In the dreamland, Wan Wan gently turned a circle, and her graceful figure was fully displayed.

Day smiled "like now"
Wan wan looked down at himself in the dreamland with a face of inexplicably.
When she bowed her head, she saw her clothes dissipate like sand.
But before she came, she saw that after her clothes disappeared, her body rotted with flesh and blood, maggots were born and terrible bones were exposed.
Beauty or beauty is a beauty who died for a while.
Wan Wan was so frightened that she dared not look at her body again.
At the same time, she was horrified. This dreamland was made by her secret technique, but what would be controlled by heaven.
This is so weird.
The way to eliminate the illusion of Wan Wan by heaven.
"My heart is indestructible, and all the ghosts and monsters shake my mind to seek the Tao. This is the truth in the Taoist scriptures."
"Where can you realize the truth when you watch the Taoist scriptures?"
After being lectured by God, Wan was silent for a while and asked, "What can you control my dreamland?"
She also knows that she really created a dreamland but was controlled by heaven 2.
"I have great boldness of vision, great talent, and great vision of the heavens. When you confuse me, your mind is not as firm as mine, and you will naturally be countered by me."
Words fall from heaven.
Feng Luan Bao Zhang became a cosmic star.
The sky has also become a vast giant.
He is as tall as Sunday the Great.
In reality, at this time, Wan Wan no longer shakes the bell. She is as devout as the dreamland, kneeling before the sky as if worshiping God.
"The cultivation of martial arts, the cultivation of immortals, the cultivation of immortals, the cultivation of Yang gods, and the cultivation of pure Yang gods can cross the sea of suffering and reach the other shore."
Wan Wan knelt in the universe and looked at the giant of light with fascination and muttered something to himself.
As a giant, she saw two different roads.
At the same time, all the talented people in the world of Datang Shuanglong saw the same scenery as Wan Wan.
They all saw the giant of light and Renxian Avenue and Yangshen Avenue.
The day was originally intended to amuse Wan Wan, but it changed into a view of bones.
After teasing wan wan, I’m ready to end the day after tomorrow
It was the end of the day when I suddenly thought about whether he was a little too arrogant
His previous plan was to deduce Tao Jing and Wu Jing by himself, and then promote his status as an emperor so that the people of the Sui Dynasty could practice.
But even the Buddha will give all beings a choice, but it will not affect their choice.
After the Buddha has done what he wants to do, he will not interfere in whether all beings choose destruction or glory.
"Yang Shen" world practice avenue is the result of the efforts of several sages, and it was not a day that Dagan Dynasty became a celestial dynasty.
The world level of Datang Shuanglong may be compared with that of Yang Shen.
But there are arrogant people in every world.
In this world, there are Tianshi, Sun En, Langyanfei, Great Masters, Magicians, Pang Ban, and Rain Sword.
In this era, there are also three great masters, such as Jack nife, Wang Shixuan, who lacks evil in Song Dynasty, and other tianjiao.
Although Tian was the Emperor of the Sui Dynasty, he was a part of this text, not a guardian of it.
He can’t do everything and ignore other people’s ideas.
All day after consideration, I decided to give those arrogant people a chance.
He will still write Wu Jing and Tao Jing, but he will also point out a way for those arrogant people and then see if they can surprise him.
In Yang Shen, Yi Fa-jia began to meditate on my Buddha.
And this world tianjiao also has the opportunity to visualize a statue of the great emperor of the central government.
Wan Wan still knelt down after the illusion disappeared, and his eyes seemed to be immersed in his own world.
Not many arrogant figures in Wan Wan Wulin, including Xiao Huanghou, are like this at the moment.
"Somebody take Wan girl to rest."
Heaven ordered two ladies-in-waiting to take Wan to rest.
Yu Wenhua took his troops to Jingnian Temple.
Not surprisingly, Jing Nian Monastery did not want to hand over martial arts cheats.
Yu Wenhua led his troops around the Jingnian Temple and attacked it several times.
This is his release of water, but in fact, even if he doesn’t release water, he can’t stand the meditation temple for a while.
Jingnian Temple is a master of Zen ancestral court, such as a monk in Yunsi Temple. Even if he is a fierce soldier in the Sui Dynasty, he can be ten.
Moreover, Yu Wenhua is not willing to spell Yuwen Valve’s financial resources for the office of Heaven. There is no superior in the military base and there is a serious shortage of high-end combat power compared with the meditation temple.
However, everyone knows that Jingnian Temple will never have a good game if it is carried so hard.
Emperor Sui’s influence is different from before, but it is not impossible to clean up a meditation temple.
The ancestral court of Zen can’t fall. Buddhism has tried to get the Sui emperor to give up the meditation temple.
Every day, local officials will greet them with the highest ceremony and send beautiful women to Tianlong boat.
The palace was almost infiltrated by the North Gate. Although he knew that many of these beautiful women had ulterior motives, he was completely surprised.
He can’t have an experiment.
Moreover, Wan Wan has almost become his disciple. For him, he is one of his own, and it is not easy for him to go too far.
Among those beautiful women are Korean assassin Fu Junchuo and Ci Hang Jing Zhai’s younger brother.
Tian is interested in "Nine Mysteries Dafa" and "Yi Jian Shu" and specially arranges Fu Junchuo to dance with him.
Chapter 10 The dog emperor is also your name.

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