"It’s not you," Xue Dan Chen said.

"No, I must sit in our hometown. It’s good to see a million cars in that place. I’ve never seen such a good one."
"Master meets your requirements" Qin Shaojie laughed.
"Hey, Sister Ling Fang, why are you so beautiful today?" Xue Dan looked at Lingfang and said
"Well" Ling Fang certainly knows how to become beautiful and be "nourished", but she is really embarrassed to say that she can’t say that she is a little well.
"Wow, Qin boss in our class made headlines again." Three people were chatting. Suddenly, a howl like a tweeter sounded in the classroom. Suddenly, everyone surrounded Xue Dan and took out his mobile phone to take a look.
Qin Shaojie Nai sighed andao, which is worthy of entering the era of science and technology. Everything is speeding up, high-speed rail is born, broadband is accelerating, and even his own divination is flying so fast. If he wants to be a star, he can get angry every day with this divination.
Chapter 72 Encounter an old love
Life is so wonderful.
It is said that it is difficult to be a star, but people who want to be a star are everywhere. Even when hundreds of thousands of troops drift north, it will be your turn.
Many girls have become famous, and michel platini’s hidden rules can accept male stars. It seems difficult to find a rich woman to dive in.
But Qin Shaojie is famous for this product, although it is in this small piece of Peking University.
Ai Xiaohui seems to have resigned herself and never came to see Qin Shaojie again until noon class. Yesterday, Qin Shaojie found a Maibakh. If you find it again today, you may find a Bentley again.
Qin Shaojie had to promise to invite Xue Dan to a western restaurant for a meal at noon, which calmed Xue Dan’s anger at being involved in the adoption door, although she didn’t care much.
"This car is really nice." Sitting in the car, Xue Dan looked at the luxurious decoration inside and sighed.
"Yes, but it’s not from me," Qin Shaojie said.
"Others send? Why didn’t you see someone send me? "Xue Dan said at losing.
"Isn’t that the old man who called your master that day? Qin Shaojie, tell me honestly what you did. Don’t be a fool with a stick of God, or you’ll be finished if somebody else’s financial resources are discovered. "
"I depend on you. Do I look like a god stick man?" Qin Shaojie didn’t want to.
Grandpa, I’m going to be a real fairy stick in the future. I’m stupid enough to pretend to be a unskilled job.
"Then what did he ask your master to learn?" Xue Dan asked
"It’s a long story. I’ll tell you slowly sometimes. Let’s go to dinner first," Qin Shaojie said with a ha ha.
How can I tell you? Tell you I’m a fairy? Do you believe it?
"What a cheapskate!" Xue Dan said discontentedly, but no longer asked.
"What do you want to eat?"
Just after sitting in the restaurant, a member came to ask
"Well … I don’t know about you two?" Qin Shaojie is a little difficult. I haven’t eaten western food. If the roadside barbecue stall still knows what to eat.
"Let Xue Dan order" Lingfang said with a wave.
She has never been to a western restaurant, let alone a western restaurant. She has never been to a small restaurant several times.
"I’ll do it," said Xue Dan, taking the menu and reading it.
"Well, let’s have three steaks first and then a French baked snail pumpkin thick soup? Do you want it? " Xue Dan looked up and asked
"No, I don’t drink," said Ling Fang.
"Ling Fangjie doesn’t drink some red wine when she eats western food. Besides, Qin Shaojie, a big landlord, doesn’t want him to save money." Xue Dan said that he then ordered a bottle of Lafite in 1994 without asking Qin Shaojie’s advice.
"A few more don’t? We have Beluga fish sauce here, "asked the clerk."
"Are you? Then come to three copies, "Qin Shaojie said.
"This …" The waiter don’t?
Sir, this is not by weight. We limit one serving per day.
Qin Shaojie didn’t know these things, but it’s casual to listen to him say so. Anyway, he hasn’t eaten them. He just tastes fresh.
"Is there any fish sauce today?"
Three people were chatting and waiting for food when they suddenly heard someone at the door saying that the sound was quite loud. In a western restaurant, people pay great attention to etiquette, and no one has ever talked so loudly.
Qin Shaojie looked back but froze.
Not because the man came in and froze, but because the woman around him
That woman was Qin Shaojie’s first love … Zhang Lili.

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