Now, as soon as there is a big movement in the dragon’s thoughts, Norman naturally accepts it, so he knows some information about this light dragon. In addition, he also senses that these dragons react strangely to this morning dragon.

When they saw the dawn dragon, they were shocked and then excited, and then they were all uneasy, especially Xiao Bonian, a guy who didn’t stop singing incantations in the face of the great pressure of mental storm. At this moment, he actually stopped to sing and was uneasy about the dawn dragon.
The only exception is Ji Ruoxi.
The little dragon girl was happy except shocked when she saw the dawn dragon, but she didn’t have the strange and uneasy feelings that those dragons had.
It’s a pity that Norman’s mental strength is greatly reduced and his thinking ability is extremely weak. Moreover, he can effectively hand over the information he has to the Knights Templar. Otherwise, the Knights Templar can help him analyze what it is. It is not difficult to see from the names of Chenxilong and Ji Ruoxi that Xiao Bonian, the current dragon royal family, has taken the dragon to rebel against others’ ancestors. The usurper Xiao Bonian and his gang are afraid that it is normal and their IQ is normal. In this case, they will all be afraid that the other ancestors will find trouble with them, but at the same time, they are afraid that they will find trouble. It’s welcome to Chenxi Dragon, because it can be seen from Long Yin just now that Chenxi Dragon is less afraid and welcome with them when facing the curse of mental storm, which is why Xiao Bonian and his gang are so uneasy.
But the morning dragon ignored his descendants.
After this huge light dragon appeared, it roared directly at the huge figure standing in heaven and earth in the spiritual storm beam, and then it jumped directly at the figure!
It seems that everything in the world can be fixed on this light beam. For this photochemical morning dragon, it seems that there is no place in it to fly freely without any obstacles, and it jumps on the light body.
The mental storm’s light human body shape is also very different from that of the dawn dragon. Seeing that the dawn dragon descended, he also waved at the dawn dragon with his weapon in his hand.
The light weapon hit the morning dragon’s head smoothly, but it was a Libra, and it had no power. Seeing the morning dragon sample did not do any harm to it. On the contrary, the morning dragon directly grabbed the light dragon’s chest with a claw and quickly grasped it. When the light man waved the Libra, the door opened wide without defense and was hit by a claw. Then the light man did not show weakness and waved the hand directly at the morning dragon’s head.
One person Yi Long so melee scuffle up.
To tell the truth, the light man can’t finish fighting. He can tell at a glance that he is a pure mage because he can fight against the dawn dragon. On the contrary, the dawn dragon’s fighting routines are dazzling, especially its racial body has an innate advantage, so after not fighting for a while, the light man is almost cleaned up by it, and his whole body is tattered and his light is much dimmer.
Finally, with the dawn dragon biting the light man’s head from the neck, the light man’s body will be completely disillusioned and thousands of light particles will be scattered
As soon as the people were scattered, the guardians of heaven who were ready to execute the execution also resumed their carriages and flew to the sky, and the birds and animals dispersed
The beam of light soon dispersed, and the morning dragon soared in the sky. It was still uneasy. Xiao Bonian, a group of Ji Ruoxi and Ji Ruoxi were lying on their backs, pale and bloody, and their eyes were dim and desperate. Norman was almost a dead man.
Chapter three hundred and eleven Blood
In the battle between Dawn Dragon and Spirit Storm, several areas of forbidden spells in the sky were all affected by waves.
The dense dark clouds that were torn and shattered in the war between the two sides in these forbidden spells are distributed in the east and west, and the red magma clouds are also left with the stars in the outermost circle. The most miserable thing is to count the days of wrath. This once indestructible black giant fist is missing three fingers and half a palm. Look at how miserable it is.
The dawn dragon that caused all this is soaring high.
After solving the problem of light people, it bowed its head and looked around.
When the dragons saw it, they bowed their heads to it, even if it was all before them. Xiao Bonian bowed his head in fear at the moment and dared not be rebellious.
The morning dragon in the eyes of all dragons is high, just like the position of the father God in the eyes of human beings. Xiao Bonian is dismissive of God, but he dare not show any disrespect at the moment.
In addition, from the perspective of inheritance, Ji Jia is the authentic direct descendant of Chenxilong. He is now trying to seize the throne of Ji Jia, but his ancestors touched him, which made him feel uneasy, especially after he saw that the first emperor easily destroyed the spell that made them take measures to stop dragons.
The human saints, the super spell that made them take measures against dragons, were all cracked by this ancestor. Isn’t it easy for this ancestor to really deal with them?
I just don’t know whether this ancestor will make a judgment.
Xiao Bonian thought uneasily and sadly at the same time found that his situation did not seem to have changed. Before he was tried by this human saint, he was now tried by his ancestors.
He is also the strongest dragon in today’s world. Today, it is a continuous day to kill people and fight back.
Chenxilong ignored this complicated Sun, which solved the mental storm. After the light man, Ji Ruoxi was the main eye.
To be precise, Ji Ruoxi carries Norman on his back.
Norman now looks very sad. He lies vigorously on Ji Ruoxi’s back because of his super self-healing ability. The blood hole in his chest is not as big as it was at first, but the injury is too heavy after all. Even if his self-healing ability is strong, it will not heal for a while.
The blood flowed from his chest for a long time, and it seemed that it was about to dry up. The flow rate was far less fierce than at first-it was before the emergence and flow.
After half a day’s blood, Norman’s neck has been completely dyed red, and even the color of his clothes can’t be seen. Now, as he pours this blood, Ji Ruoxi’s back is dyed red, and because of scales, a lot of blood is circled around Norman’s body, so Norman can’t go out, so he is half soaked in his own blood.
