"If you have something to say," Meng Xin stopped at a place far away from him. She really didn’t like such people.

"This is Chen Rui, the eldest brother of chenchen, and chenchen can’t get through at noon today. Can you connect us?" Chenchen left and talked to his family every day, sometimes early, sometimes at noon and sometimes late.
Chen Rui’s remarks are relatively polite.
"They should have changed words in the past, right? I don’t have her changed number." Meng Xin said directly that to tell the truth, she is not good with chenchen. Since he is chenchen’s eldest brother, he should know.
Besides, after what he did to her, she really doesn’t understand how this man wanted to come to her when his sister disappeared.
"But you are the leader, aren’t you? Even if there is no one to talk to, you can connect with a headquarters, right? " Chen Rui thinks it’s very simple. Since chenchen can’t get through, there is always a way to get through. No matter what way you want to connect to chenchen, he wants to ensure Chen Chen ‘an.
His parents are worried to death at home, and he can have the cheek to come to the hospital.
"Mr. Chen, my suggestion is that chenchen may not be able to answer your questions when he is available. Of course, if you are really worried, you can go to the dean’s office and ask me if I am not a leader. I’m sorry I can’t help you." Meng Xin directly refused her. She is not the kind of person who is not a good person.
Especially after what Chen Rui did to her, of course, his plan didn’t succeed, but once it succeeded, she really didn’t know what the result was.
"…" Star didn’t expect Meng Xin to have such an attitude. She also said that she was not the head nurse, wasn’t she? Since it is the head nurse, isn’t it directly under the leadership of chenchen? "Wait a minute, aren’t you the head nurse? Shouldn’t the nurse be in your charge? "
"Yes, I am the head nurse, but my jurisdiction is limited to the private affairs of on-the-job nurses. In addition, chenchen is going outside to support medical care. Nurses are directly under the jurisdiction of leaders. I haven’t had this matter yet, Mr. Chen." Meng Xin explained it more clearly
"…" Starry some vacant can finally understand.
"By the way, Ru Ru came to the hospital with a fever today. Your father may be happy. I saw your wife alone here at noon." Meng Xin saw the star expression and suddenly went to Li Yan.
A man is married and has a wife. Although he can’t have a wife and forget his mother, he can’t ignore his wife and children because of his family. Otherwise, how can this man let a woman follow him wholeheartedly?
"Ru Ru has a fever?" Star was a little surprised when Li Yan took Ru Ru back last night. Ruru was still fine. Why did he suddenly have a fever and he didn’t know it when he was a father?
"Well, I have an intravenous drip in the clinic at noon." Meng Xin nodded. "I don’t know what to say about your husband and wife. I think your wife is quite difficult."
"…" Star didn’t expect Meng Xin to help Li Yan. It seems that Li Yan said something to Meng Xin. How did Li Yan tell an outsider about their family affairs? "Thank you, I know."
"You’re welcome. You have to go to the leadership and take this ladder on the tenth floor." Meng Xin woke up and left directly.
Meng Xin finished and left Chen Chenlian. She was worried that it was Zhang Yiding. She went directly to Wang Yang’s office.
☆, 156 parting sadness
"Why are you here?" Wang Yanggang came out of the operating room and was still washing his hands and disinfecting when he saw Meng Xin pushing the door.
"Have you contacted Zhang Yiding these two days?" Meng Xinmen saw the mountain and asked her if she didn’t know the situation there and didn’t pay much attention to it. It was impossible to broadcast Zhang Yiding and chenchen when the news was broadcast. Both of them were groups
"What’s the matter? Do you want to see him? " Wang Yang was asked that Zhang Yiding was a little confused. It’s only half a month before he went. Instead, they talked twice every day. Will Zhang Yiding talk to his parents?
"No, I just met chenchen’s eldest brother. He said that chenchen dialect couldn’t get through." Meng Xin told Wang Yang what Starry had just found her.
"This Chen Guren is sick? There are times when there is no signal on the mobile phone. Besides, even if Chen Chenlian can’t come to you, what’s there? " Wang Yang a listen to feel a little collapse.
This Chen Guren, at that time, he thought Min Mengjie had gone too far, but now it seems that his wife is not wrong at all, not only not wrong, but also quite right.
This Chen family is a wonderful figure.
"…" Meng Xin shrugged her shoulders. She also had a face of stupidity. She didn’t know that Surin Lian couldn’t find her.
