I avoided some Cheng Fang again, but I stuck it tighter.

"Don’t be careless. It’s not a good thing since the spectre has turned into a demon spirit." I said, "Don’t make a move. I’ll go back or the demon spirit will go back and report the ghost eye."
49 self-confidence is played out.
"wearing a gang?" Old four is not too white. "How can this be worn?"
"Are you stupid?" I said. "This demon spirit is here to explore the truth. If the ghost-eyed girl knows that I have noticed it, but it’s not too slow, will she believe that Gao Lei is Zuo Xue?"
"White!" Old four suddenly realized, "Master, I’ll attack the demon immediately and beat it to keep it away!"
"That’s too fake. It’s estimated that the demon spirit will wait for a while." I’ll see Cheng Fang. "You just insist on keeping it away from Gao Lei for a while. I’ll go back!"
"good!" Laosi said
Cheng Fang face red eyes have some fuzzy "Lin Zhuo you don’t hide from me ….."
I gently pushed her up. "Miss Cheng should go back."
She a pull me "what to go back? What do you mean? "
"We’re here on business. There’s something going on in the hotel. What do you mean?" I said calmly
She suddenly woke up and got up quickly. "Well … then don’t delay. Let’s go."
I smiled approvingly, knowing that she can change the channel instantly in front of the ambiguous and erotic fire in autumn. This kind of woman is not simple. She is not like Du Xiaoyu or Gao Lei. She is mature and powerful. No matter what happens, her heart will not be tired. This is mature charm.
After more than 20 minutes, we returned to the hotel. I saw a spectre in red outside a window on the fifth floor. That’s Gao Lei. Fortunately, Cheng Fang couldn’t see the window of their room. Otherwise, I wonder if she would dare to sleep tonight.
Old four said that it was a spectre turned into a demon. It was dressed in red outside, but it was dressed in white inside. From a distance, it was very particular that this demon was by no means an ordinary person. The more it was, the more difficult it was to deal with it. Because of the noble status, people became spectre after death, and then turned into a demon. It was much more cunning and fierce than ordinary demons, just like advanced knowledge. Maybe it looked like being dull, but once their minds turned into bad people, the damage was far from ordinary criminals. The reason was the same.
"What the hell happened?" Cheng Fang asked
"Ghost-eyed girl found us." I deliberately said, "You go to my room and I’ll see Gao Lei."
"Well, good!" She is calm. "You should be careful."
I handed her the room card, patted her on the shoulder and went upstairs by myself.
There is nothing unusual about Gao Lei. Her hair was still wet when she just took a shower and was looking at the door.
"Master Kobayashi, have you come back by yourself?" She looked behind me. "Where’s Miss Cheng?"
"She went to my room." We said, "Are you all right?"
"No, it’s just that I had a stomachache just now and I’ll be fine," she said
"Ok, continue to look at me." I said, and went to the window and swished a curtain. The female demon looked at me through the window.
The spectre looks strange, but once it becomes a demon, it will look much better. The magic lady outside should have been a nobleman before her death. Look at it. Her face turned white and the green light in her eyes could not conceal her once beautiful mouth fangs and that wisp of black blood gushed out, saying that she was poisoned and died. She looked at my mouth maliciously, and a blue fangs suddenly increased a lot.
Gao Lei couldn’t see the scene outside, but she didn’t dare to ask herself more when she saw that I looked cold. She sat on the bed and silently continued to watch.
The old four appeared, "The owner is this one outside. If it doesn’t come in, I want to go out and fight it, but I’m afraid I’ll be taken advantage of it …"
I smiled at the corner of my mouth. "Do you think you can beat it? This is no ordinary magic theory. It’s almost the same as you. "
"I guess it will be a little hard to really fight," Old Four said shamefully. "Master, you can’t get angry after drinking. Let Small Four come."
I didn’t pay attention to pinching my fingers and pointing out the window. "Go back and tell your master that I don’t want to kill anyone. Let her do it herself!"
