Chen Shaobai suddenly got up. "The younger generation should do it!"

"Very well! You should take good care of Meng Lixian while I’m away. If she loses a hair, you two are asking! "
I’ve been with Lingwei for a long time in the Heaven Gate of Science, and I know the truth of combining kindness with kindness. "I’ll leave a doppelganger to help you deter gangsters."
Say, there is not much movement in her body, and then a person with the same appearance appears, such as light greeting Qiu Wanfa, seizing the opportunity to fly into the virtual space to be continued.
Chapter two hundred and six Faith
Chapter two hundred and six Faith
The melodious and elegant sound of the piano contains inexplicable charm to cleanse the world from falling flowers and lotus blossoms.
It is the wonderful performance of the three-way teachijīng j and ng’s micro-ten thousand methods.
Autumn magic mountains gather incense believers, and more and more people are surging, and the breath is hot. If there is not a layer of physical power to isolate people from each other, I am afraid that they would have flattened Qian Shan and stripped every wild flower.
As soon as the music rose, everyone immediately let go of things and listened intently and obsessively.
At the end of the piano, believers have found that the stubborn diseases and knots that have been bothering them for many years have unconsciously turned into religious beliefs.
"The immortal is interested in Purdue’s not showing up to preach and help us wait for immortality?" Some people are greedy and confused, so they ask.
"What do you know? The old fairy said that it’s a matter of life to talk and talk! Immortals don’t touch cause and effect, but they have a kind heart, so this way of preaching helps us to enlighten our minds! I don’t know if Hugh Ford will be doomed sooner or later! " Hearing such remarks, those who are "knowledgeable and widely heard" immediately jumped out to show their talents and insights.
People know that there are more and more believers, and their beliefs are becoming more and more pure. At the same time, a physical force has escaped from your believers and has penetrated Qiu Wanfa’s guardian mountain array and gathered in the secluded forest. In the past, in a man dressed in a moonlight robe,
Knock …
At the end of the hissing sound, I cut off my suspended thoughts cleanly. Chen Shaobai cast a glance into the white jade, and her face was full of tenderness, but she didn’t say much.
It is argued that Nala Tiaolong, Baiyu Tiaolin and Huoxue Lianqin may all be eavesdropped by Lingwei. When he is ill-informed, he is unwilling to startle him and make any move that may harm him for life.
And watching Miao language piano is also silent. It is even the sound of the piano, and Chen Shaobai knows that his concern is not unnecessary
"Little white you practice too fast? I could barely feel your strength the other day, and now I can see through your breath! "
Unconsciously, the flower night has changed its name, and it is faintly inferred that Chen Shaobai is now repairing his horror and inexplicable roots without noticing the unusual warmth of Chen Shaobai’s face.
After returning to absolute being, Chen Shaobai smiled and casually responded, "I am going to teach people in the future, but how can I not have some outstanding talents!"
I knew it was a joke, but I was still taken by the atmosphere in his chest and shook my head again and again. "You really dare to think about the leader of Sendao."
Now, I have to admit that I am far behind my fellow teacher younger brother in terms of strength and breadth of mind.
When he wanted to curry favor with the heavenly gate of science and raise his position in the master’s mind, people were practicing.
When he thought about relying on the handsome man’s plan to cling to the light, people were immersed in cultivation.
When I am busy with some mundane chores, people are still bent on penance.
To tell the truth, I was so determined that I spent the night in the body of a monk in Qing Dynasty in the early years. At that time, I felt that it was natural for Gao Deqing to persist in practice for ten years, which was far less shocking than the miracle that happened in front of my eyes.
Talent Chen Shaobai may have, but what moved him more was the strong will of the other side to forge ahead.
As soon as I thought about this night, I avoided this place and found a quiet treasure field to practice with great concentration.
Just moving without action, everything is like a dream, just do it and implement it 100% to achieve what you want.
