Lu Yu muttered something in his heart and then calmly glanced at Taiwan, whispering to some people. There were still some rustle meeting rooms, and immediately the birds fell and the needles could be heard.

The conference table and Liu Yu looked at Liu Yu tentatively by a balding middle-aged man recently and asked, "Lu Ji, we …"
"Let’s continue"
Volume One Hidden Dragon Don’t Chapter 1 Full-time driver
China’s current education system pays more attention to the cultural development of exam-oriented education, and educators pay more attention to the exam-oriented level of student education, ignoring the balanced development of students’ physical and mental quality, and the performance of Chinese students in the annual national physical fitness assessment is getting worse and worse.
A compulsory course for freshmen in military training, which is included in the credit evaluation system, is still necessary as the first course of this university. Many problems exposed during military training in colleges and universities over the years can give a good warning to Huaxia buildings.
However, military training for just one month is not of great significance to Jianghan, and it is not necessary for a small group of people in the whole physical education institute to exercise their physical fitness, but it is true that these people are used to being wild and need to learn to be obedient.
Jianghan agreed to epilepsy and listened to Jiang Wenxuan’s suggestions. He will go to Star City after all, which is why he will take a month off as soon as school starts. The cure for Qin Qingyu’s illness is not only because of the old drunkard’s share of the wine money, but also because of Jiang Wenxuan’s sentence that your uncle Qin is not easy to live these years. It also stems from Jianghan’s guilt.
Poor parents’ heart Jianghan has forgiven Jiang Wenxuan, so of course he can realize that he was bitter when he asked Qin Mufeng Longji and his daughter to make a decision.
He must go because he knows that maybe he has left a very bad impression on Qin Mufeng’s mind, even a bad impression that he has been sentenced to death, but those are not Jianghan’s, but he is guilty of conscience.
Qin Mufeng didn’t feel surprised when Jianghan suddenly appeared at the top floor of Yuanwang Building and Qin Mufeng’s office appeared. Instead, he came in with Qin Mufeng, and the capable male secretary looked embarrassed like a ghost.
"You ~ you ~ how did you come in for security!"
Qin Mufeng raised my hand to stop the male secret from going out to shout, and his eyes moved deeply.
"Go and make this gentleman a cup of coffee!"
"I don’t drink coffee, I don’t choose that for tea!" Jianghan faint mouth began to be mean again.
I don’t know what it is to look at Qin Mufeng, a well-dressed star city, and think about Jiang Wenxuan, a vegetable farmer who is wearing coarse clothes and carrying water and dung at home. Jianghan is a little angry in his heart
With what?
Yu Nu, the male secret face, is the right-hand man around Qin Mufeng. The building security worker is his duty. But today, someone actually broke through the heavy defense. Their security system noticed the situation and entered the building. The horror is that this person directly came to the office of Qin Mufeng, the chairman of the building viscera, which made him calm.
Come to Qin Mu wind to stop himself from calling security is very puzzled. It is even more shocking for Qin Mufeng to ask him to make tea for this little boy. But Qin Mufeng is his boss who can do it even if he doesn’t understand, but it happened that the boy still dared to ask for more, which made him even more angry.
Coming to this male secret is considered as Junjie’s birth in a fragrant family. He is not short of experience and mental ability, and he is also top-notch. Otherwise, he will not get the favor of a doer like Qin Mufeng. But at this moment, he really has the impulse to beat that little boy severely in the face of Jianghan, especially when he sees the latter’s face, which seems to have a mean smile, he will go crazy.
"Just do as he says, and make him soft-spoken roasted tea!"
Qin Mufeng kept his word and made it clear that Nai had to make tea and soon put the tea in front of Jianghan.
Compared with the anger before making tea, it is much calmer, which also shows that this man is calm!
"You’re not surprised? Or didn’t you praise my skill? "
See male secret out Jianghan end up that cup of hot tea while mouth blowing way
Although Qin Mufeng’s attitude change puzzled Jianghan at first, he soon figured it out, fearing that Qin Mufeng already knew his true identity!
