The householder chuckled to himself. I don’t know how to do it. It’s because there are people behind me.

Of course, it’s still very popular with Ge Yingfeng’s householder.
The householder said, "This is a serious matter. I’ll think about it."
Chapter 17 Digging a hole
The light Lord said that he would think it was just a refusal, because it was thunder’s life to persuade Ge to welcome him.
Now that he has succeeded, he still needs to ask Lei Sheng for instructions about what to do next.
Ge Ying didn’t doubt that he said, "Well, then you have to think quickly that the capital will definitely send an army to come over. After the army comes over, it will definitely urge us to send troops. Before that, we will try our best to contact Leijun as far as possible."
The light householder nodded solemnly. "This also affects my life. I will definitely come up with a plan. Just wait for my good news."
Off the Ge Yingguang householder hurriedly called Leisheng for a communication.
"Brother, I have said that Ge Ying is willing to submit to Leijun."
When Lei Sheng heard that it was the lead voice of the light family, he first expressed his modesty. "I’m really sorry to disturb my brother’s practice, but I hope this will not affect his practice. Everything is under control."
I can hear Lei Sheng say this, but the householder is determined.
When I just heard that there was going to be a war, the householder was actually very worried, because this is a national war, and it will definitely affect the property of the householder in Fenglei City.
A team that may be wrong will be finished.
The light family is a monster in fenglei city, but it is pale compared with a county.
Without strong military support, everything you do now can be a wedding dress for others.
Although Lei Sheng looks much younger than him, he feels uneasy after hearing Lei Sheng say that everything is under control.
Unconsciously, Lei Sheng has become the spiritual pillar in his mind.
"What shall we do next?"
"When I hear from you, I will personally go to the military camp outside Flash City."
"You have a scene to perform before."
Leisheng told his plan to the householder.
The householder nodded "I know what to do"
"In order to save time, we will do it at the same time. After one hour, you can join Ge Ying."
The householder hung up the communication and said to himself with great comfort, "It’s really a generation of talented people who are stronger than the next generation. I’m really old."
Leisheng hung up the communication and confessed Li Chengye. After three people, they quickly hurried to the barracks outside the flash city.
The military camp outside Flash City is called Hope Training Ground. There is no mecha in front of it. Since Fenglei City was taken away by Dashan County, a mecha has been arranged here.
When Lei Sheng arrived at the Hope Training Ground, it was not yet dawn because the security around the training ground was very tight during the war, especially at night, which was really five steps, one post, three steps and one whistle.
Lei Sheng didn’t deliberately hide the trace. He was discovered when he was one kilometer away from the training ground.
Three guards armed with laser guns aimed at his "password"
Where did Lei Sheng know their password tonight? He replied, "I’m here to see your training ground leader. Here is my ID card."
Lei Sheng threw him Yu Pei.
A guard took Yu Pei and was taken aback. He quickly said, "Please stay here, young master. It’s an extraordinary time. I have to go to Tongyi first."
Leisheng simply said, "Go back quickly. I have something important to discuss with the leader."
The guard didn’t hesitate to rush to the training ground.
After waiting for twenty minutes, a burly man came over. He looked around in the moonlight and found that Lei Sheng didn’t know him. His heart suddenly became suspicious. He carefully guarded Lei Sheng to keep a relatively safe distance and asked, "I don’t know which young master came to the training ground at night."
Leisheng knew that the other party had doubts about his identity. He said, "I am the youngest general. Leisheng doesn’t know the cabinet, but I am in charge here?"
When the big fellow heard that he was called Lei Sheng, he couldn’t help but look at Lei Sheng carefully and said, "Yes, my name is Jitong. Are you really a young master of Lei Sheng?"
"International leader, if you have any doubts about my identity, please contact my father to prove my identity."
Ji Tong asked, "I don’t know what I want to do in the training ground late at night?"
Leisheng felt the change of mood, and his question was obviously a final test.
Leisheng did not hide that "the storm is coming."
On hearing this, Jitong walked to the front of Leisheng and saluted, "Jitong has seen Shaozhu."
Leisheng replied with a ceremony, "Since you can confirm my identity in Fenglei City, I think my father will tell you about it."
International communication nods, "That’s true. When the general sent troops to attack Jianhe City in South County, I suggested sending troops to attack fenglei City at the same time, but the general rejected my proposal …"
"Because Fenglei City can take a single soldier without moving, it can also be used as bait to attract the main force of Dashan County, which also saves me the Leijun army from traveling long distances to destroy all the places. I only suggested that my father would attack Nanjun, and I would come to see the leader overnight, so that the leader could cooperate in a play."
"Acting?" International communication is a bit stupid.
Lei Sheng said, "Come with me. I want to talk to you."
Jitong knows that this matter is important, and this plan should be able to let him know alone.
Interstate Tong followed Lei Sheng to a place where he listened to the drama that Lei Sheng would perform.
After listening to the plan, I jumped my eyebrows and looked at Lei Sheng strangely. "Is this ok?"

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