Lynn found many thin lines gathered around her, and they all said all kinds of … words.

So Lin asked them carefully
Sure enough, they said … this is the soft seabed.
This soft seabed … is actually something they encountered some time ago. Although it looks like a creature, it is not too biological.
It can be called’ tunnel species’
This tunnel refers to a virtual tunnel.
However, it is very different from the passage seen by Qian Lin because this’ tunnel species’ body is not a.
But it is said that it has the ability to gather.
According to these thin lines, tunnel species have quite strong’ latent capacity’, and it is possible to revive virtual tunnels.
Its main function is to reassemble those small pieces and slowly reorganize the tunnel over a long period of time.
However, there are some small problems, that is, according to the thin line, this recombination tunnel has never actually been
Although it has gathered some small pieces, it has not been combined.
In addition to gathering, there is another way for’ tunnel planting’, which is to produce organisms.
Tunnel species will periodically produce various virtual tunnel creatures.
It has the ability to shape these creatures and actually go home. Some creatures are made by it. When these creatures come out, they will move on their own, and some will go home.
It seems that the purpose of the original fine line collection’ tunnel species’ is mainly interested in it.
At first, the thin thread got it into the depths of the ocean, mainly to observe its activities
The original’ tunnel planting’ activity is … automatic.
It will make creatures periodically and gather around them slowly … and the thin thread will observe its state for a long time.
But at some point, the thin thread suddenly found that’ tunnel species’ seemed to produce some … thinking.
The first is when the creatures are not fixed and don’t gather around.
More importantly, the thin thread close to it will involuntarily produce some emotions in thinking.
These thoughts are mainly … lost. You will feel lost if you plant thin lines near the tunnel.
At the same time, they can’t help thinking’ this is impossible’
It is impossible to refer to virtual tunnels. They always think that it is impossible to rebuild virtual tunnels.
This front thin line is a place where I didn’t know there was a virtual tunnel.
However, during this period, many thin lines close to it will pop up, and only then can we understand the virtual tunnel.
It seems that the’ tunnel species’ are affecting the thin lines around it, and the thin lines don’t think there is anything but find it interesting.
They think that the’ tunnel species’ body is not a thinking thing … but creatures close to it will involuntarily … think about things with it.
It can also be said that’ tunnel species’ has the thinking function of benefiting other organisms.
So they made what Lin saw now.
The main purpose of splitting thin threads into these … a large number of mm thin threads is to make these short thin threads think as’ tunnel seeds’.
As the thin thread wishes, these short thin threads have always wanted to have something to do with the’ tunnel species’ since they approached the’ tunnel species’
After a long time, they can not only think, but also control the’ tunnel species’ to make some movements.
For example, detecting the entire marine environment can also launch harpoons to get miraculous sanctions.
Chapter two thousand seven hundred and thirty-five Common goals
It has been trying to achieve its … goal.
That is to revive the virtual tunnel.
This is what those thin lines say
There are a lot of … very short thin lines floating on the seabed, and these thin lines all represent the’ tunneling’ thinking.
But interestingly, they also retain the thin-line thinking, and they can also communicate with Lin at a thin-line angle
The tunnel species is in a wonderful state at present, and it can be said that it has been trying to revive the virtual tunnel.
At the same time, it also protects the thin thread world, since this large group of thin threads has thought about it.
Tunnel species have always been located in the deep sea of the thin thread world, detecting the whole marine environment, preventing dangerous creatures from appearing, and also helping the thin thread to fight against foreign enemies
It can fire a lot from the soft surface at any time … There are many kinds of weapons besides the front harpoon.
But this attack made it impossible for them to resist, so they tried to get miraculous sanctions.
Actually, the thin line has always wanted to get miracle sanctions, which is also related to tunnel species.
They came to gather miracle sanctions and plant them for the tunnel.
But now, although they have won the miracle sanction, they have found this "power" …
There seems to be no way to make
This is also because it didn’t get together with the golden stone … At present, it has gathered into a light mass, but it’s nothing.

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