"But I think it will be too cruel? Besides, a spring thunder and a gold are not cheap. "

"I didn’t spend so much money before, except today. She was criticized by her American video because of that investigation report … you know?"
"Guess …" The sparrow took the spring thunder again.
"You kill me!" Richie screamed sadly, and then the spring thunder exploded. Richie was very angry and Nai was shocked, and his mood collapsed. He was squatting down with his weapon. He had been played without any temper, and the sparrow was cruel to stab him with a sword, and finally ended the cat-and-mouse game.
Wu Xin was ashamed that "the sparrow turned out to be such a tough woman"
Angry thunder asked, "What did you think?"
"Well … a little loyal, playful, cultured, cute and so on!"
"Is it possible for a woman to be the first hunter?" Angry thunder said, "If you waves always feel good about yourself and don’t listen to your opinions, can you be afraid to develop?" If the arrogant battle is focused on PK, isn’t it already declining? Personality determines the future. Do you know what makes Mona Lisa smile so charming? "
"…" Wu Xin stand hand This is a person who is fighting for his reputation by his lover. It is better not to express his opinions.
"Because the Mona Lisa has no teeth, she smiles strangely. No one has ever seen such a smile."
"What are we talking about?" The sparrow came to greet him, and then there was a ring on his left hand. The sparrow read, "The unidentified ring has to go through the formalities in Tongcheng to identify it. It is estimated that this ring is also Solomon’s treasure. How to divide a ring?"
"Auction!" Wu Xin said, "This ring is the same as the three of us who have the highest bid."
"Ah … that’s a good idea," said the sparrow. "Three hundred!"
"A thousand!" Wu Xin raised his hand.
"…" Sparrow vomited blood "Sheep, this is not an auction, this is a threat"
"Then will you take it?" Wu Xinwen
"One thousand two hundred!" Angry thunder gritted his teeth according to this distribution ratio, each person is 400 gold. If you want to give Wu Xin that share, you can first credit the sparrow that share and add the sparrow that share to the hundred gold. You know that Solomon’s treasure is not lower than the daughter. What’s worse, it’s such a mysterious adventure equipment. If you can change it into the suit you need at will …
"One thousand three hundred!" Wu Xin raised his hand.
"1.5 thousand!" Sparrows are female.
"….." Wu Xin and angry thunder to see two eyes angry thunder suddenly called where is bad and can’t say, but can’t increase the price, so they were silent.
"Deal!" Wu Xin announced that "one person is 500!"
Sparrows are generous. "Take it!" She finally spent the money she planned to buy a boat next month, and the future will continue to stir up double oars.
Wu Xin was so excited that he finally had money to spend.
Shit! Angry thunder remembered that Wu Xin had four golds. Although he had the background of Fear, everyone in China knew that Fear had lent all the last coppers. Even if he got a Solomon treasure, there was absolutely no 1,300 golds. Besides, Wu Xin also said that Fear was to divide the spoils in a unified way, and he wanted to make a 500-gold buyable ring. However, this problem should be reversed. If you don’t tell your bird that she was trapped, the bird is still very happy that she won the auction. Do you want to tell her? Of course not. Anyway, if money has gone out, it will only increase the troubles of birds and birds. The career will decide whether it is good or bad. Seeing Wu Xin’s sigh, it is worthy of being a profiteer who can always maximize the benefits inadvertently.
Things have come to an end for the time being. Angry thunder hacked Wu Xin to death and sent him back to the birth place of Tongcheng. Then English explained to Carmen that his captain had come to pick him up. Today, he had a good time and made friends with each other. I hope to often contact Dovali English-Russian translation software to let Carmen convey his pleasure. Then angry thunder and eliminated the wolf from the ship.
Carmen came out of Wuxin Resurrection Island and reported the coordinates. Wuxin looked for the past. Carmen was in the dock square for a new round of recruitment. Two brain translation softwares finally communicated with each other.
"I am so angry!" Dowa’s red hair made her look even more angry. Dowa asked, "Shepherd, do you know the enemy?"
"No!" Wu Xin firmly denies it, otherwise he is likely to be suspected of being a line. Even if he is not suspected, he will bear the blame of the enemy’s number. At least listen to people criticizing the enemy’s number for an hour. The more he looks at it, the more he hates this kind of blame. Wu Xin has never been interested in doing it. Think about adding "but I have heard of it"
"I’m going to contact the members of the Association of Santa Cruz Islands" Dova typed "I must kill them"
"Will? There is an old saying in China that friends should be reconciled but not married." Wu Xin said frankly, "Isn’t it just a treasure? The so-called pull! "
"I’m angry to see them so overbearing!"
"I’m angry, too!" Wu Xin nodded
"sheep?" Proud war Lianyun suddenly appeared surprised and asked, "How did you do this? Not with the waves? "
"No, I had an accident and now I can’t go back to the boat so I can hang out with beautiful women first."
"You’re in the mood," proudly asked Lianyun. "Do you know that seven treasures were found in golden island and the treasure department returned to golden island Island? There is a river of blood and you’re not going to join in the fun?"
"Many people are afraid," Wu Xin said. "You get busy first!"
"good! Bye-bye "proudly greeted two women politely.

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