"How did Martial Uncle leave the ridge and be sent here?" Generally speaking, Dan, a monk in the period, is striving for a breakthrough by grasping one point of practice, so Yang Xiu asked this question.

Magic reality Naidao Alas, I haven’t heard that there is an ancient witch tomb in Chechi State-owned. Now the fix-true world is full of noise, knowing that there must be nothing there now, but everyone still goes there to catch it. I also went to the head to order to see what happened, and I just took these brothers to experience it casually. "
The disciple behind the real person suddenly burst into confusion but didn’t show it.
"Well, I said that you should return our medicinal materials first and then talk slowly. Don’t pretend to delay, and we will forget it."
Yang Xiu and others are just enjoying themselves here, but Brother Jianmen over there is impatient. Although seeing each other have a knot, Brother Dan in the later period can’t be regarded as such, and they are not afraid of it.
Chapter one hundred and fifty Sword Gate
Fairy wild Chapter one hundred and fifty Sword door
Six thousand words together today is a more.
There are tickets to count.] "Magic Martial Uncle Jianmen asked you to return the medicinal materials? I haven’t come to ask you how you can fight here. "Yang Xiu asked when he saw each other getting up."
Phantom reality sighed, "Ah, things are actually simple just now."
Yang Xiu listened to the phantom reality and probably said it again, and finally understood the cause and effect of the incident.
It turned out that it was still caused by a thousand-year-old ginseng.
However, it was a fantasy real person who came here to have some private affairs and left alone for a while. Therefore, Zhang wandered around the street, but he felt a wave of aura accompanied by a scent of medicine. This is a sign that the elixir is coming out, and its medicine is not low. It is not difficult to detect it if you have a certain monk.
She immediately found the aura and found the source in a drugstore.
As soon as she entered the medicine, she saw an old farmer taking out a thousand-year-old ginseng and selling it to the shopkeeper.
The old man and the shopkeeper are mortal and don’t know the elixir, so the ginseng flavor will be released.
Zhang couldn’t help but be overjoyed. Although she is a five-spirit root, she is not so advanced after the foundation period, but if she has this thousand-year-old ginseng, it will be more secure for her to break through the bottleneck
Moreover, this Millennium plant can be bought with some gold and silver in exchange for a magic weapon, which makes no difference to the fix-true. If she is a Lingshi, it will be hard for her to buy a Millennium elixir.
So she bought it from the shopkeeper on the spot, but just as she was about to pay for it, she unexpectedly added another complication, and another immortal entered the store with ginseng.
People showed this medicine, of course, and they refused to let it go, so they argued on the spot. Because the two men did not scare each other, they knew that the two factions were behind enemy lines, and the fight was even more fierce, so they informed their elders.
However, when the magic reality came and saw the other side coming, two monks in Jiedan knew that they couldn’t beat it, so they immediately gave up their minds. Anyway, this Millennium medicinal material has nothing for him, so there is no need for a younger brother to fight.
However, it’s to blame that a younger brother of Jianmen spoke a little too rashly at that time, which made the phantom real person embarrassed for a while, so this fight happened.
"Have you ever thought about whether you are going to hand over the elixir or what to do!" Just when the phantom reality finished talking about the incident, a condensed sound suddenly sounded dull, happy or sad.
Yang Xiu’s talk as he looks is exactly the one in Jianmen who is the late Godsworn of Jiedan.
In the middle of the year, the man wore a beaded scarf hat, a wide and thin silk robe, Huayu on his waist and a Xianglong sword. He was dressed as a standard scholar and his appearance was outstanding. At first glance, he gave people a good impression, but he was gentle and polite.
At this time, of course, it is not Yang Xiu’s turn to talk and listen to the illusion of reality; "Even the Taoist friends should be reasonable people, and what they want is also a first come, first served! This plant of Lingcao is my disciple’s first arrival, but I want to give it to you? "
Phantom reality has just been holding up the backhand of two knot Dan scholars. At this moment, with Bai Zhi, the aid hand suddenly became a lot harder.
"The man talking to Master is Lian Chengyu, and the woman who is in the Dan period next to him, Zhi Junlan, is a double-cultivation Taoist couple, because once they can perform a set of joint techniques, the monks are far from rivals, so they are collectively called sword gate and double-branch Taoist by other monks."
At this moment, Zhang Ze introduced himself to Yang Xiu, but he mainly told Bai Zhi who called Bai Zhi always looked cold, and because of the possession of the corpse servant, there were bursts of cold in the whole body. If he didn’t hide most of the breath, his yin and cold alone would make the general monk lose his mind, so he didn’t deliberately say that others would know that this was "don’t get close to strangers."
Yang Xiu smell speech can’t help but cast a glance at the friar named Zhi Jun Lan Jie Dan Zhi Jun Lan, who is long, dignified and beautiful, and has a phoenix sword in his hand, which is even more heroic.
At this moment, I saw Lian Chengyu gently smile and shake his head when he heard the magic reality. "Your disciple arrived early, but the store didn’t sell her at that time, so my apprentice can of course compete fairly with the high bidder. Yes, my apprentice has paid a high price for the medicinal materials, but it has been strengthened by your disciple. This is not what the Taoist priest does, so I advise you to hand them over quickly and be laughed at by the same people."
Phantom reality does not show weakness and sneers repeatedly, "Hum is just your apprentice. He naturally takes the initiative to throw a little gold and silver in front of the store and insists that this medicinal material is his. Then if I throw a few Lingshi at you, you and your wife will be me." Hum, you can let the fellow judges see if there is such a deal. When I see it, I will be laughed at by the fellow gods. It is you who talk about benevolence and morality all day! "
Lian Cheng’s jade face touched the dragon sword in one hand without changing color. "What’s the harm if you take out enough lingshi to give you this set of dragon and phoenix double swords?"
