On the dormitory floor, Wang Yong stopped to discuss with several leaders. "Several leaders, this is the cloud operating system project department. Because their programs are all made up of zeros and ones, we can’t understand them."

So I’ll show you the research and development situation. Don’t go into the room and look at the door, otherwise it will disrupt their thinking. "
That’s true. When writing the underlying code, because it’s all machine language, the full screen of numbers is very intuitive. Programmers’ ideas are strictly forbidden to interrupt this, and they have to change when they are very busy.
"It’s okay, just let’s have a look." Mayor Lin smiled and waved his hand to let Wang Yong lead the way.
The cloud operation system project is the core of dolphin technology, and it is so important that the security department sends people to guard here 24 hours a day.
No one can enter except Wang Yong himself but Wang Yong himself.
There are security guards at the entrance of the dormitory building, but the company has regulations that you can’t say hello when you see Wang Yong. The security guards stand up straight like soldiers and watch Wang Yong take the leaders into the building.
In this way, Wang Yong walked the whole office building with several leaders. As a result, as Wang Yong said, these software engineers worked so hard that they didn’t even notice so many people looking at the door.
Just as Wang Yong said, the whole R&D team has more than 200 people. This dormitory is just convenient for them to write microprograms in different groups.
Everyone is irrelevant and does not disturb their own ideas.
Because of the discussion about the operation system structure in the early stage for nearly half a year, the system structure has long been mature, and all of them are well aware of it, which makes it particularly smooth to write. The only thing they have to pay is to concentrate.
However, the operation system is to manage computer resources, and its programming amount, computer hardware is synchronous sublimation core, 41 is 35 microns, and the process chip has up to 120 thousand transistors, which is more than twice that of Pentium II chip.
As mentioned earlier, when the Zhang Zhidong team wrote the dolphin operation system, it really took a lot of work to get to the cloud. The programming amount of the cloud operation system is actually many times larger than that of the dolphin operation system.
Although the number of software engineers has expanded by nearly ten times, the progress of the project is exactly the same as before, and the third-tier architecture has been written for several months
Several leaders saw that the engineers were engrossed in the dormitory building, and Mayor Liu could not help but sigh.
"Mr. Wang, there are a group of engineers in your company who are so concerned. What else can’t you do? I think the cloud operation system will be available soon."
"It’s still early! It is still the third level of writing, but the most difficult part is almost over. After that, the trade union is much easier. "Wang Yong smiled and obviously he was very proud.
"Mr.wong project to wait? When will it be official? "
Mayor Lin knows that this project is very important, but when it comes to the future of China, he especially wants to know the progress of the project.
"What can I say? The brain end system has been written, and now it is officially written. The cloud operation system has reached the third layer, and in the last two days, it will enter the fourth layer of assembly language. In the future, the fifth layer will be written.
By then, the fixed internet will be basically accessible, that is, the computer network will be accessible
However, the Internet has not yet required our engineers to write all kinds of software, such as office software, various special tools software, game software and various applications software.
Internet construction is much more complicated than operating the whole system, and it takes much more time.
It will take at least half a year to really try, and it is only a try to allow our company to try the real business. I don’t know when it will go. "
Mayor Lin asked questions that Wang Yong didn’t know what to do, such as answering that he was both happy and worried. There was always a mountain to weigh on his heart.
"What?" Several leaders asked the same question.
They are all very curious. How can it be unreasonable to hide technology in this world?
"I said that this is a revolutionary technology, and the Internet rules are completely different now.
We are bound to be suppressed by vested interests, which is a cruel reality that every innovator will face.
We dare not negotiate before we have the chip manufacturing ability, otherwise we will probably face premature death.
After all, software always depends on hardware, and we just don’t have a hardware foundation in China, which we need to develop ourselves. "
"ah! ….. so difficult! " Mayor Liu could not help but sigh.
Wang Yong described the cruel reality that dolphin technology will face, which is tantamount to self-reliance in everything, and China will never get help.
It’s tragic. No wonder Wang Yong’s face is mixed with joy and sorrow when he talks about it.
This topic is very heavy. Mayor Lin doesn’t want to talk about it anymore, mainly because they can also help, so he smiled and started another topic.
