It’s crazy to think about it!

How is it possible that a monk in the realm of God has reached the realm of God and King?
Xiao Yu laughed wildly and danced with long hair, just like an archaic demon king, scanning the ghost wind and laughing. "What other means do you have for the ghost children?"
The ghost wind flew into a rage and shouted, "Cut again!"
The white evocator was dancing in the wind, and the word "chop" with a bloody face seemed to suddenly come back to life, blooming with harsh luster and blood-stained heaven and earth, and once again flying towards Xiao Yufei.
Another statue of a giant condensed out, more tall and powerful, more powerful, more powerful and more powerful. Tianmu shot a bullfight, wheezing and panting in his nostrils. He grabbed the fairy-cutting knife and turned it around and cut it toward Xiao Yu’s neck again.
The sharp long knife severely cut Xiao Yu’s neck, and the sound of fire and flying sound was as hard to shake as cutting a mountain of ancient gods. The sound rumbled and the glow flew away, and all the pieces annihilated Xiao Yu’s skin without even leaving a white spot.
Xiao Yu still leaned back against the copper column with a full face of sarcasm scanning the nether world, such as a bunch of people sneering repeatedly.
Those forces who watched the beheading couldn’t help but breath air conditioning and scalp pins and needles.
Every time I cut Sendai, my strength will multiply. I didn’t expect to cut this person for the second time. What the fuck is this body?
Have you really reached the realm of the king of God?
The ghost wind roared, "give me the urge to the limit. I don’t believe I can’t cut this!" "
Dozens of masters of the imperial clan flew out and immediately poured out their mana and rushed out to chop Sendai. Suddenly, Sendai revealed that it was even more terrible to shake people’s hearts and kill people. Through ancient and modern times, waves of terrorist ShaQi erupted from Xiantai Mountain like a volcano rolling out to cover the sky.
This time, cutting Sendai directly condensed out a black magic knife, and the black light flowed like ink, and the death Shaqi was like a stroke across Xiao Yu’s neck from Taigu.
The magic light flashed and suddenly a good head flew high.
Ghost wind face a happy. "After all, you can’t survive the chop of Sendai Yu Xiao. How strong can your body be? It’s an honor for your generation to chop Sendai’s immortal knife when even immortals were chopped to death. I’ll give you a big gift and bury you, hahaha. "
He laughed at the sky.
However, those people who were beheaded were all staring at Xiao Yu with their eyes wide open, and their faces were shocked and unbelievable. They were all bloody expressions.
Ghost wind eyebrows a wrinkly soon noticed that this scene looked down their eyes, and I couldn’t help but face a trembling with anger.
See Xiao Yu, although his head was cut off, but his neck was covered with a trace of blood, his head hung high and his eyes blinked. Suddenly, a roll fell back to his neck again, and the golden light flashed and fit together again.
"Damn it, nine immortal Xuangong!"
The ghostly wind suddenly turned pale than ugly, gnashed his teeth and trembled and growled, "You have actually learned to teach the immortal Xuangong!"
He naturally heard of this terrible achievement method, 972 kinds of occult arts, each of which represents the universe’s height and immortality, and it is simply impossible to kill.
The man who has cultivated the Nine Mysteries will not be able to kill him unless he suppresses it or moves absolute power to refine it alive.
The two "immortals" behind the Nine Immortals are not for fun.
A group of strong men in the nether world are angry, surly, gnashing their teeth and staring at Xiao Yu’s eyes with murder, but they don’t know what to do.
Want to slay Xiao Yu in front of everyone, force everyone to let all the ministers borrow Xiao Yu’s blood.
Now Xiao Yu didn’t cut into their previous prestige and strength, and suddenly lost a lot. It will be even harder to let all the ministers.
"Ahem “`"
Suddenly pale dragon clan elders gently cough a smiling tunnel "ghost friends you just talked about waiting for you to cut Yu Xiao want me to give you a reply, now this Yu Xiao didn’t cut into should also let me wait back".
The elders and heads of families of his major forces answered each other.
"You can’t keep your word to friends in the underworld. If you want us to be true ministers, you must have enough prestige."
"Yu Xiao didn’t cut into we also won’t give you a reply, ghost friends also please scattered large array let me go later"
"There’s a long way to go before you think that he killed Yu Xiao and invited us all!"
Ghost wind heart great anger suddenly grimace of a grin scanning all the way "do you want to go back? Today, if you don’t speak, no one will leave. Those who dare to leave will be killed and all ten families involved will be wiped out! "
Chapter seven hundred and ten Day prison
"You “`"
They looked at the ghost wind with surprise and anger. I didn’t expect the ghost wind to completely tear the face this time.
"I what me? I’m here. No one can leave today. If you don’t want to be a minister, you can’t avoid a dead end! "
Ghost wind face solemnity mouth said
"You are too cruel."
"You can’t do this to the ghost wind. We have so many forces. It’s impossible for you to force us!"
"We will never swear or be slaves!"

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