The temple power Yuan Heng, the silk Yuan Ling, directly condensed into a physical form, and there is still this power in the temple.

“ ` ` w w w
"Ha ha … father!"
Neon cold and when I was a child, I usually shook my father’s hand, revealing a rare smile these days.
It’s been a long time since she took such a leisurely walk with her father, although it’s just a wisp of Yuan Ling condensed from her father.
However, it is also the metamorphosis of Yuan Ling, who is very white. This is actually not a messy incarnation. It can be said that every wisp of Yuan Ling is dominated by the same person and the same consciousness.
"Well, it’s a pity that things can’t be delivered together. My father got a good thing from a good friend over the years. It’s a kind of tea …"
Yuan Heng always has unimaginable patience and unusual good mood when facing his own baby.
Wave your hand and build a pavilion directly on this mountain, then sit and enjoy the scenery and chat.
Since Yuan Heng left the Dojo for a trip, Ni Han has been taking a dive in Henglang Mountain and visiting a field by the way.
After all, Mount Henglang has been put directly. Although all the temple members can come here, they can consciously maintain the order of Mount Henglang, but there are things that they are not so good at intervening.
For example, the person in charge in Henglang Mountain …
For example, some development of Eldar in Henglang Mountain …
For example, visiting other fellow lesbians here or something …
….. To be continued.
Chapter ninety-six Neon cold harvest
These bases can’t be handled naturally by other celestial fiends, not that they don’t have this ability, but a matter of principle.
At the end of the day, although Henglangshan is the temple camp, it is also the private Dojo of the glorious Lord.
All these things need neon cold to do.
After all, it is the glorious Lord, baby daughter, and the glorious Lord is not here. These things naturally fall on her.
Listening to my daughter twittering about interesting things that happened in Yuan Heng’s absence over the years, Yuan Heng couldn’t help but show a spoiled smile.
Yuan Heng, the two generations, only have such a precious daughter in the end. Naturally, she loves her tightly and doesn’t care about her daughter constantly telling something that is simple in her heart and she doesn’t pay attention to at ordinary times.
On the contrary, I am very happy, but when the neon cold was born in, although it was somewhat quiet, it also had its lively side.
However, in recent years, with the deepening of ice and cold roads such as ice and snow roads and ice roads, sex has not been affected by these roads and has developed towards iceberg beauty.
It is normal that a person who practices a kind of avenue has changed his personality under the influence of this avenue, such as practicing the burning avenue, and the practitioner will not gradually become enthusiastic.
However, this does not mean that all the personality habits of the yogi must be changed. If a person’s personality is completely changed, it is not called change but assimilation!
It is a terrible thing for a yogi to be completely assimilated into the path of his own practice. Once this happens, one day the yogi will be completely integrated into the path of heaven and earth and become a puppet!
Neon cold situation Yuan Heng saw in the eye and knew the harm, but he didn’t make moves.
Actually, generally speaking, it is almost impossible for them to be assimilated by the avenue. After all, they have already produced their own will figures on the avenue, and their exquisite mind can also guarantee to prevent this from happening.
However, what happened to Ni Han is because she has practiced too many ice and cold roads, and they have all been practiced to a very advanced level. Even she can resist her own road will and just rely on her own heart.
And usually, even if they realize other avenues, they often pay attention to the scale and skills, not to say that you can do whatever you want. Once you realize it, the consequences will be that every deity is unwilling to face it.
This taboo almost every first day fiend point of mind can get this bearing from avenue-
Although the avenue is sometimes a bit secretive and must be explored as if, it is absolutely generous in this taboo.
My daughter’s mind is like a mirror, and the imbalance of Yin and Yang is harmful to neon cold.
But this is the direction that neon cold chose to create!
The potential of the first heavenly fiend is almost exhausted!
What’s worse, Yuan Heng has carefully cultivated his precious daughter for years?
And if this potential can be stimulated?
There is enough pressure!
For example, in this first amount of robbery, which statue of the first heavenly fiend is not full of slow pressure in his heart?
Don’t look at the temples now, as if they are ready to give in and don’t care about any interests, as if there is no pressure in their hearts.
If you really want your opponent to attack according to what the parliament said at the beginning, you will let out your soon-to-mature fruit and directly liquidate some compensation afterwards.
Whoever really follows this method is an idiot!
Yes, of course, their territory must be ceded, but it can only be ceded after it has achieved its own strategic goal!
By the way, let me pay some compensation at the same time

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