He groaned repeatedly, and his strength was exhausted. Apart from his slight ups and downs, he breathed slightly, which almost made people believe that he was still alive.

Mingyan rushed to hold him and cried. Are you okay? Are you okay?
Na Lanyu’s body twitched slightly because of pain. It took a long time to say that Mingyan helped me walk.
Mingyan cried and said, "Let’s go. Let’s go back."
He didn’t dare to take revenge after a meal. He helped NaLanYu up with his words.
Zhao Song unhurriedly picked up the gavel and patted it slowly. Did the official say you could go?
Mingyan shuddered and looked at Gao Tang’s adult. You also tried and sentenced our young master, who was also punished for beating people with a horse. Why don’t adults let people go?
Yes, I have already punished him for committing the crime of law, but he is a court official who knows the law and violates the law and should be punished one more time. Can he handle Zhao Songxin like ordinary civilians? He drew a token in his hand and threw it heavily to give me another 40 boards.
This order is as heavy as hitting people’s hearts. Everyone who hears it doesn’t feel a shiver and a chill rises from the bottom of my heart.
Anyone can see that Nalanyu is hanging with one breath left now, and then hit the forty big boards. I’m afraid that I haven’t hit the middle yet, and the life of the favorite of the Xiang Fu Gong Emperor is put on hold in this small Yuling County.
Nalanyu’s arrogance and oppression can also lead to immortality. Without blinking an eye, a living person will die with the national legal staff. This county grandfather is really terrible.
Na Lanyu’s weak body suddenly shook, and he looked up and shouted hoarsely that you can’t do this.
His face was covered with cold sweat. I don’t know whether he was beaten with a stick or scared. His voice was full of fear.
Zhao Song said coldly, and see if I can
His eyes swept away. Do you still want to be beaten for him if you don’t start work?
Several chief heard the command with a wry smile and went to press Nalanyu to beat everyone as pale as being beaten.
Na Lanyu struggled like crazy from nowhere, but his martial arts skills were not high and he was badly beaten. How can he resist?
Mingyan screamed wildly and wanted to rush over to save him. Nai was stopped by the officials and Genfa approached Nalanyu.
The appearance of the lobby clouds are all silent.
Ming Yan’s crazy cry keeps ringing, Zhao Song. You are killing people. You deliberately want to kill Gong.
Outside the lobby, the onlookers were pale and blue-lipped, and they all came to the theatre with a lively mood. Now almost everyone was intimidated by Zhao Song’s vicious spirit, and their hearts were full of fear and panic.
Almost everyone is glad that he didn’t get into trouble in this county grandfather for three days, otherwise Nalan Jade Field will be in front of us, and everyone is awake. Zhao Song is still sitting in the lobby of Yuling County for one day, so it’s better to collect more.
It’s too much for me to be angry in my blue eyes. He’s a good official who is outspoken and fearless, but he’s just a cruel official.
Seeing that Nalanyu has been firmly pressed, the fire and water stick is also held high. If the body moves, it will be rushed over.
Xu Mo day staring at him is to prevent him from moving. If you stretch out your hand, you have firmly grasped your wrist. What are you doing?
What else can I do if I am angry? He wants Nalanyu to die.
We shouldn’t interfere in government affairs.
This is if disregard for human life struggles and cries at the same time.
Zhao Song’s punishment is cruel, but it does depend on the law. Nalanyu will be damned if he dares to touch others with his holy pet. He wants to kill him with such a stick. It may not be that the country is not a country, but Xu Mo said with a straight face and seven emotions.
If he is extremely angry, he will die if he has committed any heinous crime. Should he be beaten to death like this even if he is arrogant and has stabbed you loyal officials and righteous people in the eye?
Treason isn’t damn Xu Mo cold way
If his face turned white and finally came white, he had saved Xiao Yi when he was hunting.
Xu Motian said lightly, in your Chu people’s eyes, this is either a first-class achievement, but in my Qin people’s hearts, it is a first-class sin.
If you are sad in your heart, you can’t wait for him to die. Forget it. What about the court officials? What are the eyes and moods of those celebrities who are full of righteous people to treat Nalanyu?
No wonder Zhao Song beat Nalanyu up like this. He really thought Nalanyu was a traitor. He would like to take this opportunity to uphold justice for heaven and shoot him alive.
If you are anxious to know that Nalanyu can’t hold on for a few boards for a while and you really can’t earn it, Xu Motian immediately shouted for help.
Xu Motian stopped him when other guards stopped him. He didn’t call Chu Yun’s name, but Chu Yun didn’t know that his mind should be swept away in the crowd. It was not stopped for several other people to want their hands.
Chu Yun’s attire drifted down to Nalanyu’s side and gently stretched out his hand. Two chiefs with fire and water sticks have been pushed.
Zhao Song shouted, "Who dares to disturb the court?"
Descended on the chief around Chu Yun, who kept Nalanyu at half a step. It was that the chief suddenly fell in a different direction.
A few people scrambled to get up but never dared to get close.
Zhao Song got up from his seat. Who are you?
Chu Yun just laughed.
If you are angry and angry with Xu Mo, you can’t let Yun play a solo in front of you. It’s not good for the county grandfather to freeze there. Just give them both a step.
Xu Motian is flustered. How can I interfere in local administration when I am a border guard?

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