They didn’t win until they finished the battle.

That is to deal with … that solidified creature.
Phoenix once fought against that extremely strong solidified creature, and Phoenix planned to fight with them.
Lin found that after the platform Phoenix celebrated, she slowly discussed this matter.
They’re going to engage solidified creatures … and defeat that solidified creature.
So they still have to put the gaseous stars into the solidification void.
It is because of this gaseous star that the solidified creatures can be attracted.
Therefore, Phoenix is ready to push this gaseous star into the solidification void again and engage the solidification creature.
Lynn is also curious about what kind of solidified creature it is.
Phoenix has always described them as very powerful, but has not described in detail how powerful they really are.
I have a chance to see what it really looks like.
At the same time, Lin also collected the dream energy of the whole” tutor during this period.
After receiving it, Lin found that it seemed to … have a communicative function.
Chapter two thousand two hundred and forty-six Strange War
"We are going to face the most powerful enemy in history here."
"There are many Phoenix among you who have never experienced a real battle. I will tell you here …"
"A phoenix, a real phoenix, pursues one thing in its life … that is, it is full of glory and died in battle."
"… let yourself be full of glory and let the enemy die in battle."
"This is what we are after! Come on! Let’s throw the enemy into the battlefield and die! "
"Oh, oh, oh, oh! ! !”
Here is coagulation deficiency
Like before dealing with gaseous stars, these phoenixes liked to give some motivational speeches before the war.
Speech lines are also learned from personality creatures, and of course they have been modified.
While the speech was going on, this group of phoenixes also arranged … formation.
There are a total of 100,000 phoenixes, although it was said that they wanted to get gaseous stars into solidification to attract solidified creatures, but … in the end, they suddenly decided that they didn’t need to get gaseous stars in.
It is to send an army of 100,000 phoenixes and then come to the solidification virtual space and help some signal devices to attract the target.
Why not send more troops? I don’t know.
But this hundred thousand Phoenix is full of fighting spirit, and at the same time, there are some powerful senior Phoenix leaders … With the senior Phoenix speech, they have set up a’ ball array’
That is, 100,000 phoenixes get together to form a big ball.
In the center of the sphere, there is a signal sending device, which is said to be made by some whirlwind creatures.
Now … the signal has been sent to the virtual depths of solidification, and all the phoenixes and Lin floating around are looking forward to that moment.
"They … are coming!"
The phoenix gathered into a sphere and suddenly became excited. A large number of dust words representing surprise spilled from the phoenix sphere
At the same time, Lin’s micro-arms also saw a large object in the distance from the dark and virtual …
Are those … those powerful solidified creatures?
It looks … like a large meteorite group.
That’s tens of millions of irregular shapes, similar to stones, and most of them are ten meters to hundreds of meters in size.
They flew towards the phoenix like a meteor shower, and the phoenix group seemed very excited about this meteorite.
"quick! Remember our tactics! The dead battlefield belongs to the enemy! "
The first meteorite near the Phoenix is more than 700 meters in size, and it is also the fastest. When it approaches the Phoenix sphere for one kilometer, the whole Phoenix sphere will be scattered like a flower.
All the phoenixes flew to the side, and huge meteorites passed through the phoenixes and didn’t hit any phoenixes.

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