When this hedgehog says’ they’, it means that it is not the only one who gathers to solidify creatures.

There are other creatures, but I haven’t seen them yet.
It means that although it is important to go back there, it is not as important as your life.
If Lynn doesn’t keep attacking it, it won’t keep dealing with Walsh.
In that case, Lynn can ignore it first … and deal with the manager first.
Now distorted managers have not taken any special action.
"Veronica classmate! That thing seems to be completely rotten! "
A building in Walsh can see the’ pyramid’ in the sky, which is part of the only bridge.
It is no longer the first sample, but almost all of it has been broken, and its fragments have also been intercepted by the swarm, and there is not a piece of Luoshi surface
This is the last one.
The last part of the pyramid was completely shattered by the huge gravitational force
When this piece of debris is scattered, the crack entrance is also closed.
"This place needs to leave first", and the whole trip also moved rapidly.
Of course, I can’t feel that the original location has been hit by the tourist entrance.
Travel is moving in one direction at an extremely fast speed, which is the result of Walsh starting the mobile device.
The reason for leaving quickly is that Inersh doesn’t want damage.
But it didn’t want to let the manager go, and Solsh decided to move to the safe position before dealing with it.
"This is …"
The trip didn’t move to the safe place. It seems to be in a … dangerous place.
Although it seems calm, there is a wonderful scenery outside.
If you let a unit leave the outside, you can see the surrounding stars … dramatically changing.
All light and shadow continue to distort, converge and disperse … and then merge.
It looks like a star has turned into a pool of water, which is constantly being muddied.
This is the kind of phenomenon called storm … Now there is a place where travel must pass.
Walsh said it had seen this phenomenon before.
This is a very dangerous phenomenon. It is said that all substances inside may be crushed, dispersed or transformed into other substances.
There is no way to know for sure what will happen.
The only thing that can be confirmed is … there is no way to keep it the same after going in.
But even so, there are some buses trying to get into this place.
Walsh said that some buses are very adventurous, and they like to explore extremely dangerous places.
Of course, including this … storm.
A bus called by Walsh for a meeting once entered this storm and came out alive.
Said this place is not absolutely dangerous.
But at present, Walsh doesn’t intend to travel to take risks, and he intends to go around it.
This storm is not necessarily a battlefield … It will also appear in other places in the virtual space.
As he spoke, Walsh also adjusted his mobile device to change the direction of his trip.
At the same time, Lin also saw something happen on the other side.
Unique bridge location
Before the battle with it, the people’s fleet traveled and moved, and it was already returned to Walsh.
This fleet is testing a target, not destroying it.
At present, the only bridge restoration position has been completely broken at one end
Lynn found many … solidification cracks around it.
A large number of solidified organisms poured out from the solidification cracks.

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