"Then if you have nothing to do later, let’s go and have a look at the Zhang family." Zhang Yiding is their friend. If you can’t get in touch, you should really ask.
"Don’t call Zhang Yiding or ask Zhang Shu first when you find one. If nothing happens to them, doesn’t this worry their parents?" Meng Xin thinks that if they all go suddenly, will they scare the parents? Besides, what Wang Yang just said is very reasonable.
"Also, I’ll call him now." Wang Yang said, and dialed Zhang Yiding. When the words rang, he picked them up.
"What’s the matter, do you miss me or do I have something at home?" Zhang Yiding’s tone is relaxed and it feels good.
"Neither of them is just to give you a call to make sure you are still alive and kicking." Wang Yang’s tone of voice is not at all polite, so Meng Xin listened directly and was dumbfounded.
"…" Zhang Yiding is also a little depressed. Although this is the way they talk, isn’t it far apart now? There’s nothing wrong with emotional words, is there?
"Come on, you’re alive and kicking." Wang Yang wanted to hang up and then saw Meng Xin winking at him. "By the way, are you with chenchen?"
"chenchen? No, it’s not allocated by hospital, but cross-allocated. I’m with a beautiful nurse from Kyoto. "Zhang Yiding walked over and said that it feels good to have a beautiful nurse around.
"Then you can enjoy yourself. There’s nothing else. I’m hanging up." Then Wang Yang hung up.
"They are not together, or they are with people like chenchen. People like Zhang Yiding can’t stand it." Wang Yangchao Meng Xin replied that he was really not so worried about him.
Meng Xin nodded and accepted it. Although I don’t know much about chenchen, Meng Xin really felt nothing.
When one minute passed, the shift arrived. Meng Xin had not changed clothes before Li Ziyu called. Meng Xin picked it up and told him that she left immediately and hurried downstairs to change clothes and prepare for the class.
When waiting for the ladder, Meng Xin touched Chen Rui again. He saw Meng Xin, "Nurse Meng is sorry to bother you. Chen Chenlian was helping people with surgery before her mobile phone was gone."
Section 164
"That’s good." Meng Xin nodded and went in.
When they talked all the way, Chen Rui didn’t know what to say in the face of Meng Xin, but Meng Xin felt that he was simply speechless with him.
A dozen ladder doors and two people walked in different directions. Meng Xin went home for dinner.
-dividing line-
Liu Ruxu came back from Kyoto with Gu Sheng.
Gu Sheng found a hotel to stay in, and Liu Ruxu took KINOMOTO SAKURA home. When she got home, she felt confused about Kyoto, and she didn’t know how it ended up like this.
She finally agreed to Gu Sheng’s special nursing status and go abroad with them. Although Gu was a little disappointed, she finally chose to accept Liu Ruxu’s willingness to go to M country with them.
The biggest problem for her now is that she doesn’t know that when she comes back, if her parents Gu Sheng say that she will come back with her to solve this problem, she naturally has no objection, because her eloquence is far better than that of Gu Sheng.
After she promised, Master Gu immediately asked someone to go through the entrance formalities for KINOMOTO SAKURA, together with non-success Rou and Lingqi.
On the day before they came back, Wei Fangying also came to her room to talk to her, saying that she would give it to her after Yun Rou and Ling Qi, and she was very relieved.
She understood some of those words, and she still didn’t quite understand them. She was with them as a special nurse, wasn’t she? She has to take care of herself, that is, she is paid a high salary for her master and family.
The original Gu Sheng is going to accompany Liu Ruxu to go back to Liu’s house first. As a result, Liu Ruxu said to let her go back first and then let him come over. Gu Sheng also nodded and agreed.
KINOMOTO SAKURA didn’t say much all the way. When he got home, KINOMOTO SAKURA embraced his grandparents and expressed his thoughts.
"What’s the matter? Did my KINOMOTO SAKURA baby have a bad time in Kyoto this time? " Liu mother holding KINOMOTO SAKURA carefully looked up at Liu Ruxu and didn’t find any unusual reaction on her daughter’s face.
"I’m glad I made a little friend, Grandma." KINOMOTO SAKURA nodded. Everything was fine except that one who was overbearing and soft, especially Ling Qi took out all his precious toys for her to play with.
Behind her ass, my sister kept screaming, and it was better for her than for his own sister.
"Little friend?" Mother Liu is puzzled. Isn’t she a child?
"Lawyer Gu is two years younger than her" is explained by her little friend Liu Ruxu.

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