When the dwarf leader was so angry, he suddenly shouted, he kicked himself and rode the dwarf. At the same time, the dwarf leader took out a dagger and plunged it into the neck of the white skeleton dragon leader.

"honk! ! !” With a scream, the leader of the white skeleton dragon stepped back, clutching his blood neck. "Cough … what …"
"Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa!" The dwarf leader shouted and jumped on the dwarf again!
"honk! Chief! " "They did it!" "honk! Hurry up and protect the leader! " As soon as the white skeleton dragons in the rear panicked, they quickly pulled up their bows and arrows, and the gnomes behind the gnome leader screamed. They all rushed to the white skeleton dragons like crazy with all kinds of bone weapons!
"Is it really a fight?" When the war between the two sides was on the verge, the scholar was surprised to see all this, when it suddenly heard a "hello" from behind.
"What?" The scholar turned to look behind him but found nothing, so he turned around and continued to watch the battle.
"hey!" And the sound rang again, which made the scholar turn his head again. Although it still didn’t find anything, the scholar suddenly realized something. It responded, "Is it the imam?"
"That’s right. You noticed it." The sound track said, "I’m hiding in a safe place now, but I can’t move because I’m injured."
The scholar asked, "Where are you? In the house? " The imam wanted to look into the square window from the top edge of the building, but it was too dark to see anything clearly.
"Leave me alone. I want to tell you that you have to do something," said the dean. "You should see them with slates before they fight and destroy them."
"What?" Scholars wondered, "Why do you do this?"
"They connect with something," the cleric said. "After the slates are placed in a certain position, they can cooperate with the crystal pyramid on the mainland to send a signal to a certain place. These white skeleton dragons did this because they listened to the words of the brain-maker. They called the gods themselves."
"Is this a brain trick?" The scholar exclaimed, "Why do they do this? What contact do they have? "
"I don’t know," said the dean, "but it’s definitely not something that is good for us. They may be trying to revive the brain of their own species, or they may have something … bad with the creator!"
"The creator? Don’t they hate creators the most? "
"I don’t know if they may not hate so much," said the imam. "Always stop them and don’t let their world do anything strange."
"But …" The scholar looked at the fierce dwarf and white skeleton dragon, and it was still hesitant. "Why don’t you go by yourself? It should be easy for your brain waves to disperse those dwarfs and white skeleton dragons. "
"I’m hurt," the imam said. "Otherwise, I wouldn’t be able to communicate with you. The brain monsters are coming this way. They may land on the island at any time. Go and blame them randomly. It’s up to you whether their’ plot’ fails."
"Well …"
Although there is still some hesitation, scholars also feel that there should be no strange situation here, because they have seen the history here and all kinds of wars have changed the continent beyond recognition …
It tried to climb from the building.
Scholars pay attention to the group of dwarfs and white skeleton dragons, which are the fighting places in the center of the street. Scholars can take various alleys in the ruins around the stone buildings.
If you want to destroy a slate, then they should be placed in a’ formation’.
Thinking that the scholar had climbed to the ground along the uneven wall, just as he was about to leave, suddenly there was a sound in the distance …
Boom!’ With the loud explosion, the scholar suddenly saw a black thing flying towards it.
The scholar quickly flashed aside, and this thing smashed in front of it. Take a closer look at it. It is a bloody white skeleton dragon body.
Boom!’ At the same time, there was another explosion in the distance. The scholar turned to find that the dwarfs were holding a new weapon in their hands.
"whoa-whoa!" A group of dwarfs held something that looked like the skulls of small animals and threw it out vigorously. As soon as these skulls were thrown into a white skeleton dragon, the white skeleton dragon suddenly exclaimed. It tried to get rid of the skull, but the skull stuck to it. After a few seconds …
Boom!’ There’s another corpse of a white skeleton dragon in the street where blood splashes.
"Is that a sticky bomb?" Scholars are a little surprised that those dwarfs have been attacking with bone sticks before, but now they are using such’ advanced’ weapons.
Although these white skeleton dragons are not so original, they are obviously not as advanced as dwarfs.
"Whoa, whoa-oh, oh, oh!" Once again, the dwarfs hurled small skulls. These skulls don’t know why they don’t stick to their hands, but they stick to their targets. After a few seconds, one stuck white skeleton dragon’s arm whirled and flew in the roar, while the other stuck white skeleton dragons were temporarily deformed and powerful. The white skeleton dragon screamed and ran away.
They left the street and fled to the surrounding buildings, just as a white skeleton dragon ran towards the scholar.
"Not good!" The scholar hurriedly tried to hide aside, but this extremely frightened white skeleton dragon ran to it faster.
"Ga ah ah! ! !” When I saw the scholar, the white skeleton dragon suddenly screamed and then fainted.
It seems that the scholar’s appearance is white, and the dragon’s eyes seem to be more terrible than those bombs.
"Am I that scary?" The scholar glanced at the faint white skeleton dragon, and it hurried to the next alley, but at this moment …
"Oh oh oh oh oh!" Because the white skeleton dragon screamed just now, a group of dwarfs have noticed it
Chapter three hundred and twenty-three To random
"Oh, oh, oh!"
The night star dwarf screamed and echoed in the ruins of the white skeleton dragon
Bang!’ The scholar suddenly saw a small skull fly to the wall in front of it.
"ah!" Scholars quickly rolled to the side of the wall, and the skull suddenly came. The wall of the building instantly melted powder, and several cracks also covered the dilapidated white skeleton dragon building.
"Boom …" The whole building collapsed in a row, and several pieces of debris aroused several smoke and covered the scholar’s figure.
Ahem …’ The scholar in the smoke ran to the place where he recognized safety while being choked by the breath.
"Cough! It seems to be ok … "After running out of the smoke, scholars found that it came to a dark alley surrounded by towering buildings and no dwarf figure.
"Hoo …" The scholar said with a sigh of relief. "Those dwarfs are desperate to throw bombs everywhere. Don’t they know that these antiques are precious?"
As he spoke, the scholar remembered his cue ball.
It is said that there are many ancient historical buildings in front of the virtual people’s mother ball, but later, due to the skyrocketing population, these ancient buildings have also been razed, and their own history has been seen in the current virtual people’s information.
"It seems all the same …" The scholar thought and ran to the position of the nearest stone slab in his memory.
The explosion and roar are still echoing in the distance. Scholars hope that the white skeleton dragons will not run around. If they all solve the problem for the dwarf, the dwarf will not chase the white skeleton dragons around and find the scholars.
But things don’t seem to be what scholars want.
"Ga ah ah ah!" After passing a corner, a white skeleton dragon appeared in front of the scholar, followed by the scholar’s familiar scream. The white skeleton dragon was also scared by the scholar.
The scholar didn’t sigh what was so terrible to them this time. He quickly hid in a stone gate next to a building, and at the same time, he poked his head out a little and found that several dwarfs had run here along the sound.
"Wow! Oh?" These dwarfs fainted at the ground. The white skeleton dragon first tested its breath to confirm life, then broke its mouth and stuffed a small skull into it. Then the dwarfs all fled.
Boom!’ After an explosion, scholars lamented that these dwarfs were cruel, so they continued to run out of the building and ran away.

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