The magic face suddenly became ferocious and grabbed me with one hand through the glass. Old four quickly stepped in front of me and grabbed the bloody woman’s hand.
A burst of white smoke accompanied by a growl from Old Four, the female demon outside smiled while Old Four around her grinned.
"Go out and fight it, don’t come back if you can’t win it." I turned around and walked into the sanitation.
Old four jumped out and got into a ball with that female demon.
I washed my face and sat in the toilet to see if there was still water in the bathtub beside me. It is these details that determine a hostage man. This is nothing unusual. If a girl does this, something is wrong. If she dries it in Ye Huan, she will immediately drain the water. Xue Jing is even more exaggerated. Every time she takes a bath, she has to drain it before wiping herself. The common feature of the two girls is that the bathtub must be cleaned up after washing in a hotel or at home, except when Ye Huan is working. Of course, sometimes she will come or not.
I can’t help laughing at the thought. What is this? Can’t you find a reason why Gao Lei is tempted? Am I talking too much? It’s not really a chat, it’s a little uneasy. Old Four can see that he and the female demon had already fought before I came back, but it didn’t take advantage. Since I drink today, I’m not going to do it myself, so it’s good for the ghost to see the strength of Old Four.
A few minutes later, I came to the window again. Outside, the evil spirit had disappeared. Old four was in a panic and sat outside the window and suffered many injuries.
"Did you get rid of it?" I asked
Old four flicker in face also changed a respectful expression "master estimates that it can’t come back tonight"
I’m not afraid. I don’t have to come back
Let me see old four. "Good job. How are you?"
Old four smiled, "It’s okay, master. I had a great time this time. If you hadn’t given me a death order, I didn’t know that I could hit that female demon so hard, but I have to be serious. It’s not my opponent!"
"Self-confidence and courage are all played out." I smiled. "All right, you stay outside tonight to protect them. They have to drive. They must sleep well today and not be disturbed."
"It is the master’s confidence that Xiaosi will do a good job!"
We all had a good rest this night.
When it was not dawn, I called Cheng Fang and Gao Lei up, and continued on their way in the misty night. After a day’s journey, they changed shifts twice. In the evening, we came to a small mountain village.
"The road behind is walkable," Cheng Fang said. "There are still a few kilometers to go, and we should be there before dark."
I looked at her mobile phone map. "There is this way, right?"
"This is the best way. It should be a path," she said.
"Fine, I’ll go with Gao Lei. Just wait for us," I said. "Tell your assistant Zhang Ping to ask her to meet us at the village entrance."
Cheng Fang frowned. "What can’t I go?"
"Because the more people there are, the more dangerous it is," I said. "You just wait. It is estimated that the ghost-eyed girl will arrive here the day after tomorrow, but her goal is that Zuo Xue will not be difficult for you."
"I’m not afraid of things. How can I hide from leisure at the same time?"
I smiled. "Who says this is hiding at leisure? When we come back, you will be responsible for sending us back to Chengdu. Listen to me and let’s do it. "
Cheng Fang didn’t insist on "well, I’ll be here. You must be careful."
I picked up my bag. "Don’t worry, Gao Lei, let’s go!"
The entrance to the mountain road is winding and getting narrower and narrower. Maybe it’s no problem for mules and horses to pass by. It’s really inconvenient to drive. After walking for more than ten minutes, the road is narrow enough to take motorcycles. There are grotesque fields on both sides, so that the environment can be primitive farming methods and modern equipment are all methods, which make us walk through the mountain road as if crossing it. I can’t help looking around for fear that an ancient man will suddenly jump out to scare us.
People finally appeared, but not ancient people, but a very watery and big-eyed Chuanmei. She saw us coming and ran far away. "It’s Master Kobayashi, right? I’m Zhang Ping!"
"Hello" I shook hands with her. "This is Gao Lei"
She smiled at her.

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