"Good, easy to say!"

The elimination of wolves and the death of the Korean hunter’s boss greatly weakened the hunter’s fighting ability, dragonflies regulation and a certain degree of fire support. The southwest street was promoted smoothly, but the closer it was to the pier, the greater the pressure. Fortunately, Wu Xinlai controlled some scenes and cooperated with Bai Wen to cover Mei’s fight and withdraw Mei, and swam for a long time to complete the transportation.
The first step of smuggling was successfully completed, followed by the second step of sea smuggling. Although the dread is an official pirate, it is limited to robbing foreign ships. China’s military fleet does not give negative points. If smuggling is still the key target of the military fleet, China has got rid of the strong and weak military fleet. You can meet all 12 military fleets. Of course, bounty hunters can still bite you like hounds.
After going out to sea, not only Quanzhou bounty hunters, but also bounty hunters, have you refresh the coordinates every five minutes. However, compared with land bounty hunters, they really need to weigh their abilities. They are the first in the official competition organized by China District, and they have also been promoted to a third-class ship. If the hunters are given a unified understanding for a day or two, they may form a group to pursue and intercept, but it is unrealistic to organize them in such a hurry. They basically give up the hunting activities of the dread, and they are smaller. The target is a military fleet, but at present, the dread can’t really touch the military fleet, but from the speed and the quality of the lookout, the military fleet can’t hurt the dread either.
Thrilling to arrive at the dock of Taipei Wei Hao, the smuggler Pang led and joined the people of Wei Hao at the dock, and then the two sides said a few words. After the transaction was completed, the representative completed the circulation of 30 notebook computers among the official players.
The smuggler thanked everyone for being so generous. Although everyone came for the benefit, the fat words seemed to be purely to help him, and then said, "It is said that there are a number of motorcycles released in Busan with unclear details, and there will be many opportunities in the future."
Cockroach busy way "whether we participate in this or not, there is a car to help me keep one."
"No problem!" Fat hearty way: "Motorcycles are really not fun. It is said by German colleagues that car smuggling has never come out there. It is estimated that nine times out of ten, it will be released only after a big map, and it is the most serious thing to get a car."
At last, Wei Hao left three notebooks for Fat to commemorate and then divide the spoils after leaving Taipei. First of all, it is absolute to be afraid of the number of people. Of course, friends are afraid of losing their ideas, and members also need a suggestion to be rejected by the sports staff. Hua Yingying has also been assigned one, and nearly 20 notebooks will be bought by people with considerable purchasing power such as the bosses of major associations in Wuxinlian, the younger brother directly under the boss, the eldest woman and the younger brother woman directly under the boss. Although some people have priced the notebooks at 200 gold, they can’t stand it. At present, no one has any goods.
Such luxury of notes belongs to ordinary players, and it will not delay the game. If players don’t, they will lose their luxury hipster equipment! Although many players don’t understand what it means to spend this 300 gold.
"Black-market currency prices are going up" Wu Xin holds a notebook "Now 60 to 90 beats have not stabilized"
"This game still has a lot of money-burning places," said Bai Wen, tapping his brain. "The internet is a pastime. Playing games is a better pastime. I am now a better pastime."
The cockroach asked, "Which of these cars do you think will be smuggled in Germany?"
Friend, "I bought a warm coat for Diu Diu."
The waves howled, "Go out to sea to rob when you are grasping, and there are plenty of nets during the day."
There are no foreign ships around, but when I was on the way, Lang received a message and temporarily added a meeting: "Someone in South Korea wants to hire us to block Nagasaki Island."
Friends’ spirit hits the brain "opposite Nagasaki Busan"
Nagasaki is a small and medium-sized city that does not produce grain. Their grain transportation is carried from Tokyo and Osaka. Of course, once the grain price is blocked, players will also transport grain to sell it. Everyone wants to hire us to help sink or capture all the grain fleets that attempt to transport grain to Nagasaki in three days. At present, they have promised to come, including the Taiwan Province pirate, the Korean pirate, the Taiji flag, the Korean pirate, the Japanese pirate, the meteorite. Wave introduced that "the loss of territory by South Korea has given the Korean Association a great encouragement."
