The rest of the great sages have all achieved through ten thousand years’ accumulation, and it is not easy for Fu Yunshan to reach this level, although he has the true biography of the Ming wheel.

"… teacher, that’s the way it is."
Fu Yunshan recounted, in the eyes of the tired worry, but it can’t be concealed. The great pressure faced by the great sage is not what ordinary people can imagine. "Today’s situation is getting more and more tense. Two hundred years ago, due to the disappearance of the teacher, heaven and earth are not as stable as they used to be. When it was time, the original sin of heaven turned into a monstrous blood rain, and under the surging tide, thousands of creatures lost their spiritual wisdom, incarnated people and demons, and the land was filthy.
In the voice, with a hint of sadness, I got a glimpse of the real Fu Yunshan in the world. At that moment, I even vaguely heard the sad cry of the source of all roads and the mother of heaven and earth!
"At that moment, King Xuan stood out, at the top of Ram Mountain, turned to heaven and earth, and suppressed heaven and earth with his own evolutionary law of Xuan heart. The remaining five kings fought a bloody battle for a hundred years, and the cobalt king broke into the top of the sky and personally killed the pillar of the sky-it had been polluted by Osis. It was cracked, but it was seriously injured and fell asleep. Finally, it turned the world into a world, and it was the pillar of the sky.
"So, that makes me Noella to stabilize again, but even so, the edge of the world barriers, still unstable, often chaotic storms swept through, the land, water, wind and fire raged …"
"King Xuan Xin, is it also a Taoist heaven and earth?"
In Yuan Heng’s eyes, there was a slight wave, and he sighed with regret. Every king is a son of the world, and it goes without saying that every fall is a major blow to the world of Noelle. "As for the king of cobalt?"
Yuan Heng, who is still successfully shed today, has eyes enough to be called the pupil of god. In the small world of Nora, Yuan Heng’s eyes are enough to scan the sky and the earth.
"The horizon of heaven?"
In Yuan Heng’s eyes, a little surprised color appeared, and an illusory little Tianhe began to form slowly. A steady stream of fresh air emerged from a spring under a cliff, taking it as the source, and the extremely rich avenue breath hovered from it …
"This is … the clear spring of heaven!"
Although it is only the day after tomorrow to clear the air, it is not comparable to the source of clearing the air in the wild, but this is a spring, which is better than the endless supply of clearing the air!
"Sure enough, I said, why did the extinct black dragon have such fierce power? It seems that this Noella world is by no means without details. This spring alone is enough to add another 10% chance of winning!"
Here, we can see from it that the background of the vast world has been revealed, and the vast sky has even formed a celestial world, in which there are countless small world groups headed by 33 days, and each small world has the potential to grow to the world of Noella.
"It seems that Noelle’s world will have a celestial world in the future, hehe …"
Yuan Heng is in a good mood. The source of heaven and the source of earth are both extremely powerful source forces. What is the universe?
This is a half-step eternal world that is about to enter immortality. Its development mode has its profound meaning everywhere. Yuan Heng knows very well how much the universe has played for the universe, and it is called the heaven barrier of the universe. With the barrier of the land boundary, synthesize the fetal membrane of heaven and earth!
In the future, Yuan Heng will make moves. As long as Noella’s heaven is one billionth of that of the universe, it will be enough!
"Yunshan, next, I will be enlightened and decorate a mountain gate for my teacher."
Yuan Heng cast a glance at Fu Yunshan with a little meaning. He is a real genius, and he is expected to get a glimpse of the sacred realm and achieve the achievements of the Ming Dynasty!
"Thank you, teacher!"
Fu Yunshan took a hint of joy. He naturally knows that this is the teacher’s intentional cultivation.
A finger at the sky, five-color canopy from Yuan Heng’s head as the center, began to spread wildly, auspicious, wisdom, enlightenment, truth, nirvana, the essence of these five bright wheels, are like five invincible dragons, which will pervade the whole Wangwu Mountain and blow the wind to suppress them, and even transform one side of into the badlands into a paradise.
From then on, the monks who practice here have endless benefits. Practice and enlightenment get twice the result with half the effort, with auspicious light to calm down, demons are not born, and the light of wisdom enlightens wisdom. Understanding the truth of Taoism and Dharma is like an example of a mountain. It is like the help of God, and the light of enlightenment fits heaven and earth …
"Ha ha, teacher. Also don’t know in the future, who has this blessing, can practice again … "
Fu Yunshan took a gentle breath. I feel that a difficult problem that has been stuck hard seems to be a bit loose, and there is a bit of inspiration in it. I can’t help but admire it.
Fu Yunshan felt an extremely holy will here. No matter how much he felt, he was fascinated by the realm of sages. This is a world that is enough for the world to fall and admire.
Why, in those days, when the sage was appointed, he could reach an unprecedented level, and the whole world thought that the title of great sage was not enough to reflect his realm, and he was specially canonized?
Because, in those days, the Ming wheel made the whole world crazy. It was through the ages that countless sages wanted to do it, but they failed to do it-the sage avenue of the Ming wheel unexpectedly abruptly increased the life span of this world by 200 years!
It is no exaggeration to say that the birth of a king may only have such an effect!
This is the status of the sage in the Ming Dynasty, not even under any king!
"The place where I will practice in the future is here, and I will build a place of enlightenment and teach students!"
Yuan heng to this, light way.
The world needs sages, and … the more, the better!

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