After about ten seconds, Song Anqiao finally thought of writing on the small board "Find a lover and never leave each other."

At the end, she solemnly wrote her sister’s name.
Song anqiao looked at the small board with great satisfaction. Although the board could write these words, she thought that love might be more important to her sister Song Anhe.
After writing it, Song Anqiao went to hang it on the tree, but she didn’t throw it twice, and she piteously asked for help.
"Brother, please help me hang it up." Song Anqiao handed him the red silk with soft notes.
Chu Fei is far from answering. He sighed deeply and slowly squatted down and magnetically patted his shoulder. "Come on."
Song Anqiao looked at first one leng hurriedly gave a "don’t don’t want you to help me hang up"
She doesn’t want to ride him.
"If you fail me, it won’t work." Chu Fei is far from making it up.
Song anqiao stayed "not effective?" I thought for a moment, "All right then."
Go to the former Song Anqiao Trail. "Don’t think I’m heavy."
"Never mind" Chu Fei’s distant voice and "Come quickly"
Song anqiao rode to him, and his two palms held her thighs and fixed them. After that, Song anqiao got up slowly, blushing and hung the red silk shyly.
"Come on, come on, brother, let me come."
People gathered around the town are looking at them with a smile, with a kind smile in their eyes.
Song anqiao couldn’t stand this gaze and begged Chu Feiyuan to let her come, but Chu Feiyuan took her away directly.
"Chu Fei is far away, I am angry!" Song anqiao blushed and felt uncomfortable.
Chu Fei strode forward as if he hadn’t heard her talk.
Song anqiao was annoyed and put his hand over his eyes to prevent him from going any further.
Chu Fei is far worried that he will fall to her stop so far. "Qiao Mei, let me take a trip with my world like this."
Song An Qiao Jiang
He mean that she is his world.
Song Anqiao’s lip-biting sound is very small. "I can walk a little longer or I will be ashamed to death."
"good!" ChuFei far promised to corners of the mouth Yang firmly took her to grandpa’s house.
Song anqiao buried his face all the way and didn’t dare to look at the people around him outside. Chu Fei-yuan kept the agreement and let her go.
Song anqiao blushed deeply, and his cheeks were red and his ears were red, which was particularly beautiful.
Chufei looked down at her with a deep smile and arms around her. "Oh, hey, what can we do in Qiao Mei? Everything blushes like this."
Song anqiao buried his face in his chest and sulked. "Who made you so handsome?"
"…" ChuFei far smell laugh bright and clear "silly Qiao Mei".
After the two embraced for a while, Song Anqiao suddenly talked about carrying him back for a short distance. Chu Fei’s eyes were deep and his big hands pressed hard against her head, and Song Anqiao shook his body unsteadily.
"You can’t do it with your small back." Chu Feiyuan glanced at her with a vague look. "Just let me love you."
Song Anqiao froze for a few seconds and suddenly reacted to the meaning of his words. He glared at him and left a sentence "Hate!" I ran to grandpa’s house.
"I feel bad when I fall down slowly." Chu Fei is full of new flavor.
"…" Song Anqiao cover your ears hate.
After dinner, grandpa went to bed first because he was old.
Song Anqiao in the east wing of the backyard brought hot water to wash Chufeiyuan’s feet. "Didn’t you say grandpa was fierce? He has been very kind to me all day today. "
Chu Fei’s eyes are far away. "Don’t be confused by appearances."
Song anqiao raised his face and opened his mouth to talk. He put it on the bed and the phone rang.
Her eyebrows a wrinkly forehead chug jump straight to pick up the words without wiping your hands "grandma? What’s wrong? "
"Big Jojo, your sister hasn’t come home yet," the old lady said in a hurry. "She didn’t answer the phone when we called her, so she said she didn’t see anyone. What can we do?"
Song Anqiao turned white when he heard his face swish. "Grandma, don’t panic. I’ll try calling my sister."
"Then call it’s half past nine," the old lady said anxiously.
Song anqiao’s eyes are flustered. Her sister doesn’t know much about today’s society. What should she do if something happens?
While talking, Song Anqiao was so anxious that he walked around the room. The whole person was restless and called five times, but no one answered.
Song Anqiao was so anxious that he hit the ninth time. Song Anqiao got through and shouted, "Sister, what are you doing!"
"…" Words that leng for dozens of seconds.
"Sister?" Song Anqiao couldn’t hear the response and couldn’t help putting a light tone. "What’s wrong with you? Sister, are you talking? Don’t worry about me, okay? "
Section 226
The other side froze for a few seconds before it wandered to Song Anhe and cried, "Jojo, I … I’m lost."
Song anqiao was stunned at this.
"Don’t panic." Song Anqiao calmed his panic. "I’ll buy you a mobile phone. You can call me first and find you."
Song Anhe positioned his mobile phone step by step according to Song Anqiao’s instructions, and called Song Anqiao’s login account here to let her elder sister share the address. "Elder sister, please see if there is a place near you where you can sit. Just sit there and wait for me. Don’t worry, I’ll find you right away."
Chapter 343 I know I know
"Come quickly, I’m afraid." Song Anhe trembled.
"Don’t be afraid, sister," Song Anqiao said as he put on his coat. "Don’t play with your mobile phone."

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