Bai Wendao: "It’s a bit difficult to wave. What if we block the daily player Qi Xin to protect the grain ship?"
"Like the envoy ship, you can’t find the grain ship unless there are some pirates, or the guild that hired us doesn’t know the position of the grain ship when we set out," Lang said. "At the same time, the Korean guild will cooperate with the blockade to attack the commercial ships entering and leaving Nagasaki port, which will probably undermine Nagasaki’s stability."
"There is a certain feasibility," Bai Wen said after the analysis. "But then we will encounter the danger of military fleet in the activities in the Japanese sea area, which is very likely to be KO by hunters, and it is very likely that hunters will want to take this to our hands."
Wu Xin said, "According to the risk assessment, I think we can just sit back and watch the fun after we receive the deposit."
"If you sink or capture a grain ship without a deposit, you will get ten points. If you arrive in a big city in Italy three days after the five points of a non-grain commercial ship are over, you will be rewarded according to the points."
"My opinion is that we can take it. Anyway, we are all active in the waters near the south of Busan and Nagasaki, but don’t be blinded by money and never go deep into the Japanese waters." Wu Xin said.
"If you agree to catch it, you can catch it, but if you can’t catch it," echoed the cockroach.
Wu Xin’s passive attitude of fighting if he can fight, but he can’t fight, so he won everyone’s support. So after the wave took over, there was still a lot of preparation, and everyone didn’t rest assured.
The news of the breakfast meeting became the main theme. Ten days before the loss of the city, the country with the largest number of people will get this blockade. The city will be sealed off successfully, and the city will be owned by your country, and you will also get four copies of an autonomous port to operate.
China, Sanya and Haikou are the targets of Singapore and the Philippines. The most hateful thing is to help the defense subject to rely on the player’s consciousness without the reward. However, there is no need to worry about China. After all, there are more players, but knowing that Hainan and Sanya’s grain are blocked and the price is artificially high will inevitably lead to a lot of transportation dumping, and there are also many bounty hunters in China, which will cause big trouble.
It is no longer a news that the enemy number harms the Yellow Sea. Although many people and guilds hate it, there is no effective way to deal with it. It is not that they have never thought about encirclement and suppression, but it is always very difficult for people to come and go like the wind. In addition, bounty hunters from Japan and South Korea have been killed by them, and businessmen who want to leave this water area have no expectation. However, some people soon summed up the law. This enemy number is usually dispatched around five o’clock in the morning and set off around one o’clock in the weekend.
Although this rule allowed many merchant ships to pass through the sea, the enemy line was at its peak at that time, and there were always a few miscellaneous fish that were stared at by others and blocked Nagasaki port. As soon as the news was announced, some koo people finally saw the dawn and hoped that the enemy number would be rewarded with 900 gold by foreign officials and as much as 2000 gold by the people. Many people hoped that a hunter could be lured to solve the enemy number once and for all.
Drinking red wine on Wuxin Line of Dalian Dock, the sparrow told me that he was very impulsive to change his nationality. The Japanese and Koreans set up a foundation to kill the enemy. Who can kill our 2,100 Jin Min bonus?
"Wow, I want to kill you." Despite inflation, the amount of two thousand dollars is definitely not the average middle class. If you smuggle in the enemy number, everyone will get a few hundred dollars in dividends.
Chapter one hundred and twenty-nine Piracy field
"I’m going to show you around Europe when the international airline department is in the past," Langdao said. "There are too many people in Asia who want to kill us. Besides, we have to let everyone take turns to earn some money in this golden water. What do you mean?"
"Europe? Far away! " Wu Xin thought about it and answered.
"Not going?"
"We are pirates. We can go wherever we want," Wu Xin said. "It feels good to think about traveling to Europe without a passport!"
"I heard that someone is going to kill us." Cockroach was excited at first sight, as if he was going to kill the person he envied.
"Kid!" Wu Xinhe shook his head and the cockroach went crazy.
Today, it’s early to have no work, and dragonflies and friends are all jumping on the line to discuss "Do you want to work when you are unexpected?"
"veto!" Dragonfly turn
"The same veto!" Cockroach seconded

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