"My name is Yang Xiu."

When Yang Xiu arrived at the Delong Fair, he would send a meeting in Nanling, so he didn’t want to make any friendship with them and briefly said his name.
Yang Xiu walked with this group of people and gave it to a peasant woman casually because the horse was in the way.
Liu Suiyun’s eloquence is good. One day, another Sanxiu was absorbed into the team by him.
The new entrant is a young female friar named Shu Ling, who studied in the early days of preconditions. She has a baby face and looks cute. She doesn’t recognize strangers. As soon as she joined the team, a group of people talked and laughed with Yang Xiu. However, Yang Xiu was not good at talking and didn’t have anything to say, so she casually dealt with two sentences. When Shu Ling saw Yang Xiu’s cold talk, she also found the young beauty Mei Lanying to talk about other things.
In the evening, this group of people didn’t rush on, but found an inn to live in, and there was still half a year before the Delong Fair was called, so there was nothing to say in Yang Xiu.
In the evening, Yang Xiu was practicing and heard someone knocking at his door. The feeling was Liu Suiyun.
Yang Xiu dozen room quietly asked.
"I don’t know if Brother Liu has something important to visit late at night."
Willow with cloud or a smiling face at any time.
"We pedestrians are going to have a private exchange meeting tonight. Since Teacher Yang has joined our team, of course, we will also inform Teacher Yang."
Generally speaking, monks of the same order are the ones in the fix-up world who need materials. Of course, high-order monks are definitely better, but high-order monks don’t associate with low-order monks. Therefore, it is not surprising that the fix-up world has the exchange meeting with monks of the same order, and they hold the exchange meeting privately in Yang Xiu.
Yang Xiu didn’t think that such a few people would have anything good, especially Yang Xiu needed Dan medicine. They were afraid of each other and rarely got it, but Yang Xiu had never experienced such an exchange meeting, so he could see and increase his experience in this field.
Yang Xiu thought for so many mouths without hesitation and said.
"Brother Lao Liu will come to us in person?"
"Come with me"
Yang Xiu and Liu Suiyun went to a guest room, and the doors and windows of the guest room flashed faintly. It should be that they arranged a law ban.
In addition to the practice monk has arrived, Shu Ling is among them, waiting for Liu Suiyun and Yang Xiu.
Liu Suiyun saw that everyone had arrived and said
"All right, everyone is here. Let’s take out what we want to exchange first and then talk about what we want to exchange. Who will come first?"
However, there is no population, and Yang Xiu is also sitting there with the old gods. Liu Suiyun sees that everyone has no response and is not discouraged
"Since everyone is humble to each other, I’m welcome. Let’s start with a brick to attract jade."
See Liu Suiyun took out a yellow crystal from the bag, two jade boxes and a purple wood on the desktop, and then introduced them respectively
"At this time, Huang Yunjing refined the high-order materials of the multiplier. This is a piece of 200-year-old rosewood heart that can restrain the ghost. This jade box is a piece of 100-year-old Polygonatum. This jade box is a monster beast fire cloud beast Dan in the late foundation period. After reading it, I am willing to exchange these things with other things or exchange them with equivalent lingshi."
Liu Suiyun took out things that were precious materials for the monks in the foundation period. Yang Xiu was moved when he saw the monks present.
Magic repair Zou Lun to willow with cloud mouth way
"Brother Liu, how many lingshi are you going to sell this demon Dan?"
"Lingshi 4,500 pieces" Liu Suiyun doesn’t want to exchange Lingshi for a little high.
Zou Lun wore a black hat and couldn’t see his expression, but it seems that Zou Lun really liked that demon Dan Zou Lun took out a black particle the size of mung bean and said to Liu Suiyun.
"This is Taiyi Jinjing. If Brother Liu is willing to give this demon Dan and add 5,000 Lingshi, I will exchange it with you."
It was a surprise to learn that the mung bean granule was Taiyi Jinjing.
Taiyi gold essence is an important material for refining magic weapons in ancient times. When refining magic weapons, it will become harder to add a little Taiyi gold essence.
Especially for the sword fairy of Delong Sword School, Taiyi Gold Essence is the only thing to fix the truth. It is said that Delong Sword School must go to Taiyi Gold Essence once it is refined, and its power can be compared with Lingbao.
However, Zou Lun took out this point, but it was still a little less than enough to forge a magic weapon, but it still made the monks present regard Zou Lun with special respect and secretly guess his identity.
I heard that he was too good for the demon Dan and five thousand lingshi, and everyone here was envious of Liu Suiyun and made a lot of money.
Even Yang Xiu’s heart whispered that he didn’t have the demon Dan in the later period of the foundation, otherwise it would be a small sum.
Yang Xiu heard that magic practitioners can directly refine the monster beast Dan Sheng Xiu, which seems to be true, otherwise Zou Lun wouldn’t be like this.
Liu Suiyun heard that there was such a good thing, which did not promise to directly take out five thousand Lingshi and monster beast Dan before pushing Zou Lun.
"Brother Zou, please count the number of lingshi."
In fact, Zou Lunxiu has reached the peak of the middle period of the foundation and is about to enter the late period of the foundation. The main purpose of this Zou Lunlai Delong Fair is to get a pill that can help break through the bottleneck.
Liu Suiyun, this demon Dan is the monster Dan in the late period of Tsukiji, which can just help Zou Lun break through the bottleneck. Zou Lun never thought that he had reached the main goal such as being unhappy before he arrived at the Delong Fair.
Anyway, there is too little gold essence from Taiyi, and Zou Lun has none.
Magic practitioners can really refine the monster beast Dan directly, unlike other monks and Buddhists who directly suck the monster beast Dan, which will produce tyrannical gas and impurities in the monk’s body.
Monks and Buddhists usually mix Yaodan with corresponding medicinal materials and refine them into various Dan medicines.
And the magic practitioner can just turn tyranny and impurities into magic gas. This method is convenient and fast, so refining the monster beast Dan has become a shortcut for the magic practitioner to practice.

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