"Population" Samuel drank the last bottle of wine. "No one can’t do anything here. You are the local tyrant. Do something."

"Wait for these radish heads to grow up and make people?" Fixed hammer pointed to the curious elves in the grass. "It’s a question whether I can fucking live to see it, okay?" I don’t know if this place can develop in a hundred years. "
"Then bring in the population." Mo Hui came in from the room. "My father once built a city in the fourth area area and first needed a pillar industry. Minerals, geographical advantages, cultural advantages and so on can attract the population."
"What do you think of this?" Fixed hammer a dry smile "there are six of us"
At this time, a little girl in dirty cloth moved carefully to the front of the hammer and looked at him nervously.
"Hey?" The hammer touched her face. "What’s up?"
She turned and ran, but didn’t run two steps, and turned back. She just stuffed two small round wild fruits into the hammer.
Fixed hammer blinked and looked at her from the back and turned to look at Miao and Mo Hui. "What is this?"
"Here you are," Samuel smiled. "Because you gave them candy."
"This strange embarrassed?" Fixed hammer put two fruits into his pocket. "Let’s fight for breath, Master Mo. You don’t want to be looked down upon at home, do you? Being kicked out of the house is very frustrating. "
MoHui ha ha a smile "you I don’t know is that you sneak attack me? I looked at you that day, but I didn’t say anything, so I thought it was a frivolous lesson for myself. "
Fixed hammer one leng "fuck … you know?"
"Of course, I know that I’m not stupid, but it’s been half a year since I got to the hospital bed. I figured out that if I can save my life, maybe it’s just to give me a chance to turn over a new leaf." Mo Hui leaned against the door. "Do you know? Real leaf is deliberately asked to leave you because if she doesn’t leave you, red-violet will kill you. If you want to protect yourself, please work hard. "
Fixed hammer zheng "how do you know?"
"I still have a few friends," Mo Hui said. "I have done some things for people who used to be in that circle."
"Well," the hammer sighed, "Ye saved me again, didn’t you?"
"Exactly," Mo Hui smiled. "Then what?"
Give me a chance and I’ll crush him with a hammer.
"Good character" Mo Hui gave a thumbs-up to Ding Hammer "But now … you shouldn’t have this chance"
"No, no, no, no," Samuel held his glass. "Now is a good opportunity."
"Come on, then." The hammer stretched out its fist and "killed a group of losers who wanted to fight for breath."
Three fists have just met, and I don’t know where they came out, and a fat hand has reached over. "You can’t lose me."
"And me" Butterfly appeared on the wall coldly "Count me in"
And Bao shouted on the roof, "I want to poop!" Feed me paper! "
"Fuck! You can’t shit on the roof, it will leak! " The hammer shouted "Bao!"
Chapter 66 You see, you see all over the mountains.
In the spring valley, the morning sun shines because of Tindal phenomenon, and the forest is sprinkled with large columns of light mixed with mist.
I had a good sleep. Mayor Sun was holding a few pieces of homemade yellow paper and squatting next to Weimei Jinghu to shit. I felt the splash and the fresh air of nature when the fish competed for his shit.
It’s not that the hammer is abnormal. It’s because there is no clean toilet in this broken place. The only toilet is that kind of ground to dig a pit and build a board with shit in it. Although the hammer is not particular about people, he really can’t swim … It’s good to say that if he is drowned by shit, people don’t know what to look at when he goes out.
When shitting, he looked at the surrounding mountains with great interest, which are densely covered with all kinds of wild fruits, hammers, roots and never heard of them. Besides, every fish in this lake has cerebral palsy. If you dare to put your hand in, those stupid fish will dare to gather together and make people feel sorry and willing to contribute.
"Mom … people in this place are stupid?" After hammering up his pants, he muttered, "I can’t even afford to eat in such a good place."
Then he stormed back to the village, and a bunch of people looked at the dark man with curious eyes and said, "Are you all idiots?"? It’s all over the mountains here, so you won’t get it? "
And the dark man listened to a stare blankly and his face changed dramatically. He carefully pulled the hammer aside and said in a low voice, "Don’t shout, don’t shout, it’s not that we are stupid enough to kill fish. The meat is a toad, and the fish in this scattered mulberry fruit is all his. We have to pay for it. We don’t have money …"
Ding hammer listened for a long time before he learned the general meaning from his strong accent. That toad is the leader of that mountain thief gang. And from his introduction yesterday, those so-called mountain thieves should really be poachers in human areas. There are about 100 people with guys in their hands. This village base is their turnover, but because it is too poor, there is nothing to rob and oppress. The villagers here regard it as entertainment.
But Ding Hammer didn’t expect that … I really don’t know whether this guy is sincere or stupid. This fucking threat has actually been taken seriously!
"Mom’s egg" slapped the hammer and called Nahan’s head. "Are you so fucking stupid?"
The black-faced man touched the back of his head and said, "Hit me and do it."
"He his mama which know how many fish in the water? How many pigs are there in the mountain? How many fruits are there in the tree? What can he do with you if his mother eats it all? " Ding hammer hates iron and doesn’t produce steel. "And now it’s old. Are you afraid of him?"

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