"I have been here for a long time. Didn’t you see me?"

"Is there?" Naruto held his head high and thought for a moment, but he still didn’t remember.
"Forget it, Naruto gave you a ride. Keep an eye on this Fengyun princess. She is good at running away. I don’t know what. As soon as she heard that she was going back to Snow Country, she always wanted to run away!"
"Well, leave it to me. No problem!"
"By the way, now she doesn’t know where she slipped away. After you find him, take him to the dock boat and wait for you. We’ll leave for Snow Country!"
At this moment, the road suddenly came, and the horseshoe screamed.
"Let go!"
At the front is a female Naruto riding a horse. Staring wide-eyed, it turned out to be Princess Fengyun, who went straight after her without saying anything, but behind her was a group of riders with knives in their hands. Obviously, the target was the Princess Hall!
"Don’t run!" Shouted the rider
"Sasuke, let’s help!" KINOMOTO SAKURA said directly to the men.
"Bastard!" KINOMOTO SAKURA suddenly got mad, jumped in front of those people, punched them directly and smashed a crack not far from them. The horse was frightened and those people fell off the horse!
"What the hell are you doing?" A group of people asked KINOMOTO SAKURA with knives in their hands.
"Boss, stop it. That chick has slipped away. Let’s go after it quickly or there will be trouble!"
"You are lucky to go!" A group of people turned into another road vastly.
By this time Naruto had arrived at Princess Fengyun’s horse.
"Who are you?"
"I am Naruto Uzumaki to accept this person and you are my goal!"
"Cut three TaiFu gave you how much money? I’ll give you double money and I don’t want to go back! "
"I’m just making sure you’re safe!"
"am I safe?"
"Don’t worry, although I am still very young, I can protect you!"
"With you?" After that, while Naruto was unprepared, she threw a sundries at Naruto and she vaulted herself to escape!
"Teacher Kakashi’s information is really right. You are really good at running away!" Naruto didn’t know when he got in front of her and blocked her way.
"Damn it!" Light snow also thought of this kid at the moment. I’m afraid SanTaiFu found a ninja and couldn’t run in the other direction!
Xiaoxueli is familiar with the advantages of road conditions and runs away directly. Naruto thinks that Shu Mao said that there are ways to make such people obey. There are ways to make him give up. Naruto is ready to let Xiaoxue run away until she can stop.
But Xiaoxue seems that this is the best evidence that Naruto can’t do anything about her and that Naruto’s strength is not strong enough.
Xiaoxue ran and ran directly to the dock! Only to find a bunch of people waiting for her over there! Only then did she know that Naruto had been taken in!
"Damn kid!"
"Naruto, how do you know our side?" KINOMOTO SAKURA asked.
"I saw her running to the dock, so I chased her. Didn’t you say we were traveling by boat?"
"Damn it!" Xiaoxue still wants to escape.
"Ah! I really can’t help you! " Kakashi doesn’t know how familiar they feel to say such a thing! Then everyone saw the surprise scene. Kakashi knocked out Xiaoxue directly, picked up Xiaoxue and boarded the boat.
"Teacher Kakashi, you are so direct!" KINOMOTO SAKURA praised and didn’t know what praise was! Sasuke has made the bow at the moment.
Kakashi carried Xiaoxue into the cabin. At this time, those who were chasing Xiaoxue just saw Kakashi!
"Hey, let her go!"
Santaifu came out of the boat.
"Light snow what’s the matter? Ah! Those people have come after us, so let’s go quickly! "
"The director is sailing!"
By the time those people chased the dock, the ship had already set off!
"Damn it, inform Bss that they have already set off! Damn it! " The man in the front dropped his weapon to the ground!
"Ah Kakashi, I didn’t expect it to be you this time. I was the three kids before!"
"You said that the imps are all from our department and are now following me in practice!"
"It would be nice if those people kept bothering us now! It’s good to hide from us, but I don’t know what. They suddenly stared at us and there is no way for me to go to the wood industry to release the commission! "
"Well, I was going to strengthen training for three kids, but suddenly the Hokage office informed me that there was such a thing or that I had done it before. When I saw the client, I knew it was you who came.
It happened that I saw Xiaoxue’s poster the other day, so I asked my department to get to know her first! "
"Hum, you are really rude. Do you hate me so much after knocking me out for so long?" Light snow doesn’t know when it has come from the cabin bed.
"Don’t worry, my hands are still measured. You liked to run away in those days. I’m used to knocking!"
"Hum, if I hadn’t recognized you, you would have been blinded by me on the spot. I had a handful of powder in my hand!" to be continued
Chapter 77 Snow Ji Ren Fa Tie (2)
"Forget it. Have you had a good time these years?"
"Of course not. You’re just a little tired of following this old man and I don’t want to go back to that place!"
"Wait! Are you familiar with it before? " KINOMOTO SAKURA pointed to the ship’s rail and looked at the sea. Kakashi and Light Snow just walked out of the hatch.
"Introduce myself. My name is Fuji Snow Painting. Just call me Xiaoxue. Ten years ago, Kakashi helped us escape from the snow country. I didn’t expect to bother you this time!"
"escape from the snow country?"
"This matter for me! Xiaoxue is a famous daughter of Xueguo. Xiaoxue’s name is Fenghua Xiaoxue, and her father was killed by his uncle! His uncle’s name is Kagihana Goto, and he is the head of Snow Country at present!
He killed his brother in order to capture the wealth of Snow Country! It is said that the secret of Snow Country is a little snowy. Unfortunately, even Xiaoxue doesn’t know what kind of secret it is! "
"ah! Does Xiaoxue have a secret of Snow Country? " Kakashi was surprised to hear this for the first time!
"Heck, how do you say secrets? I don’t know anything about myself! Shout ~ "Say that finish smoking a cigarette!
"Sister, can you stop smoking? Brother Shu Mao said that smoking is not good. If he knew we smoked, he would hit us! "
"Can’t you beat him?"
"If you can’t beat three people together, you are not his opponent!"
"If it’s true, I can’t beat him!"
"What? Actually better than Kakashi? "
"Well, I wish I could beat him if I tied them together!"
"So how old is he?" Three Taifu casually asked 1.
"Oh, well, my brother is only one year older than me!" Naruto’s answer is also quite casual.
"what!" Mrs. San knows that Kakashi’s strength was very strong ten years ago, but it must be even worse now. But Kakashi said that he may not be able to beat two people. Is he a kid?
"Don’t make a fuss. Shumao’s strength is not what you can imagine. Are you going to avenge Xiaoxue’s father this time?"
"Almost. The key is that we are hiding outside now. I have been hiding with Xiaoxue for so many years, and I feel tired. Before I died, I thought that I could take Xiaoxue back to the Snow Country to help the first king avenge himself. That’s enough and it’s worth it!" Hearing such an old man who is over half a year old, even Naruto, who is still ignorant, became quiet. There was the sound of a ship cutting through the sea.
"Don’t worry, I will take good care of you!" Kakashi rarely made a promise.
"Naruto has nothing to do. Go fishing, all three of you. This is your practice. You know, catching a big fish in the sea is also a science!"
"Yes, but we don’t have a fishing rod!" Sasuke used to fish with a ferret before, knowing that he wanted a fishing rod, and that …
"What is teacher Kakashi fishing?"

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