"Mr.wong didn’t you say there is another project? Show us quickly. "
Wang Yong threw away the heavy ideological burden in his mind and took the lead in walking towards the experimental factory building.
He explained to several leaders, "This project is actually composed of several research projects, but it is no longer in the computer field. I refer to them as one project."
This is a temporary time when we have nothing to do, but now it seems that the future of the Internet of Things is closely related. We have carried out preliminary research and layout by mistake, which cannot be said to be an act of god. "
Because of the on-site inspection, especially to see the cloud operation system project department, there are no peers, and Wang Yong is walking with several leaders and talking.
The new dormitory area of the cloud operation project department is actually a factory area, and the outside world is completely isolated.
It’s not far from the new dormitory area to the factory area. It’s just a few people talking.
After all, it’s a secret laboratory. The iron gate is tightly closed, so you can enter through the small door, and the door lock is replaced by an intelligent access control system.
Wang Yong pressed the thumb of his right hand on the stainless steel doorknob for only about one second, and "Hello, boss" greeted Wang Yongyi by twisting the door and locking the iron gate.
"Leaders, please come in!" Wang Yong reached sideways at the door and came in.
Mayor Lin didn’t speak politely. He took the lead and went in.
Seeing that the factory building is extremely wide, I’m afraid it’s particularly wide if there are not more than 3 thousand square meters plus more than ten meters of roof height.
The lighting of the factory building is as bright as the day, and it is full of all kinds of instruments and equipment, which is as big as a room, and it is a microscope precision instrument.
The engine of the factory building roared as if there were a hundred car racing cars. There were about 150 scientific researchers doing their own experiments meticulously.
The operation and control project department is different. There are a lot of instruments and equipment here, which can intuitively feel that the engineers are busy, focused and have a strong scientific research atmosphere.
Fastest update
Chapter 22 is inspiring
Wang Yong accompanied several leaders into the experimental workshop, which had already alarmed some researchers, Zhu Tao and Miao Wei, and two supervisors came to say hello.
They didn’t know that the city leaders would come to the inspection office, and they didn’t know Mayor Lin. They went straight to Wang Yong and said hello to him, "Hello, boss!"
Wang Yong nodded and said yes, then smiled and introduced the two technical directors in front of the leaders. "I’ll introduce you to the leaders-these two are two technical directors in the technical department of our company."
He introduced Zhu Tao from the left and said, "His name is Zhu Tao, and he graduated from Shenzhen University with a master’s degree. He is now leading the team to study ultra-high precision CNC machine tools."
After a brief introduction, he went on to introduce Miao Wei, who graduated from Fudan University in Shanghai, Miao Wei with a bachelor’s degree. The research project he led was a new type of direct injection engine with common rail fuel injection system.
Several leaders are not laymen, especially Mayor Lin, who graduated from South China University of Technology. Others don’t know the importance of these two technologies. Doesn’t he know it?
Are China’s absolute shortcomings, like that ultra-high precision CNC machine tool, which is strictly controlled and restricted in Europe and America.
As soon as he heard it, he was happy and walked over, reaching out and shaking hands with two young technical directors.
"You are good, able to live lonely and so noisy. It takes a lot of perseverance.
Your R&D projects are what China lacks at present, and it is of great significance for you to pay.
On behalf of the municipal party Committee and municipal government, I would like to express my high respect to you frontline scientific researchers. "
At this time, next to Wang Yong, they introduced "This is our acting mayor of Yangcheng, Mayor Lin".
"Thank you, Mayor Lin. Thank you!" The two quickly expressed their gratitude.
The leader expressed his pro-people attitude and turned to ask Wang Yong, "What achievements have Mr. Wang made in these two projects at present?"
"Mayor Lin, there are three R&D projects in this experimental factory. One of them is just that the cloud operation team is responsible for developing high-precision opportunities.
This kind of production is very important to the machining industry and machinery industry, and it belongs to the production that Europe and the United States strictly control in China.
That team is not here because it has a more important research and development institute.
But they have also achieved good results. Please come with me and I will show you around. "
A display case lined up a dozen machines of different sizes.

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