Unlike his bright red body, Norman is unusually pale at the moment.
Because of a lot of blood loss, there is no color in his face, his lips are pale and there is no color in his eyes. On the one hand, he is extremely weak at the moment, and on the other hand, he is almost desperate.
Norman was glad that they were on the side of the dragon tomb, which made him exert a force far beyond the normal level, but he didn’t expect to eventually ruin all his hopes. It was also the dragon tomb!
This is really a success and a failure.
Now there is no magic in Norman’s magic pool, and the blood is almost drained.
He doesn’t have any magic source to cast spells, not to mention the spell, and the other party not only has stronger foreign aid, but also has a well-preserved foundation-judging from Xiao Bo’s desperate attempt to cast the spell in the mental storm years ago, he obviously still has the spare capacity to cast another spell.
The strength contrast between the two sides is so wide that Norman really doesn’t know what else he can do to turn the situation around.
If Norman’s spirit was normal, even if he was already in such a hopeful situation, Norman would not despair easily. For example, on the night of Cardenas, he never gave up almost no hope even though he knew he would die.
But now Norman’s spirit is extremely weak, which makes his willpower worse than before, and there is a rare despair.
He did everything he could. He was too tired.
He doesn’t want to do anything now. He wants to sleep …
Norman rarely despaired of the Knights Templar, but there was no Lancelot, and Norman kept sending barrage on the live broadcast.
"Norman hold on! I know you are tired now, but please hold on! There is still hope! "
"Xiao Bo’s annual trip belongs to usurpation, which is probably repugnant to an emperor who is the most orthodox in the history of the dragon, especially after we comprehensively analyze the character of Chenxilong, so this possibility is even greater, so we still have a chance!"
"Please be sure to hold on and find a way to communicate with him! To be able to start communicating, there is still a chance for everything! ……”
I have to say that the analysis ability of the Knights Templar is really strong.
Although they don’t know the surname and specific identity information of the dawn dragon, they have inferred such accurate information from some vague memories of this period of history.
This is really amazing that Xiao Bonian and their psychological activities have been highly compatible, and Lancelot immediately gave a feasible plan
"JiReXi! Help Ji ruoxi! The present royal family and the ancient royal family are likely to be inextricably linked. Maybe we can communicate with him through Ji Ruoxi! ……”
If life is a game, Norman’s game of life in which the Knights Templar is suspected is his introduction.
This is the most solid cornerstone and guarantee for Norman, a civilian, to go through ups and downs in half a year, and now it has worked out the best strategy route with limited information
However, after all, the Knights Templar scientifically speculated on the basis of the information they had, and they could not predict the future development of God, which exceeded all expectations of the Knights Templar.
After a while, Dawn Dragon didn’t immediately destroy Norman, who started the forbidden spell and brought God into this land. Instead, he spoke a sentence that surprised all the audience.
"I didn’t expect my grandson to be a human."
Chapter three hundred and twelve "fate"
I am bowing my head and secretly uneasy. Xiao Bonian heard the words of Dawn Dragon, such as being struck by lightning and having a huge earthquake. My eyes are full of disbelief.
All fields are dragons, and there is a human being, that is, the dawn dragon of the human saint. You don’t have to guess who it is.
It’s the human saint
The first emperor said that the human saint was his grandson! ?
Xiao Bo was already uneasy about Ji Ruoxi and the first emperor years ago. This situation is really worrying, and the only thing he thought of doing was Li Ruoxi and the human saint
The dragon successor colluded with human beings in an attempt to sell the dragon’s interests and turn the dragon into a vassal of human beings. Just now, the human beings led the gods to slaughter them by the dragon tomb. These loyal and unwilling dragons are irrefutable evidence.
This is a gross violation of history, and it is possible for the first emperor to describe this old ancestor of Britain and SHEN WOO.
This is Xiao Bonian uneasy only thought of a way.
But the idea was good, but I didn’t expect the first emperor to suddenly recognize this human being as related to him!
Xiao Bonian believed that the avatar of the first emperor would never go wrong even though he had already fallen and was now an incarnation.
That is to say, this human saint doesn’t know why it is really the descendant of the first emperor, Sun is an unprecedented dragon man, so Xiao Bo thought that method was gone years ago.
Collaborate with humans? Where can we collude with humans? People’s roots are dragons! Or did you get the first emperor’s personal certification of pure royal blood? If you insist that this saint is human, don’t you scold baldness in front of monks and say that the first emperor is not a dragon? How dare you!
This let Xiao Bonian face a wrinkly get up.
How things have developed to now is that a group of their surnames are after these two orthodox royal heirs, and it is impossible to tell whether they want to usurp the throne in a certain dynasty.
Bitter and bitter! ……
His dragon was shocked when he heard the words of Dawn Dragon. It was very unexpected that things unexpectedly changed temporarily. The human saint became a dragon royal lineage and was personally certified by the first emperor!
At the scene of the body, two royal lineages, one Ji Ruoxi’s pupil, suddenly opened wide, and my thoughts were mixed.
She has always wondered why she always sees her father in Norman’s body. Is this Norman really her father? ……
Norman heard it, but now he is too weak physically and mentally to give birth to too many ideas, but people on earth are shocked to hear these things through his ears.
"The anchor of Wocao Niang Xipi turned out to be a dragon royal lineage!"
"My original human saint was awesome enough. I didn’t expect a more awesome dragon royal lineage!"

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