See three sword mans attack to the female monty, Bai Qionghai gently dismissed, then ten tail tian hu flew directly to the female monty. She responded to the two swords that attacked her with magical powers.

Xiao asked for fear that something might happen to Violet Yan. After attacking life’s core monuments’s ghost spirit sword, he also rushed at the female monty.
At this time, their formation was completely messed up. If Xuanyuan Emperor was not familiar with Nan Yunqing, he had just sacrificed to the ninth floor of the mirror, which had already made Xuanyuan Emperor stand out.
"Go and block Xuanyuan Emperor!"
Xiao Wen just rushed out. Then came the voice of the purple Yan that very decisively in my head.
At this moment, it’s impossible for Zi Yan to joke with him. He has noticed, purple Yan this is going to throw caution to the wind!
In the state of purple Yan now, if she doesn’t make any hermetic, she can’t fight at all, and she can only be covered to leave the battlefield.
However, what about their goals?
They have only one purpose this time, and that is to leave Emperor Xuanyuan!
Purple Yan never allowed herself to be the one who dragged her feet, even if she was just invited to help boxing!
Xiao asked not to dwell on it. Didn’t even answer, only looked at the purple Yan there. Immediately cut to the xuanyuan emperor!
Everyone has their own means, and even the only god in Xuanyuan Emperor can’t teleport, so he can only break through normally.
At this moment, three huge black Se sword mans came to the front of the female monty, and it was too late for ten tail tian hu to stop them with his tail. Suddenly, he opened his mouth, and it turned out that a cloud vortex was formed in his mouth, which produced tangible and qualitative suction, and sucked into the three sword mans!
Two of the sword mans unexpectedly conveniently flops, under the suction burst into greater ferocity, straight to ten tail tian hu’s face! And the rest of the last sword mans is forced to fly forward, see will stab female monty!
"pa! !”
With a crunchy sound, it was the female monty who suddenly stood in front of her left palm and smashed her right fist into the palm of her left palm.
"bang! ! !”
A wave of mysterious black gas suddenly burst from the female monty, engulfing Fiona Fang’s thousands of miles of heaven and earth!
The circle of war formed by several of them is very big, but it is not big and boundless. This sudden explosion of black gas turned out to be the submerged sword mans, ten tail tian hu, Bai Qionghai, Xiao Wen and Nan Yu!
At that moment, everyone in the black air could no longer see anything or hear any sound, and was in absolute darkness and silence! The people among them even have an illusion that they have been forcibly taken to the endless void!
However, Xiao Wen has a sense of familiarity!
This breakthrough in the mysterious black gas has actually created a special atmosphere, and when you are in the underworld, you can see the atmosphere when the terrorist existence that can break the world with one punch appears!
In any case, these black gas definitely has something to do with the trick that Zen magic made at the beginning!
The black gas came quickly and quickly, almost just for a flash, and then it was quickly recovered in the direction of the female monty!
The moment when the black gas disappeared completely, the sword mans just attacked!
"Choke! ! ! !”
When the female monty flung her right arm, she saw a raven, sweeping on that sword!
Sword mans fly out, the raven also because of the sudden deceleration and reveal the ontology, turned out to be a mysterious black se metal shield! There is a very solid brilliance on the shield, but there is a breath of life, just like a living life, far from the spirit of the celestial fairy? A href=’:/kuangxian1/4504697/’ > strong caries killing? br />
Look at the female monty, and there is more than one shield!
At this time, her shoulders, chest, forearm, lower abdomen, calf and feet are all black armor, only covering the key parts of the whole body, mysterious and Leng Yan! The most terrible thing is that the armor all over her body is as strange as the shield fixed on her right arm!
The female monty doesn’t have a helmet, and her face should be as seductive as it was at first, but the fact is that her appearance has changed slightly. Temperament has changed even more, with many cold and cold accidents, more like purple Yan.
At this time, it may be more appropriate to call her Zi Yan directly.
Then. Purple Yan along the swing arm strike fly sword mans trend raised his left arm, aimed at the distant life’s core monuments ghost spirit’s head!
All this just see, purple Yan unexpectedly with a black magic crossbow on his left arm! ! !
The bolt was hidden in the mouth of a strange beast, and she came out without warning!
However, the arrows did not fly out, but directly appeared in the forehead of life’s core monuments Ghost Spirit!
Another teleport! !
Life’s core monuments ghost spirit with a growl speed migraine, only heard a sound "bursts", but with a large piece of meat was taken away from the right frontal lobe. Even the bones were marked with a deep mark, and she almost entered the skull!
The black Se magic arrow of Jiangong did not fly to infinity as imagined, but turned quickly after flying out of a certain distance. Fly back to the crossbow again!
How weird! But it’s also very strong!
Purple Yan, who was just accidentally wounded by life’s core monuments’s ghost spirit, immediately returned it!
"Give it to me!"
Purple Yan threw a sentence at Bai Qionghai again, and rushed directly to life’s core monuments Ghost Spirit!
As soon as the right arm was thrown, the sound of "dang" and "dang" missed two swords again!
Purple Yan’s strength has long been compared with the past, and now I don’t know what the price is to make this mysterious magic weapon. There is no reason why it is not strong!
Bai Qionghai is most worried about Xuanyuan Huang’s escape. Said "good", and then rushed to the xuanyuan emperor there.
If Emperor Xuanyuan has any mysterious escape means, she is the one who is most likely to destroy it.
Purple Yan stopped life’s core monuments’s ghost spirit alone. On the other side, Hainong, Nan Yunqing, Xiao Wen and Bai Qionghai joined forces to fight Xuanyuan Emperor!
Each of Hainong’s four people has the strength of Nanyu in those days, and this just barely gained the upper hand, which shows how strong Xuanyuan Emperor is at this time.
But, so what? !
If nothing happens. Today is the death of Emperor Xuanyuan!
"bursts! !”
Nan Yunqing’s sword was cut, and a sword mark was directly brought out on the right face of Xuanyuan Emperor. If it is deeper, you can cut the head of Emperor Xuanyuan!
It seems that Hainong didn’t bring substantial harm to Emperor Xuanyuan, but his wild and ancient seas are full of enthusiasm and endless strength, which is the most stable one to intercept! He didn’t ask for wounding Xuanyuan emperor, just blocking it, and as for killing, he gave it to three other people completely.
Xiao Wen simply reduced the twelve-chop Xiao Jian and offered it out, only to see a silver awn take out a long space crack and greet Xuanyuan Emperor again and again, while Xiao Wen freed his hands to control the local gas and dry Kun Fan to prevent danger.
Bai Qionghai and ten tail tian hu were separated in two places, but they were like two people, each with magical powers. Although the offensive was not sharp, they spared no effort to prevent Emperor Xuanyuan from escaping.

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