After the demolition, someone has to come out and make a head start. They call it a condition of medium fire support.

"That’s right. Who would give health to such a young child?"
"Funny, don’t be fooled by this little trick. If something comes out, it’s not worth the loss."
The scene became shaking as soon as it started.
But some people remain indifferent.
It’s not that they haven’t heard of Master Liu’s prestige. This name has been like a hurricane, and everyone in the high-level circle of Nanling City knows it.
But now I’m on the scene and I see Zun, and their eggs are hurting again.
Brother Xin smoked his mouth, but he didn’t speak.
He has seen Liu Yu’s means with his own eyes. Anyway, it’s not old hehehe ~ ~ ~ ~ If you accidentally offend Master Liu, you may love someone then.
Liu Yu did not move and still sat there.
"Someone cure? Well, I’ll give you an authentic price of 5 million once, and I can cure any disease. "
Liu Yu said unhurriedly
His price is absolutely childish.
However, everyone heard the price and blew up 5 million! ! Why don’t you grab it? Many people really want to turn around and leave.
This is cheat people.
Pit, I’m not short of money, but does it cost me 5 million to treat hemorrhoids?’
Is to let us jump into the pit? This is to see how stupid we are. I just have sex a little fast, and I’m not short of money, but I might as well find someone else for 5 million.’
Just then.
I have already arranged it, and the new brother took out his mobile phone with an evil smile and dialed a number to "invite him in"
There is a publicity outside the door.
"Real estate boss Qiu Dong is here!"
Qiu Dong was naturally stabbed by Liu Yu for several times and directly cured the late stage of liver cancer.
At that time, he really recovered after going back to check.
Even the former doctor who was in charge of examining him saw a ghost and then went back and silently tore up the critically ill notice.
As soon as this sound comes, many people have a room full of Qiu Dong!
This great man should come here? That’s a little grandiose.
When many people and businessmen greeted Qiu Dong one after another, the latter responded in a good mood.
But a wise man took a step forward. "Qiu Dong, are you also here to treat diseases? I tell you, don’t be fooled. That’s just cheating people. "
Qiu Dongwen’s face instantly turned black. If it weren’t for public occasions, he would swear now and then jump up and kick it in the past.
Does your uncle know anything?
"Hehehe ~ ~ ~ Who are you?" Qiu Dong asked with a black face.
"Me? Qiu Dong, don’t you remember me? I’m just Zhou talking to you about the store. I’m Xiao Yang. "The man woke up from his kindness and then the success rate of the partnership was set high
"Oh, we’ll see."
Qiu Dong directly left with a bad face. Can this person be close?
The cliff can’t.
Then in all eyes, Qiu Dong went straight to Taiwan and greeted Liu Yu warmly, bowing slightly and calling "Master Liu!"
Face-to-face fried one piece after another. This move of Qiu Dong hardly made them directly doubt life.
This young man ….. is really special? Is that what he smells like?
Moreover, many people suddenly recall that Qiu Dong seems to be ill, and some people have heard of it soon, but now he is so energetic. Is it that he handled this Master Liu?
It must be like this!
The rhythm was immediately reversed, and everyone realized in vain that there was no questioning sound for a while.
And many people who just followed suit and questioned are very annoyed at the moment. "Who just came out to force the booing?" Let me know that I have to beat the shit out of him and don’t dare to question Master Liu! !”
Yang Chen shook his legs when the situation was wrong.
Gu Heng’s face is changing and he feels like a chihuahua.
"Yao Jia Yao Tiannan is here!"
At this time, another announcement came, and the moment was quiet.
My grandmother, did that old man come here?’
Master Yao led his granddaughter Yao Xinran to enter the venue together, and there is absolutely no higher status than the Yao family.
And this master has broken his eyes all over the floor and walked over to Taiwan’s Liu Yu.
Called "Master Liu"
And Liu Yu actually nodded his head? Is this guy a monster? Holy shit! My balls! What is this?
"Thanks to your help, Liu Shifi has regained my health and kept my family round and round." Qiu Dong has already said hello to Wei Ye and others and must come out to save the scene when necessary.
He even blew cannons all over the sky to arch Liu Yu to the level of immortals.
Face people actually listen to ecstasy.
"Xiao Yu, thank you for saving my grandfather this time. I came here to give you some gifts."
Brother Chang Fei didn’t invite Master Yao tonight, but the latter heard the sound and ran over by himself.
Liu Yuxiao smiled to show meaning.
"Poof ~ ~ ~"
Yang Chen vomited blood. He really vomited blood. Liu Yulai was so strong that he directly defeated him.

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