Yu Wenzhi also said to Victoria, "You three extraordinary organizations in Europe should lead the European people to go in first."

Victoria, Nicholas and Acres nodded at the same time and began to command the European supernaturals to enter the tunnel one by one. Nine swords, Zhou Zhe and the American independence group Sanchez also began to unite the two nationals.
All the otherworldly people in Oahu have great faith in Yu Wenzhi, Hao Miao and Ji Tianci. After all, they saved the whole Oahu people, but there are still a few mortals who think this is a conspiracy of otherworldly people and think that otherworldly people want to enslave them.
The transfer of the extraordinary people soon completed 50 thousand extraordinary people poured into the glittering and translucent entrance like dumplings
Then it’s mortal’s turn. More than 10,000 mortals have lined up neatly in front of the entrance of the cave like a gymnasium, but some people closest to the entrance of the cave looked down at the bottomless tunnel and immediately sat down with leg paralysis and no courage to jump.
At this time, a huge wave suddenly came from the tail of the mortal team, and people were caught in the waves. Like a toilet flush, the huge wave violently rushed the crowd into the tunnel, and the vast tail of the team followed.
There are only two people left in Oahu, Ji Tianci and Yu Wenzhi.
"Let’s go in after we destroy the island," Yu Wenzhi said.
Ji Tianci nodded and then pulled out the Lapras sword. Four Zhou Haishui came here crazily. However, the Lapras sword turned into a dragon and spun around Oahu, suddenly forming a vortex that smashed the whole island.
The center of the bottom of the vortex is the entrance to the mantle, Ji Tianci Yuwen, who jumped in without stopping for a moment.
The seventh volume QingMeng again Chapter three hundred and ninety-six Refugee City
Ji Tianci doesn’t know how long this bottomless tunnel has sunk, which makes him feel interesting. Sticking to the tunnel wall is like sliding a slide.
The "slide" twists and turns and shines brightly, as if it were in a crystal hole.
Gradually, Ji Tianci saw a red light at her feet appear in the tunnel, which became brighter and brighter, and finally she saw the exit like a burning flame.
"tweet ~ ~ ~"
Ji Tianci slipped out of the mouth of the cave and saw a red and visible marginal world.
Heaven and earth are at your fingertips, and the land is black and red. Perhaps the color of the land is black, and bonfires are burning everywhere to make this place red and bright again.
Falling down the "slide" will fall into a huge lake. At this time, the extraordinary people are smoothly leading one mortal to the ground.
In the distance, several latosolic red stone pillars have grown on the gray-black land where heaven and earth are connected. These stone pillars seem to be naturally formed, and each one is connected to the "heaven" here like a pillar.
They are straight, thick and inclined in different directions, and can be as thin as one kilometer, which is like a skyscraper.
These stone pillars with different shapes are mixed with a large number of houses, and the architectural styles are full of flowers, including Chinese courtyards, European castles, pavilions and central gardens. Ji Tianci guessed that these architectural structures should be stolen from the outside world by the vast people.
The whole city is divided into several areas by the green river, and the river also acts as the main road of urban traffic. Many boats are moored by the river, which is supposed to be prepared by mortals who come here.
People often ask, "How high is the sky?" No one can give an accurate answer because "day" is a vague concept.
But the "sky" here can be accurately measured, and the highest place is 512 meters from the ground. The whole place here is like a 512-meter-high earth box on the boundary of a large city.
Ji Tianci’s "sky" here is also composed of rock and soil, but I don’t want it to be red and blue, just like a huge blue mirror reflecting the red light on the ground.
There is a layer of pale blue ice crystals on the top of the city, which is really like a canopy, but it is not a natural formation at a glance, but more like a huge project of aquarium manufacturing
Ji Tianci doesn’t understand what this canopy has, but as far as visual effects are concerned, it reflects the square scene, which will make people feel much more spacious here.
Heavenly Creations At first glance, this place looks like a city in a science fiction world.
The whole city is not smaller than Wuyang city. If high-rise buildings are built, it can accommodate 10 million people.
However, the city may have moved its middle population long ago. Ji Tianci did not see the aborigines, and it was more than enough for more than 100,000 "migrants" to live here.
Everyone is busy moving to a new residence, and the city has already been planned. People from all over the world can also know where they should live according to the architectural style.
500 meters high, extraordinary people are flying around to make this place look lively.
All the outsiders here look so novel, flowers and trees are like growing in a greenhouse, they stand quietly, and there is extraordinary whistling to cause airflow to shake them.
JiTianCi Yuwen hold down the vast side two people still look around JiTianCi eyes was incredible.
"How do I here is good! I renamed this city’ Refugee City’, "said Vast proudly.
Ji Tianci felt, "Can’t you have a nice name?"
"The refugee city is more appropriate!"
Ji Tianci ignored him and took a deep breath, then suddenly his face became surprised. "I just found out that there is oxygen here, too?"
Haomiao rolled his eyes. "Isn’t this nonsense? How can mortals live without oxygen?"
"But where did this oxygen come from? I feel that the oxygen content here is higher than the outside world. "
Ji Tianci’s eyes are full of doubts, and it’s a little difficult to see the vastness. The vastness can’t explain clearly where the oxygen comes from here. He has found several enclosures in the mantle, most of which contain no oxygen. There are 134 places where ordinary people can live.
At this time, Haomiao coughed to cover up his embarrassment. He said, "You can ask Yu Wenke Huang for this question. He is a prophet and he knows everything."
Yu Wenzhi explained it with a cool smile: "We are now in the mantle. The geological structure here is rich in magnetite and hematite, which will release a lot of oxygen-rich fluids when decomposed, and these fluids form a liquid oxygen layer in the earth’s part, and the oxygen content is more than ten times that of the earth’s atmosphere.
There is not only oxygen in the mantle, but also a lot of water, which is about three times the total volume of the world’s oceans. I guess there was no ocean on the earth’s surface at the earliest time. It was the huge amount of oxygen in the mantle that caused the chemical changes in the earth, which made the water in the mantle gush out of the surface and formed the ocean.
In fact, all the water in the mantle is fresh water, and the original seawater is not full of salt at first. At first, it was fresh water like rivers and waters.
However, the earth’s water keeps circulating, and every year, a lot of water evaporates on the ocean surface, and some of it is transported to the land through atmospheric movement, and then it forms precipitation and then falls to the ground.
Rain washes away soil, destroys rocks, and brings most of the land soluble substances, including all kinds of salts, to rivers, and rivers return to the sea. In this way, about 300 million tons of salt is brought into the ocean every year, and the ocean becomes the collection of all dissolved salts.
In the process of seawater evaporation, the salt can’t stay in the ocean with the rise of water vapor, and so on. The more salt substances accumulate in the ocean, the more salty the seawater becomes.

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