yong’s increasing hand strength can almost crush his wrist. The man fainted in pain and couldn’t say anything. Finally, he let go and shouted "Roll".
After getting rid of this short-eyed scalper, Qu Yong vaguely felt that all the things that happened these days seemed to be connected, but what he lacked now was a rope, and if he wanted to find the key, he should have discovered the truth of everything.
He walked to the entrance of the North Feather Gate of the Imperial City. Today, he was heavily guarded here. A man with a police uniform and a sword stopped him far away.
"You are human."
QuYong hand way "in QuYong"

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