In that case, there are also several immortals in the celestial world who are qualified to do this.

"Xuanxing didn’t expect your accomplishments in law and prohibition to be so high. Even the three of us can understand a thing or two in the large array of this planet that you just arranged," Shen Tuxian said with emotion.
Most immortals spend their energy on their own cultivation. Of course, a small number are interested in some array refining techniques. Few people can have both, but Xuanxing not only has the strength of immortal, but also has such profound accomplishments in array and prohibition.
"Thanks to the three immortals’ ridiculous praise," Xuanxing smiled and laughed. The reason why he was so proficient in the law ban was because he had entered that wonderful realm in the corner of the celestial world. If you let yourself slowly realize it, I am afraid it would not be much better than Batian and Lin Lin.
"Xuanxing, how many branches are you Xuanlin School going to build?" Duanmu Xianzun casually asked the Five Emperors Xuanlin Sect to divide ten star fields, and several Xianzuns still knew about it.
"Let’s build five first, it should be about the same." Suddenly Xuanxing thought of a good idea. In front of him, there were three immortals who didn’t ask them for help, and the three of them just added themselves. If it takes three days, the remaining four branches of Xuanlin Sect will be completed and they will be much easier, which is the main reason why Xuanxing asked them to help.
"Five … so you still need to decorate four large arrays of planets. Hehe, then we will be blessed. You will slowly deploy our side and you will protect us." Shen Tuxian laughed.
And Duanmu Xianzun Hao Lianxian Zun Wu Da also looked at Xuanxing with a smile on his face.
After the Three Kingdoms War, Xuanxing’s three immortals knew each other for a long time, so they speculated that Xuanxing might ask three of them to help him, so Shen Tu Xianzun directly dismissed Xuanxing’s just-rising idea and dismissed his disposal methods for him, but curiously, all three immortals wanted to carefully observe the whole process of Xuanxing’s disposal.
"… thank you, three immortals." XuanXing was disappointed that his thoughts were actually seen through by them, but he also called himself the protector … It seems that he can personally decorate the remaining four large arrays of planets.
At this time, Xuanxing was seriously short of true elements, and he had to restore true elements before arranging a large array of planets.
I said hello to the Three Immortals and the Five Emperors, and Xuanxing crossed his legs on the spot to restore the true body with some elixirs.
Since they are willing to protect themselves, Xuanxing is also welcome. They are super masters and they are absolutely safe to protect themselves.
Looking at the cross legs on the spot, the three immortals of the Five Emperors of Xuanxing can stand not far away. Maybe cross legs to protect Xuanxing to prevent other people from disturbing Xuanxing.
Seeing this scene, several immortals in the distance shocked the Xuanlin Sect to establish a branch, which not only shocked the five emperors, but also three immortals!
They have high status! But they are actually willing to protect Xuanxing Xiandi … Xuanlin sent the status of the immortals to rise again.
When Xuanxing woke up, the three immortals, the five emperors, and Lin Lin hurried to Huanye Fairyland, but Zilin still rode the red feather and carried it to Huanye Fairyland.
Xuanxing and others are far away, and several immortals have chased them. So many respected figures have appeared in Qi Qi, and they can also steal from Xuanxing Xiandi. These immortals will naturally follow.
After coming to Huanye Fairyland, Xuanxing chose a branch of Xuanlin Sect, a planet with the largest fairy spirit and the strongest aura.
Once again, in the Xuanxing ring, six pieces of extremely fairy devices and several fairy crystals flew out, and then he kept playing tricks.
Some planets around Xuanxing and others are already surrounded by several immortals. Seeing that Xuanxing’s ring flies out of the extremely fairy wares and fairy crystals, these immortals can’t help but envy Xuanlin’s wealth.
However, the strength of Xuanlin Sect is there, and the strength of the practitioner is respected. Xuanlin Sect can have today’s status, and you don’t have to envy others for having enough strength. Fairy crystals and extremely fairy devices will naturally follow.
As Xuanxing’s hands kept emitting purple light, the periphery of the planet gradually emitted a faint purple light.
Many immortals have covered Xuanxing’s hands in white. What is purple? Even the three immortals of the Five Emperors are puzzled about this, but these are not important. At this time, Xuanxing is deploying and observing his deployment techniques is what he should do.
There was no accident in the whole process. Xuanxing successfully arranged the second large array of planets.
After the disposal, Xuanxing crossed his legs again to restore the true element, while the Five Emperors and the Three Immortals continued to play the role of protector.
When Xuanxing woke up, he was ready to set out for Hongkun Fairyland to continue to decorate the third planetary array, but Xuanxing suddenly stopped because there were three polar fairy pieces left in his ring, which means that he needed 15 polar fairy pieces to decorate the remaining three planetary arrays …
"What happened to Xuanxing?" Shen Tu Xian Zun was worried about what Xuanxing seemed to be.
"The fairy is not enough." Xuanxing said the problem that bothered him.
"This ….. I still have a remote fairy armor. You can take it." Shen Tu Xian Zun took out a very fairy armor and gave it to Xuanxing.
"I also have one here." Duanmu Xianzun Hao Lianxian Zun also handed a very fairy statue to Xuanxing respectively.
In the end, the Five Emperors also gave Xuanxing Five Emperors all their unseemly celestial objects, and collected nine pieces of celestial objects and one for each of the three immortals. There are twelve pieces of celestial objects, but they still need three pieces …
The three immortals and the five emperors gave them to themselves, which moved Xuanxing a little, but Xuanxing was not polite. They repaired the immortals, and the roots in their eyes were nothing. Xuanxing collected all these immortals.
"Batian, you go to Hongkun mainland to buy three pieces of extremely fairy wares. We are waiting for you here." Xuanxing commanded Batian.
Although I can easily refine the pole fairy, there are so many immortals looking at myself in the distance, and it takes at least nearly ten hours to refine three pole fairy pieces, so Xuanxing is too lazy to refine them.
"Yes", Batian moved directly to Hongkun mainland, and Hongling Zilin followed Batian to Hongkun mainland.
There is nothing to worry about when Hongling Zilin follows the bully and leaves Xuanxing Lin Lin. Their roots can’t be harmed. Besides, there should be no storm when the bully looks at them.

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