Recently, Gaul, West Africa and North Africa have made a lot of moves, and Durham was not surprised before. After all, the West has been fighting and killing for decades.

When all the clues were connected, Durham saw the truth clearly in the fog.
After eating dinner in a hurry, the three of them found more information through various channels, and these information became more and more certified. Durham guessed.
But for a moment, they didn’t think that solving the general trend of nature was not something that could be reversed by one or two policies.
Chapter six hundred and fourteen Landing
November 5 th
After orbiting the moon for almost three days, the lunar spacecraft finally entered the landing procedure at about 3: 30 in the morning.
At this time, whether it is the ground Houston Space City or the outpost 1 base is highly nervous.
You know, two consecutive failures have hit the morale of NASA and North Americans to the limit.
If it fails again, the director of NASA can choose to take the blame and resign, and then the development of North American space will fall into an extremely passive stage
Is in the moonlit outpost 1.
Wade and Hawke, who are constantly reducing their daily food rations, look a little pale and scary.
On the one hand, two consecutive supply failures have caused them great psychological pressure; On the other hand, it is in a state of semi-starvation due to insufficient nutrient intake.
This situation aggravates their health problems. After all, it is hard to avoid the wife syndrome after living for a long time.
They are staring at the radar monitoring data in the temporarily modified scientific research module B1.
This time, NASA learned the lesson and gave Wade and Hawke the opportunity to intervene in the spacecraft control manually in case of emergency.
There is no way for the Houston Space City Command Center to adopt this appropriate plan. After all, it is difficult to react to the communication delay between the moon and Houston in the event of an unexpected situation.
The meter is beating every minute.
Ready to intervene in the spacecraft control Wade’s palms are sweating, and he is staring at the radar data.
Hawke was not idle. He followed the data sent by the Moon spacecraft.
The spacecraft dived to the lunar surface to ensure safety. This time, NASA and Ventilation adopted a very conservative plan to reduce the payload from 122 tons to 7 tons.
The extra available Dutch fuel is intended to be used for ultra-slow landing.
Auxiliary engine recoil adjustment The Moon spacecraft landed slowly to the designated position, and this landing method can only be successfully implemented on the low-gravity planet like the Moon.
Although it will wave some fuel, the safety is relatively high, even if the spacecraft is out of control, it will not crash completely, and there will be no major problems in the supply cabin.
Perform landing procedure for 175 seconds.
The spacecraft is about 113 kilometers northwest of outpost 1, and the successful landing process is breathtaking.
"shout! God bless! " Wade is completely collapsed.
Aside, Hawke wiped his forehead and sweated. He immediately sent the former edited successful landing report back to Houston Space City.
Houston Space City Command Center
At this time, it was also a boiling point, including director George, NASA executives and ventilators, who also breathed a sigh of relief.
This success is too important. If you fail again, the problem will be great.
Of course, George didn’t take it lightly. After receiving the confirmation report from Outpost 1, he called several executives and ventilators to his temporary office.
NASA’s troubles are not over yet.
Although the moon successfully delivered 7 tons of materials to outpost 1, there are still a lot of things to come.
For example, Wade and Hawke have health problems, and outpost 1 must have an astronaut rotation every day or so.
Then there is the expansion of outpost 1 base, the establishment of lunar route and the increase of transportation capacity.

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