"It’s hard to say and I can’t see through it, but if you have to talk, it depends on who you are compared with."

Wang Dahu said three ambiguous words in a row, but this time Liu Zhongmou was not angry but asked, "Is it better than herding?"
"the fifth five-year plan"
Wang Dahu just said this and felt it was inappropriate to add a sentence, "Maybe four or six or seven or seven!"
"Is that kid really as strong as you say?"
Liu Zhongmou not only didn’t get angry because of Wang Dahu farting, but was a little shocked. What is Qin Mufeng? Even no one knows better than Liu Zhongmou, not even Qin Zheng.
"Chief, it’s really not that I hold him. The more drills I have in my head, the more I sweat!"
Liu Zhongmou don’t talk eyes looked out of the window that Jianghan had already disappeared.
He meant to meet Jianghan’s ox funeral. He didn’t go to the funeral. When Jiang Wenxuan was exiled, he didn’t find anything to talk about. He wanted to chat with Jianghan, but now it seems that he should wait.
Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait!
"Tiger, if it weren’t for my old bones, you must come to me as a guard from Qin Zheng. There is a piece of you on the hidden dragon nameplate!"
Liu Zhongmou was silent for a long time and suddenly spoke, which made the driver’s seat Wang Dahu suddenly shake and immediately giggled. "It is the greatest honor of my life for the head to be a guard for you. I don’t regret it!"
"Yes, I don’t regret it." Liu Zhongmou seemed to himself and responded to Wang Dahu. This tone suddenly became sad
Wang Dahu white head in my heart and words stuffy heart didn’t say and he also dare not.
If the chief didn’t ask him to be a guard at the beginning, it’s hard to say whether he is alive or not now, but he is dead. The’ Dragon Spirit’ is the chief’s nephew!
Volume Five Flying Dragon Days Chapter 476 Tonight, my king!
When Jianghan saw Li Qiubai outside the rented house, it was already gray. The friendship between the two people and the handover to each other were naturally nonsense. Without saying anything, Jianghan asked, "What is the situation?"
"Sniper, I killed a white man and he found this."
The lights in the corridor were dim, and Jianghan opened the door and entered the room to see that Jian Yin handed me a dark yellow bronze medal, and the blood and dirt eroded the dim light.
On the obfuscated front of the medal, some symbols are engraved in ancient English and translated into Chinese to be barons.
Baron, those pretentious foreign aristocrats at the lowest level, Hou Bonan, Jianghan, still carries two such earl nameplates in his pocket, which he found out from those guys after picking their heads a few times ago, but such earl medals are much more exquisite than this Baron medal in front of him.
"It’s really those animals. It seems that those guys have always been wicked!" Jianghan sneer
This time, the sniper who shot him held the Baron’s Medal, saying that he had just entered the high-rise and the shrimp should have been directly abandoned as cannon fodder.
They knew this kid would die in the end, leaving a nameplate as a demonstration, but they didn’t expect Jianghan to have more minds than they thought. It’s really hard to say who benefited this time.
"How can they give up if China is not dead? But those who make me a strong man will be punished far away!" Sword hidden cold way
He said that he was a strong man, not a Chinese. This said that Jian secretly recognized himself as a dragon man, but it contradicted today’s city. Jianghan knew why. After listening to his words, he was a narrow smile and then turned to the sidewalk. "I have a very difficult problem tonight. I need your help."
Li Qiubai’s face changed slightly and his eyebrows remained motionless. It was the first time for him to listen to Jianghan’s difficult things!
Jian Yin didn’t say no or agree, but Jianghan knew it was a promise.
"Are you old with the mole?" Autumn white suddenly asked
"That’s not true, but his grandfather, the golden pheasant, had a delicious fire with me many years ago."
Jian Yin doesn’t hide when he asks about Jianghan.
He remembered that it was years ago in Xuzhou, when he was fifteen years old, and he was still walking along with oxen.
It coincided with the twelfth lunar month, when a fine sign of goose feather and snow blocked the whole Peng Cheng. He just took Jianghan from the mountains to visit an old master of boxing, Jiang Ye and Sun Zi, who were hungry for two days and one night in the university. They were hungry and sleepy, and they passed through Xiaoxian County. It was the old man with messy white hair and a tattered cotton robe who introduced them to the house, charcoal fire, white rice and old tea, which made them slow down.
Jianghan still remembers the old man with a mouthful of address unknown who taught him a few hand-held names. It’s quite foreign. It’s called "Avalokitesvara cornucopia with a thousand hands", which is to put it more popularly, that is, the Liang people look after the house. Later, Jianghan learned from his grandfather that the old man had a lot of connections, and he was known by thousands of people as a thief ancestor. The Jianghu people said that the Grand Theft Auto was worse than Chu Liuxiang.
Jianghan vaguely remembers that there was a sick little guy lying on the bed of the old man’s house at that time, because he was hungry and eating white rice at that time, and it was not until the former mole talked that he woke up the memory of that year and vaguely realized that there was such a fragment.
Thanks to the kindness of dripping water, it’s even worse to repay the kindness in the snow. It’s by no means dripping water. It’s better than Jianghan. Although he is not a good person, he never resents it!
Compared with the grey star city, Xiamen has finished at night.
The heavy four-wheel drive steel jungle shuttles through the bright lights and neon lights, and people’s sense of happiness at night is gradually recovering. For those people who like nightlife in this city that never sleeps, Yudao, their happy moment is slowly waking up.
But they don’t know if they see or can’t see those obscure corners. Today Xiamen is destined to be full of blood.
Xiaojie’s Land Rover Range Rover in the car seems to be relatively rigid. Men like this kind of aluminum pimple.
Driving is Xin’s driver, but Xin never smokes. Even if he smells a little smoke, he will feel queasy. Xiaojie actually lit a cigarette in the car today and took a mouthful of smoke. Xiaojie’s face, which was still slightly immature, seems to be instantly aging as a teenager!
"Liao ye nobody didn’t I give it to you! I don’t have the money and I don’t have a lot to answer! Anyway, if you want me to be happy one day, I will ensure that Master Liao can sit firmly at the top of our circle in Fujian Province! "
"What do you want?"

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