"The Coke team may have to fight back here!"

"If you can survive three waves of killing, then the Coke team will win this game!"
Chapter five hundred and forty-six Take it!
Fang Xiang’s idea is exactly the idea of this commander of Zhejiang University in Liuhuahu Coke Team this time.
And there is also a method called Fa in Sun’s Art of War, which is-
Play hard to get!
Make you feel that you are about to win and then give you a sudden fatal blow!
But at the moment, the hunters’ team didn’t realize that they had reached a bureau arranged by the Coke team at the moment.
The fifteenth round of the field
Another onslaught broke out on the side of the hunters team. At this time, in addition to being killed in the underworld, another member of the Coke team was also killed and gank fell to the ground. Although the Coke team has also cleared the hunters team of several dead blood pets and suppressed a wave of hunters team blood, the current situation shows that the Coke team is really passive!
After all, the number of rounds in the death call will last for one round!
That is to say, it will take at least two or three rounds before the player on the Coke team who has won the death call can be pulled up.
At this time, the hunters’ team didn’t care about their own blood volume, because it seemed that the Coke team had supported it for nearly ten rounds before, so it was not easy for them to stick to it!
Moreover, it will take at least 2 or 3 rounds for the player of the Coke team to be pulled up.
It is also feasible for them to continue to be so lenient in these two or three rounds, but the Coke team finally pulled up this hell.
After all, if all his players are dead, what does it matter to rely on a place that has just been pulled up? Don’t steal wine and sail with kindness? Will their team of hunters make such a fatal mistake? Of course not!
It’s also the 16th round of the match.
The hunters’ team here is like eating gunpowder, and once again a wave of offensive broke out. Although their own blood volume has been severely suppressed, they chose to launch a wave of thunderous attack because the best defense is attack!
But the hp blood value of our hunter team is really not high, but so what? Are there any opportunities for your coke team to sell? I’m afraid that in one or two rounds, the hell that has been called to death has not been pulled up from the ground, so you will bid farewell to the battle, right?
According to the normal situation, the best way for the Coke team is to wait until the death summoning effect of the player who fell to the ground at this moment is over, and then find a way to pull up or directly carry out the Cihang to achieve a turnaround effect.
But which conductor can come to the scene of this 3s hegemony competition is not a superior commander and a powerful commander?
Which conductor can’t understand this intention? Can’t you prevent this kind of play and routine?
"If Cihang can be earlier, it should be fine."
Look at the situation to light said 1.
And when they hear Fang Xiang’s words, they are also relieved by a slight ash.
Yes, at the moment, because they can see the pictures of the battle between the two sides, they can also see that the blood volume of the hunters’ team is not abundant at this time, but if the commander of the Coke team is thinking about it for more than ten rounds, it may still be able to react, but now … After all, their commanders are not thinking about what they want to say, it would be nice to be kind earlier. They have also gone through it in their heads without thinking about it.
The sixteenth round of the game is over.
There is only one character left on the Coke team, but this character is not a seal, but a Dragon Palace. Although the Dragon Palace is full of blood and the other two output units can’t shoot, even so, it will take two rounds for the Coke team to be wiped out, right?
"nie is like this! Give me the face of this coke team as hard as the face of the team who made a toast to Chiyou before. "
"How dare you threaten our team of hunters?"
At this moment, the hunters team seems to have seen the dawn of victory here.
All kinds of attacks are also constantly falling into the body of the Dragon Palace team.
In the eyes of Taiwanese dream friends, the blood volume of the Dragon Palace of the Coke team is also decreasing and then decreasing.
By the time the blood volume was about 2, everyone was sweating, and the dream friend had already given a sigh.
Indeed, judging from the eye situation, there is almost no possibility for the Coke team to make a comeback.
However, when everyone regrets the Coke team,
The Dragon Palace, the cola team, shot!
Choose stunts—
Cihang Purdue!
Among the five members of the Coke team, except the one who is still in a state of great death and has not been pulled up to the underworld, the remaining three members are all resurrected with blood!
"Lying in the trough?"

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