If they don’t even have them … then the late Jin Khan himself may really want to go back to his time as a general and go out to fight again.

There is no place to vent your anger, and Huang Taiji can suppress all kinds of dissatisfaction.
But after sweating, Jinsheng died, and he didn’t have much time to adjust his mood.
It’s not just that Fan Wencheng, the strategist who sent away all the ministries, walked into his Zhongjun tent with a dignified face …
Chapter one hundred and fifty-four.
Haven’t wait until Huang Taiji mouth Fan Wencheng scrambled to answer "Khan specific losses have been counted out … the situation is more serious than we infer …"
"Now there are forty-five thousand soldiers in the barracks … but among these soldiers, except for fifteen thousand warriors who didn’t take part in the battle, his three thousand people have almost no fighting capacity … It seems that these people have to go through three months of training and consolidation to regain their fighting capacity and participate in the battle …"
"Because these people have completely lost the courage to fight, the slave has made a thousand-man warrior in Zhenghuangqi responsible for the alert around the barracks and sent one hundred scouts to monitor the every move of the butch army outside the mountain …"
"Well done … after the first world war, I lost the strength of the decisive battle with the Tiger and Leopard Army outside the mountain. Now what we need to do most is to keep the strength and keep the last elite of the latter, otherwise the whole latter will be really finished …" Ao Bai is like a defeated cock without any fighting spirit to answer.
However, the battlefield is not what he wants to do.
Although he tried his best to keep the last strength of the late Jin Dynasty.
But after a day’s rest, the Tiger and Leopard Army does not intend to give Huang Taiji this opportunity …
Three musketeers, one cavalry division, except for the second division with the biggest loss, there are three divisions, a total of nine regiments, tigers and leopards, and units go deep into the mountains like casting a net. After searching, the gold is located in the dense camp in the mountains
Of course, if the whole search process is touched by the Tiger and Leopard Army, whether it is the late Jin Dynasty Tatar tribe or the remains of the main Jin Army have been devastated by the Tiger and Leopard Army …
Two days passed in a blink of an eye.
In two days, nine regiments of tigers and leopards ate more than 20,000 people in succession, but I finally found the place where the Tatar barracks were located.
When Wang Feng, the commander of Dashan personally, slowly gave me a disappointed expression.
Being with Wang Bo around Wang Feng is like magic, which brings Wang Feng a piece of good news that he wants to hear most in the past two days …
"Found … captains, we found the Tatar Tibetan mountain camp …"
Wang Feng’s eyes lit up as if he suddenly found a lifeline in despair and asked eagerly, "Where can I send troops to surround them …"
Wang Boda affirmed, "But it will be one day before we can get to the Tatar barracks in the mountains and surround them …"
At this time, a face of excitement, Wang Feng finally calmed down and continued to ask Wang Bo, "We have been waiting for such a long time. It is good to find their barracks in this day and two days …"
Speaking of which, a trace of doubt followed by Wang Feng’s face to Wang Bo’s face puzzled and asked, "Mr. Wang Ma told us what this was all about … For two days, we all knew about the Tartars camp … You don’t tell me that the Tartars camp was discovered by our scouts …"
"You just said that the Tartars secret camp is still a hundred miles away from us … and our scouts didn’t put it so far away …"
Wang Bo didn’t hesitate to answer quickly, "The commander of the army … the secret camp in the remote mountains of Dalai Tibet was not discovered by our own people …"
"How do we know this situation? You can’t believe it when I say it …"
"The news is that when we besieged a Tatar tribe, a Tatar general escaped from the late Jin army in exchange for the lives of tribal people to find us and tell us …"
"Traitors … are not traitors after full rape …" After hearing what Wang Bo said, Wang Feng was almost conscious.
Wang Feng shout just say Wang Bo followed by affirmation "is the commander is the traitor of the late Jin dynasty … this general Tatar not only spoke the secret camp but also vowed that we would surrender our butch army and do things for our butch army …"
"I think it’s important to bring him back … what to do with it is up to you to decide …"
Although before going to war, the sovereign Wei Zheng made a special account to avoid the post-gold, and one day he will resume and allow himself to kill in the post-gold territory
But after all, there are so many people in the whole post-Jin dynasty that it is impossible to kill them all, no matter how big the killing is.
In this case, when all the troops of the late Jin Dynasty are destroyed and the whole country of the late Jin Dynasty is completely destroyed, there will be many late Jin Tatars who will become Han Chinese little by little and be managed by Han Chinese.
In that case, why don’t you accept these tartars from now on and let them submit to your own tartars to manage him?
Of course, this is only one aspect. The heights have to accept the news of the surrender of a Tatar tribe. There must be many people in the mountains who are unwilling to fall with the post-Xu Jin Guo. The Tatars take the initiative to submit to themselves, so that it will be more smooth to take the whole post-Xu Jin Guo by themselves …
Of course, some people may say that it is not convenient for the Dalai to be in charge of the surrender.
