On the other hand, the black hand is also constantly understanding the situation of the pioneer empire, and there are some general situations of interstellar texts around it, but not much is known.

"It’s a bit of a problem that you didn’t get any news because the engineer’s literature and technology were wiped out a year or two ago?" Asked the black hand
"It’s impossible that we had talks a year ago." The pioneer emperor flatly rejected the black hand’s words.
"Is your year a unified time standard?" The black hand asked that the different stars naturally led to the change of time standard.
"When we are the creator planet, the standards must be the same," said the pioneer emperor.
Creator planet is the planet in the mouth of the four stars.
In this way, things are more and more complicated.
And Qin Mu Ye is also strange to hear this. He doesn’t recognize that he will be wrong. After all, this trace is too obvious.
However, Qin Mu Ye also denied that the pioneer emperors lied because there was no need for the other side to lie.
If neither side has lied or read anything wrong, it must be time for something to go wrong.
Qin Mu Ye wouldn’t think so in another place, but the world is different, unscientific and metaphysical, and anything can happen.
It’s just that the hourly velocity is different. What’s impossible?
What he wants can’t be done. He seriously suspects that it is what the emperor in the Garden of Eden wants to do. He is not clear.
"I understand that we need to be paid. How soon can you sort it out?" Black hand is not going to continue to talk about this topic because of Qin Mu Ye’s urging.
The pioneer emperor also saw that the black hand wanted to know that the other party wanted to leave and said, "One hour will be enough soon. You need a lot of scientific and technological information, even if it takes some time to import equipment."
There is a complete society, and the efficiency of doing it yourself is naturally different. What’s more, it is still a technologically advanced interstellar society.
Chapter 23 It’s too scary to go back to the underworld.
The next day, after a brief look at the scientific and technological materials of the pioneer empire, Qin Mu Ye shuttled to the underworld in fairy tales with the whole ectopic floating city, and then randomly found a place where no one stopped.
The underworld has always been poor, but there are not many people looking for someone, but there are a lot of places where no one is.
After arriving, Hades naturally noticed the difference for the first time, and then came to explore and found that it was indeed Qin Mu Ye
Qin Mu Ye didn’t stop the other party from letting him in.
"Dionysus didn’t expect your territory to be so huge that it can still be suspended." Hades also couldn’t help feeling a little.
He really hasn’t been to Qin Mu Ye territory, but he has heard of it, and the fact is somewhat unexpected.
"It’s not as small as I am in the underworld. It’s not like you have the whole underworld. It’s much worse than me." Qin Mu Ye is also poking fun at 1.
After getting rid of the depressing and scary environment, Qin Mu Ye naturally relaxed
Although the underworld is a little bad, at least it is not life-threatening. Who knows what will happen if the universe continues to stay?
Hades shrugged. "You’ve been away for so long this time, and Persephone misses you a little."
"There are many things. I’m telling you, fortunately, you didn’t go to thriller the universe …" Qin Mu Ye talked with Hades at will.
Even if it’s a rest, it’s barely your own territory anyway
Just then, I heard a loud click. It was thunder.
There is no such thing in the underworld, and Hades looks dignified. "My brother, the king of God, is here."

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