"There will be more and more monsters in this world. Some monsters will be destroyed by Diga Altman, but there will be some monsters that even Diga Altman can defeat."

"Are you willing to be a weak monster who can’t even escape when the disaster comes, or are you willing to be a believer in mastering your own destiny and having the fighting power of monsters?"
Mayumi is not Dagu, let alone Juhui. At this time, she didn’t refuse the sky with justice and sternness, but considered carefully and asked, "What price should I pay?"
There is no such thing as a free lunch. If there is one and it is rich, there may be medicine in it.
The fifth chapter Gakuma human arrogance
"Give me your faith."
Day will Mayumi said to accept conditions.
Mayumi looked at Heaven when he heard this. "If I say I believe you now, do you believe me?"
"I accept your faith"
God didn’t say believe or not, but replied like this.
The so-called belief is that it doesn’t matter what Mayumi thinks casually, as long as she has a corresponding attitude on the surface.
After returning to Mayumi, I asked Mayumi in front of Juhui and Xincheng, "Do you want to accept my strength?"
"There will be a monster soon. It’s called Gakuma. It’s a big monster and a small monster, just to let you know your new strength."
God, even the opponents are ready for Mayumi.
Mayumi one leng how she just said a few words with the day and then fast-forward to playing monsters?
Juhui quickly asked, "What kind of monster is it?"
She came to advise Mayumi not to believe in heaven, but by this time, she didn’t care to advise Mayumi to talk about monsters.
The victory team is an armed force that specializes in dealing with monsters.
For Juhui, although Ahriman is also an enemy, Ahriman does not really mean to destroy the earth and mankind, and there is still room for mitigation before Ahriman and mankind.
Those monster that can’t communicate with humans are that imminent crisis.
Heaven is "two monsters called Gakuma. They live in mines and usually live by eating stones."
"People keep mining mountains, which leads to the loss of food and the loss of its residence, so it is very angry and has attacked people."
God said a message about Gakuma.
Gakuma can be said to be the most harmful monster. If there is a stone to eat it, it will be satisfied, and there will be no aggression. It has been a long time since humans mined the mountain, but the former Gakumaki has never attacked humans.
Now it will attack human beings, and it is really human beings who insult others too much
What human beings have done to Gakuma is equivalent to a mob going to an ordinary house to rob food. Ordinary people pay the least attention to it, but thugs push their luck, which not only makes the ordinary people have no food, but also destroys the ordinary people.
When the ordinary people rose up and resisted, another famous soldier who loved justice came out to uphold justice and beat the ordinary people alive.
It can be said that human tragedy makes the hearer sad and the beholder weep.
Juhui was silent after listening to Gakuma’s message. He couldn’t help asking, "Is it possible for human beings and Gakuma to coexist peacefully?"
"Gakuma is not aggressive. If it doesn’t rob it of food and destroy its home, it won’t attack human beings. Whether they can coexist peacefully is in the hands of human beings."
The answer to the question of Juhui was given in vain.
He is always simple and kind. If someone asks him for advice, he will usually give an answer.
Mayumi smiled after listening to Tian Hua. "Humans love peace. It seems that I don’t need to fight Gakuma."
Heaven has a profound smile. "Mayumi, don’t underestimate human arrogance."
Juhui has a dignified face and muses that she is the captain of the victory team. The angle of view is different from that of Mayumi, the little nurse.

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