Qin Mufeng is still that face of business is business, but he doesn’t show more hostility, as if Jianghan threatened it differently.
"What came this time?"
"Your company’s security system is really bad!"
"Jianghan, don’t push too hard!"
Qin Mufeng flew into a rage, as if the whole room was shaking with his voice, and Qin Mufeng’s breath was exposed for a moment!
"Ha ha, if I say I still want the dragon’s spine with you?"
"Don’t give! A country’s majesty must not be humiliated in the hands of people like you! "
"What if I say I’m Jiang Wenxuan?"
Jianghan, who occupied Qin Mufeng’s office chair, suddenly got up and stared at Qin Mufeng with dribbling eyes as if trying to see through his heart!
"You …! “
Qin Mu wind look talk about not shocking more turns out to be a kind of well-deserved let go! This shows that Jianghan guessed that he already knew his true identity. That’s right!
"If he comes to ask me personally, Qin Mufeng will definitely give the Dragon Ridge nameplate two words, but you can’t, even if you threaten me with my daughter’s life!"
The pain in the daughter Qin Mu’s eyes passed away.
"what!" Jianghan’s eyes are getting hotter and hotter!
"Because you don’t deserve it, it doesn’t matter who you are!"
Qin Mufeng was a jianghan look suddenly a NingMu canthus, but only lasted for a few seconds and then softened, he slowly walked towards the office door.
Jianghan believed that if there was a trace of hesitation in Jianghan’s heart before sneaking in, whether to save Qin light language or not, then at this moment, he was sure.
"He is really a good father and a good man. I was wrong before!"
Jianghan’s heart trembled and quickened his pace. When he was about to approach the doorknob, Jianghan stopped again!
"I will save your daughter and cure her before her deadline. Don’t worry, you don’t need your dragon’s spine this time!"
Qin Mu wind tiger body a shock a face of consternation "you … how did you …"
Jianghan disdained to wave his hand. "Don’t rush to thank me for saving your daughter. It’s really not much for you!"
Qin Mufeng Jianghan is Jiang Wenxuan’s identity is not false, but it is not clear what Jianghan suddenly appeared in front of him today. At this moment, the surprise came a little too soon. It was Qin Mufeng’s gas-saving kung fu or some confusion!
"By the way, you’d better arrange for those bodyguards around your daughter to be removed when I treat your daughter, which will cause unnecessary trouble! Also, I need your key to get in and out during treatment. You’d better arrange another car for me because I don’t live in Star City, and it’s very troublesome to go back and forth without a car! "
"Think about it for three days. I will be in Star City. If you promise, send someone to find me and send something. I believe it should be easy for you to find me a poor young man in Star City!"
"Of course, if you don’t promise, I will leave in three days, and don’t come to me again then."
Say that finish these head also don’t go back.
"Chairman, this is my dereliction of duty, and the security system is not in place. I will call the phase department to hold a building security meeting to ensure that this will not happen again!" Shortly after Jianghan, the male secret, knocked at the door and came in, looking worried and anxious to show his determination to Qin Mufeng.
Qin Mufeng waved his hand. Obviously, his mind couldn’t show it at this time. His face was heavy and he spat out a mouthful of polluted air before saying, "Go and prepare a copy of the key of Cuiweiju and send it to Jianghan. Besides, you are Jianghan’s full-time driver. Just put it aside for the time being for the past two years. Of course, the salary remains the same!"
"Chairman! I …! "
If the former male secret was still scared, now he is extremely scared. He began to wonder if Qin Mufeng was going to fire him!
Qin Mufeng waved his hand. "I’m asking you to do things a hundred times more important than what you’re doing …!"
Qin Mufeng didn’t finish the sentence, but his solemn expression and the unnatural power made the male secret immediately tremble to know that the chairman was not joking or firing him, but it was really important!
"I will arrange for those who protect the light language to be removed when there is a light language around Houjiang Han!"
"The chairman can’t do this. What about Miss Qin?"

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