"Interesting guy, no wonder Qiu Wanfa values him so much." Seeing Hua Ye leaving quickly, Chen Shaobai smiled and shook his head
Recently, his progress in cultivation is really shocking. If it is understandable that there were ten spiritual inscriptions of Qiu Wanfa’s life training array and the aid of returning to Tibet, then the progress rate is somewhat comforting now.
In just one month, he went from the triple middle reaches of quenching gas to the background of reaching the truth! If you want to accumulate enough insights, you can go back to the Qing Xuanmen and take the third method of "J and NG Qi Xian Pupil" and "The Devil King Kong Body" to try to unite your life and break through the Xuan!
You know, under normal circumstances, it will take five years to cross this distance, even with the help of treasure and panacea! What’s more, during this period, he didn’t have the Xuan y and n industry fire to directly consume Lingshi to assist in practice! Even with the help of the fire snow lotus piano, this Uber speed is too unreasonable!
If a treasure has the ability to change the qualification of a bone, isn’t it flying all over the sky? Where will it be as strange as it is now!
Smoothing the waves in heptachord, Chen Shaobai sat on the ground and closed his eyes with five hearts.
This time, he didn’t practice Xuanfo Gong as usual, but simply operated Qingxuanyuan Gong Ji, which has long been able to change the basic skill of Qing Xuanmen.
Is not how rich reiki gathered from the pores into the body Chen Shaobai head condensed out a piece of green Se clouds-this is the performance of the Qing Xuanyuan tactic after Dacheng.
Brilliant gold Se flame flows along the meridian like a small river, and the liquid of reiki drops into it, which may not seem obvious, but Chen Shaobai’s strength and perception at present are clear.
It’s almost visible to the naked eye!
"Although the higher the realm, the greater the amount of mana and aura, but this efficiency is a thousand times faster than before. It is unreasonable!"
Chen Shaobai decided to ask what comes next. He looked at all the bodies and carefully analyzed the Nabao Cave in the Mud Pill Palace, and the pure white sword in the Dantian Qi Hai was a magic weapon …
J and jīng God swept through Chen Shaobai’s heart mirror and analyzed his body thoroughly. He made a reference and comparison, and limited variables to make a little temptation.
He wants to create a personal meeting with beautiful women without being disturbed by external factors and not letting outsiders know that the situation is less, and his personal variables should be minimized.
When Chen Shaobai washed J and ng’s divine power through Nabao Cave in Tan, Y and N Yang chaos clock, he felt that when Dharma Reiki mana flowed here, it would obviously rise by one point.
"Is it chaos clock? Even if it used to be a Taoist instrument, it is now incomplete, and even the oath has fallen into a deep sleep. What can help me improve my mana? Matter and energy are not conserved! "
Chen Shaobai was puzzled. He touched the clock face design with J and jīng God.
The thunderbolt turns purple, while the silver moon sword dragon dance turns five stars into the same life, and the mountain star array figure reaches the truth and sticks to the earth. The cornerstone of Long Mai’s small secret land is stable, while nearly 100 flying swords gather in the sky like the Milky Way. Although chaos clock is disabled, it is still able to accommodate one of the magic weapons and strive to create a sumeru mustard figure.
But these are by no means the root of the rapid progress of J and jīng.
Bing Xin’s formula enveloped the mind. Chen Shaobai scrutinized every possible reason.
Suddenly a fist-sized, dark and irregular fragment appeared in front of him.
This is what he got when he killed the enchanted king Zhuang when he thanked Ba Qingtian. I don’t know when he threw it into the chaos clock.
Even if it is incomplete, chaos clock is not as good at suppressing all ranks as his magic weapon, and Chen Shaobai is not afraid of making any trouble.
Big deal: extreme yang inflammation destroys all rebellion, Xuan Y and N absorbs all material energy, and J and NG pulp can also cultivate itself.
Chen Shaobai with bated breath will j: ng force in the black se fragments, he suddenly found that when reiki gathered together, it would blend into a stream that he was hard to detect, and was being refined by extreme yang inflammation.
"It’s all in my body. I don’t know. Come on? !”

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