Stand up and patrol around the lake. Just now, another strange smell awakened his dream, but when he woke up, he looked around and found nothing unusual ~ ~

Chapter five hundred and seventy-four Two Kings of Fire
The small flame of Sun Hao’s body in the magma is ready to move, showing a strong feeling of extreme desire but extreme fear
The fire elves in the lake have fatal attraction to small flames, but at the same time, the king of inflammation in the lake is enough to deter small flames
The magma lake covers a vast area, and you can’t see it at a glance.
Sun Hao found that there was a certain range for King Yan to patrol and walk in the lake. Generally speaking, the radius of the core of his residence was about three or four miles, which was his patrol range.
No hurry, no hurry, Sun Hao quietly stayed in the magma and observed the activity law of Fang Huojing and Yan Wang.
At the same time, I kept thinking about the way to fight.
Just a little perception of Sun Hao has found that the flame of Fanghu Lake has almost reached the point where it was born out of fire.
However, fire is not everywhere, and Sun Hao has to look for it carefully after going to the lake
Of course, if you want to go, you must first remove the obstacle of Yan Wang.
Not only that, it is estimated that the similar king of inflammation in this huge magma lake is even beyond the king of inflammation. There should be many Sun Hao who want to find a fierce battle here.
One day later, Ji found out the law of King Yan’s action and King Yan returned to his residence and slowly sank into the lake magma.
Sun Hao shout a rushed out from the magma.
In the arms, a pair of blue wings stretched out, and the body leaned forward. The nose, horse and lion’s tail were blue and silvery. When Lei Shou appeared, he looked up and howled "Ow"
Sun Hao’s action was very noisy. Just now, a series of bubbles began to glug in the magma of King Shen Yan, forming a magma vortex. The long sickle first reached out and stepped out on the lake with King Yan to look at it.
Sun Hao, the incarnation of Taikoo Lei Shou, "Ow", launched a provocation to Yan Wang.
King Yan’s right hand holds a sickle flame around his left hand and clenches his fist. His tall chest "bang bang bang" slaps continuously, and he also rushes to his opponent and growls.
As the king of inflammation roared, he ruled this area, and the fire spirits gathered together in order to join him in shouting and demonstrating at Sun Hao.
Party a fiery red figure.
Sun Hao calculated a little in his heart and felt that he almost reached the attack range.
The rhinoceros made a rhinoceros look at the moon and move one horn, and a huge silver ball appeared instantly.
Yell at a "radius grid lightning stroke" roar loud. In Taikoo Lei Shou’s body, a huge silver net suddenly appeared in the lake.
"Booming" Corleone directly flashed a big move and threw it with a radius grid lightning strike.
This is the first time that Sun Haojin has performed the radius grid lightning strike after he was promoted to the rank of Godsworn then.
Sun Haoma felt the great change of this spell after the spell was cast.
The first is that the consumption is much smaller.
In the past, Sun Hao had to rest for a long time to cast this spell, but this time the consumption was not large. Sun Hao felt that he might be able to cast it continuously.
Yes, this spell solidified the elixir when Sun Hao tied the elixir. Did it also become a magical power? It seems that it should be like this now.
Sun Hao also found that the attack range of the current radius grid lightning stroke has also been greatly strengthened.
The total number of radius cells has not changed, but the cell size has changed.
In the previous grid, each grid was about ten feet, but now each grid has become fifteen feet.
This Sun Hao this spell enveloped radius reached twelve zhangs.
That is to say, Sun Hao incarnates the twelve zhangs around Taikoo Lei Shou and is shrouded in a ray of light.
Magmatic lake, the fire essence in the area under the jurisdiction of the king of inflammation, is almost a remnant that falls into Sun Haolei’s net.
After the flurry of thunder, the Bank of China snake was followed by a crackling explosion of Lei Guang’s fire-splitting essence and Yan Wang’s head.
Large tracts of fire essence are directly blown to pieces and the flame returns to the lake.
The sickle in King Yan’s hand was raised above his head, and the flames rolled down the sickle to form a flame. The semi-circular shield kept resisting Lei Guang’s attack, and some high fires around him also appeared bursts of red light, holding hands to form a huge flame cover to protect itself.
The fire elves are active in the lake, but they don’t feel much about the overwhelming sparks from Lei Guang, so they still play and play.
The fire elf is the darling of nature, and it’s an underground abyss. It’s more energetic than Sun Hao’s soaring Lei Guang, so I really can’t do anything about him.
King Yan blocked Lei Guang’s mouth from time to time, and the sickle kept emitting flames. His wings flapped to jump forward and hit Sun Hao, but a burst of Lei Guang silver snakes poured relentlessly and several times forced to fly were shot down in the lake.
Every time I was shot down, King Yan couldn’t help roaring upwards.

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