Follow the pioneer, just like all beings in the original era, that is what our people should do, because this pioneer is definitely worthy of everyone’s follow, even if he has crossed the years and come to this era.

Barna opened her arms and looked at someone in all directions. "The story is very simple. You believe me, I guide your world. Believe me, I save the world."
Then, in the near future, people will be able to control my steel behemoth in flight.
Everyone can leave their footprints on the moon, and everything will walk in the depths of the Milky Way, truly and devoutly following the footsteps of the gods on the ancient road of the stars.
Please put doubts and fights with me to go to that beautiful era. "
See it’s about time, mythical creatures glances at each other, led by the dragon elders crawling Barna light.
"Praise the pioneers of mankind, the ancient wise men, the gods and saints, please guide us forward!"
When all mythical creatures lowered their noble heads, they offered praise and loyalty to Barna devoutly and enthusiastically.
Others can’t sit still, and the Shinrikyo Church kneels with the bishop before others.
These pious apostles who seek truth all shouted in praise of the saints’ dogma, "Seek light in the dark, even if it is temporarily in collusion with the pollution, and continue the truth in the light, even if the truth is in front of you, you will clear the darkness like the embodiment of truth and lead us to the light!"
The general trend is inviolable.
The church of war, the church of the sun, followed by the church of the sun, paid their high courtesy to the saints, and it was predicted that people would have to temporarily restrain their minds
It is absolutely inviolable to put all this on the stage for the future gods, apostles and strange pioneers of mankind
There are still many criminals who have ruined the future of mankind, but they are willing to take their own interests, but they must be hard to see, otherwise such people will be unable to move in the light.
Barna tide is generally fanatical, and gradually draws an equal sign for human beings in the future, which is what he wants to hold in his hand.
After the operation in the future, the concept of human future can be blurred, and all beings subconsciously create the feeling that going against themselves is abandoning the world.
In this way, I can also integrate the vast star resources and put most of my energy into that ideal road that belongs to the era of the Milky Way.
Buzz ~ ~ ~
Suddenly, the distant horizon came, sweeping through the long, dull hum.
Those individuals who had experienced foreign wars were alarmed for the first time and got goose bumps all over.
Starting from them, everyone looked up and saw a huge ship coming from the clouds like Mount Tai, which lit up the sky and jumped out of the distance, and the momentum of rolling black clouds came like a rainbow.
Chapter 41 The world doesn’t want to kill me
Azk came on his mother ship, Dachi. This is not an invasion, even if they are on the front line.
The forces of all parties in the yellow mainland will not think so. If you don’t shoot at him here, unless you are holding a mutually assured destruction attitude, after all, people’s evil bombs will always be the whole star.
Not to mention that the Truth Church invited others to come.
Amid the rumble of the mother ship, Azke came to the huge steel shell of the mother ship, just like a middle platform, so Barna looked at each other.
He is really very dignified, and his mood is completely different from that of watching the fun earlier.
A backward writer will show that they are powerful, and their imagination will be extremely divergent. People who are a little more outstanding will be blown away by them. Azk has long been impressed by the history of literature.
In his view, the so-called pioneers of ancient wise men are more touted by the vast stars and mortals.
Maybe it’s a little IQ, but it’s already behind the times. No matter how smart the primitive people are, they can’t understand the flying science and technology of later generations, and the human thinking is constantly improving
Just as any engineering technology house can be deified by later generations in ancient times.

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