What do you mean, enough lingshi? This set of dragon and phoenix double swords is a magic weapon to connect jade couples’ lives, just like he can’t have too many lingshi in his arms. This is purely a run on the illusion of reality.
The magic real person is really angry when he sees Lian Cheng Yu, but he doesn’t lose his mind. He laughs angrily. "It seems that Master is just like an apprentice. You really teach well!"
I didn’t expect Lian Chengyi to really take it with a smile. "Hehe, I’m flattered, but I’m ashamed of myself compared with the real person. It’s not as careful as you teach people day and night."
Magic reality this is said to be flushed beard disorderly fibrillation at that time actually speak.
It turns out that his cultivation is a kind of yin-yang mining and filling technique, so it is somewhat special with these disciples
Yang Xiu can’t help but also some suddenly. He thinks that this magic veteran apprentice is all some women who are not normal, but he didn’t show anything about it.
I went to see Zhang and others embarrassed.
And Zhang and other magic road disciples are also blushing at this moment, and they dare not look at others.
In fact, this kind of yin-yang harmony technique is very normal in the field of repair, and many monks have had it. After all, double cultivation is also one of thousands of Taoist methods.
However, most monks use this kind of skill as an aid, so they can just accept some suitable women to treat their concubines, or they can directly find a monk to tie a double cultivation path.
However, there are also many cases in the field of repairing the truth, the most famous of which are the Acacia Sect and the ivory tower.
Because this kind of monks’ double cultivation is the main achievement method, a Taoist couple is definitely not satisfied with them.
This kind of monks usually make rapid progress in the middle of the foundation period. After all, there are many men and women in this period, and there are not many requirements for the cauldron. Just accept some women or treat my concubine as a cauldron.
But after that, the conditions for double cultivation became harsh, so it was difficult for monks to find a good cauldron in the final stage. After all, it was necessary to build a cauldron in the final stage, but how could anyone be willing to be someone else’s cauldron in the final stage?
Therefore, there is a younger brother.
My brother usually has a certain degree of cultivation, which is second only to his partner (but taking double cultivation as the main method of cultivation rarely has a fixed partner. After all, if the other person is equivalent to you, how can he be willing to be recruited by you? She is not looking for someone to advance, so the position is the highest)
Brother is not like some handmaids and concubines. To put it bluntly, handmaids and concubines are purely monks’ cultivation bases, which will not be replenished, so the long-term loss repair will definitely be lower and lower. Therefore, this kind of furnace pot will not be sent away to monks before long, and a batch of new ones will be collected.
The younger brothers, on the other hand, will practice with their father, and the master will not be ungrateful to them, but will also give them a special promotion, so these younger brothers will be willing to do so.
Don’t say that male monks are like this, and so are female monks. Among them, the most widely known is probably the "ivory tower" Ji Yuxin, which has been limited to the late stage of combination. The top 6 is known. First, its double cultivation technique is extremely overbearing, and it has killed a few monks because of its bad name.
There is also Xia Wanqiu, the owner of Chuchen Pavilion in Lanshan, who smells the fog. However, Chuchen Pavilion has always been a decent leader. Besides, Wanqiu is usually a fairy who doesn’t eat people’s fireworks, so many people scoff at words.
This is also the reason why the male master accepts the female apprentice and the female master accepts the male apprentice in the double-cultivation door.
For a long time, everyone has accepted this fact. Although it is not advocated, it will not be laughed at.
Although there is nothing wrong with it, it always feels strange to be said in person.
Moreover, the magic road has lived for a long time, but its face is thin. It is this face that usually matters most. Otherwise, just now, it wouldn’t be fighting with two monks who know that they are rivals because they can’t stand the stage.
Besides, what he practiced was very orthodox, that is, both sides benefited from the reconciliation of Yin and Yang at the same time, unlike most monks who used selfish people to forcibly collect and supplement evil deeds.
And the magic reality has always been proud of his practice, and he has never received any handmaids to treat concubines. Moreover, these brothers volunteered to be his double-cultivation, and he never forced them. After all, for these Zhu Jidi brothers, they actually benefited more from the double-cultivation of monks in the Dan period.
Therefore, if a real person doesn’t slander himself, the people he usually knows are also as few as possible in front of him, and he wants to arouse disgust.
But now being laughed at by Liancheng Jade is different from uncovering his lamella. Of course, he is angry, especially when he sees Liancheng Jade’s brothers behind him. They are also so ambiguous and can’t help but be angry. Immediately, he can’t help but yell and start his hands.
Seeing his hands crisscross, he quickly squeezed out a dharma tactic and then pushed it forward fiercely. Suddenly, a strong palm wind covered Brother Jianmen with pink smoke in their ears.
The other party didn’t expect that the magic was so popular in one sentence that they suddenly started to move their hands, but Lian Cheng and Zhi Clivia didn’t panic, and the reaction was also rapid in the magic reality, and at the same time, the two of them drew a hexagram with their fingers in front of them
When the palm wind smoke hit, the two people’s divinatory diagrams have also been cast. Seeing the divinatory diagrams is glittering, and an awe-inspiring spirit surges from them and blocks them in front of the monks at Jianmen.
Magic reality can’t help but flash a sneer at this eye.
The palm wind smoke was as scheduled, but unexpectedly, the palm wind smoke hit the hexagrams, which was not shocking, but suddenly dissipated and spread by itself.

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