Otherwise, before the whole battle is really over, Wang Fengyou has a way to make these ex-Tatars submit to himself, that is, they will become the future managers of the Tatars. These people are completely ruined by ordinary people, and it is impossible for the enemies of the late Jin Dynasty to unite for decades or even hundreds of years.
In this case, in order to stabilize their position and rule, these Tatar managers had to raise their butcher knives and cut them at their compatriots, further aggravating the hostile situation of various Tatar tribes
You can be sure that if this idea becomes a reality, after the main army is completely wiped out by the Tiger and Leopard Army, the Tatars will always be in turmoil, and this turmoil will consume the strength of the Tatars bit by bit as time goes on …
In the end, it will be easy for the Tiger and Leopard Army to completely annihilate the Tatars without a single soldier.
Thought of here, Wang Feng just calmed down and quickly flashed a strange smile from the heart
Chapter one hundred and fifty-five Warlords
In the face of Wang Bo’s longing to look at himself, Wang Fengma has given a very positive answer, "But Ma brought him in. If he really wants to surrender to the Tiger and Leopard Army and work for me, I don’t mind giving him a military post and reporting to the sovereign to like him …"
What makes Wang Feng satisfied is that perhaps it is because of the perennial war with the Han people that this Tatar general actually speaks a very fluent Chinese, which makes the communication between the two people extremely smooth.
When Wang Bo introduced Wang Feng’s identity, he knelt in front of Wang Feng, and General Tatar seemed to be suddenly frightened. The horse knocked Wang Feng three heads and said a lot of compliments and surrender loyalty words to Wang Feng … "
And the host Wang Feng will certainly not give the other party a very positive answer because of a few words.
Wang Feng’s calm face always looked at each other without saying a word when Tartars spoke.
Until the other party finished Wang Fengcai said, "The evidence will need evidence to prove that what you just said is true. You are sincerely obedient to my butch army, and the butch army is working for me …"
Just now, I was still a face of flattery. After listening to Wang Feng’s rhetorical question, the first reaction was fierce one leng, and then I asked Wang Feng with a puzzled face. "General, I don’t know how to apply for the certificate. General said … I must do it if I can …"
Wang Feng wants this sentence. Just after General Tatar’s words were finished, Wang Feng said, "It’s very simple to have a warlords … If there is no warlords, no matter how well you speak, you will all suspect that you are a spy sent by Huang Taiji to infiltrate our butch army to steal secrets from our butch army rather than attack our butch army …"
Wang Feng’s answer can be said to be clear enough. As soon as Wang Feng’s words were finished, General Tatar’s face showed a thoughtful expression, and then he gave a firm answer to Wang Feng as if he had made up his mind.
"General, I can fight with the butch army in all the young and strong parts of the tribe, and kill all the way to the dense camp to eliminate Huang Taiji with the main force of the butch army …"
To general Tatar’s surprise, he was rejected by Wang Feng just after his words were finished …
"Don’t want to warlords is much simpler than this … I want you to take your young tribe to help me. Tiger and Leopard Army will take three consecutive tribes and believe that you are really surrendering to my tiger and leopard army …"
"Of course, if you can surrender to each other in the process of fighting, that’s … how to make you finish this warlords is very simple … You know these tribal bases are old and weak, and it’s definitely much easier to beat them than to play Huang Taiji …"
Wang Feng’s plan is very simple, that is, let them go to the Houjin tribe to kill people, and let each of them have a few Tatars’ lives, then the fact that they betrayed Houjin will spread rapidly among Tatars.
Plus, they killed a lot of Tartars with the Tiger and Leopard Army, so they will become true traitors of Tartars.
A traitor unless he always follows the Tiger and Leopard Army and lets the Tiger and Leopard Army protect him.
Otherwise, he will have a little infidelity and lose the protection of the Tiger and Leopard Army, and he will be torn to pieces by his former compatriots, that is, he once betrayed Tartars … There is no doubt that his family will die.
It is a matter of life and death to choose to surrender to the Tiger and Leopard Army to save the lives of the tribe and people, which proves that this general Tatar is not a pedant. He knelt before Wang Feng and saw through the huge conspiracy and heinous murder hidden behind him only after a short hesitation.
Can you say that at this moment, if you want to give Wang Feng a positive answer, he can follow the Tiger and Leopard Army forever?
But in any case, if you do this, you and your people will be saved for the time being.
And once you don’t promise, you can be sure that you and your people will never meet the sun in the morning.
Thought of here, General Tatar can give Wang Feng a very positive answer with a full face of nai.
Wang Feng’s face just flashed a slight smile and once again resumed seriousness and then answered "very well …" with a satisfied face.
"Want you to give the warlords will be satisfied will ensure that the horse will give you a battalion commander, and let your tribe’s young and strong department join this battalion and then defeat the butch army together …"
General Tatar left Zhongjun’s tent with worries and expectations about his future … all kinds of complicated expressions.
The plot has been reached, so Wang Fengma turned his attention to Wang Boshen and ordered with a serious face.
"You heard what Mr. Wang just said … I will give you two days to surrender and cooperate to eat three Tatar tribes …"

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