"Bai Shishu Zhong Li Shishu, this is in Li Junhe." When I saw Li Junhe Bai Ouqing, I introduced it to the Bai couple. "Li Junhe, at this time, Bai Shizu, this is Zhong Li Shizu’s salute quickly."

Li Junhe saw that the couple in this year were Bai Ouqing’s parents. They couldn’t help but feel a little nervous. "I have seen Bai Shizu and Zhong Lishu."
"Don’t bother, we also listened to Qing Er. You have a good qualification. Elder Yang received a good apprentice." Clock from Philippines laughed.
"Now that my daughter has come out, we will change it back and leave Elder Yang alone."
Yang Xiu hurriedly got up and personally sent them to the abode of fairies and immortals is over.
Back to the abode of fairies and immortals, Yang Xiu is not with Hong. "What don’t you understand when Li Junhe is repairing after my horse is closed again? Do you need more guidance?"
"Elder Yang, don’t worry, you will teach Master Li with all your heart."
Seeing that everything is over, Yang Xiu waved and said, "All right, you all go home and stay in Li Junhe."
"Thank you, Master, for the white girl," Li Junhe said respectfully when everyone left. "I don’t know what the master told me to keep my brother?"
"When I may be closed for a long time, if you don’t understand anything after the repair, ask these brothers and sisters more. If you need anything, just tell Oxfam that I will wake him up, okay?"
Now that Yang Xiu has gone through this incident, more and more high-ranking monks have paid attention to him. So what does he really have with Taizu Tianxuan? Therefore, he decided not to be seen through by others. He decided to practice quickly until the end of the Dan period, because Taizu Tianxuan said that he would be able to worship at Taizu Zumen in Xuanxuan. At that time, he would not be so worried as he is now.
"If you know that the master is free, your younger brother will practice with understanding." Li Junhe has always lacked the warmth of others. At this moment, Yang Xiu specially told him that he could not help but be moved.
"I’ll help you solve the evil in your body slowly. I’m refining a kind of Dan medicine, which is very helpful to your condition, so you just don’t take it to heart." Yang Xiu added, "This is the method of practicing Qigong in the past-The Twelve Chapters of Practicing Qi has detailed notes from the first floor to the twelfth floor of Practicing Qi. Take a good look at it and I’ll give you a Zuji Dan when you get to the twelfth floor of Practicing Qi.
It is not difficult for you to work hard to build a foundation with five spiritual roots. "
Li Junhe "Thanks Teacher"
Yang Xiu fled into the abode of fairies and immortals and collected a thousand-year-old seven-year-old Jingyi Huang thousand-year-old Fanxuecao and one other medicine in the medicine garden. After that, he took two pieces of pills that were separated from the heart and liver of the fire toad and asked him to refine the medicine for Li Junhe.
It’s a real relief to finish all this. Although I went out for a few days, I really had a lot of things. I didn’t expect that I had an apprentice, although I had bad motives when I accepted my apprentice.
When Yang Xiu walked into the cabin, he saw the mobster and the cloud-controlled spirit beast playing in the spirit pool. The mobster was half as tall as Yang Xiu, but the fog-controlled spirit beast was still the same as the old one, and its intelligence was much less than that of mobster. The cloud was more solid and it was transforming into various shapes in the spirit pool.
Seeing that Yang Xiu immediately stopped fighting and flew out of the spirit pool, two spirit beasts went to Yang Slim-Cultivating Agent and took two guys into the log cabin. Jiman immediately became alert and saw that it was Yang Xiu and asked, "Brother is back. Is this going well?"
"Well, it’s not too unexpected."
Then he told a story about this trip out, except for Li Junhe’s Machamp guess. It’s not that he didn’t trust Jiman, but he just didn’t talk about it in front of her.
Jiman heard Yang Xiu meet.
Although the white ape in Yuan’s infancy knew nothing, he still couldn’t help worrying that he didn’t chase his brother at that time. "
Yang Xiu remembered that he was a little scared and comforted, "Isn’t it okay now and it was mainly chasing another monk, and I was just passing by?"
"But isn’t there no aura across the Grand Canyon? How can there be monsters and monks in Yuan Babies there?" Jiman doubt way
Yang Xiu took out the Bai couple and Zhu Jia’s present and replied, "This is not clear. We also met a group of free and unfettered monks who were there. Perhaps there is something miraculous?" However, at that time, when I found Bai Ouqing and went to Minstrel, there were many people, so I didn’t go to see it. "
"What’s the matter?" See Yang Xiu yi jiman asked.
"I didn’t expect this Jia to be so generous that it is more expensive than the Bai couple’s gift." Yang Xiu handed Jimandao the bamboo box and the box.
Jiman hit the wood first, and suddenly it smelled fragrant, and it was refreshing to see that half a box of finely divided small flowers and some light green leaflets were placed in the wooden box. She also showed a sign on the surface of the wooden box.
It’s written that Yuling Tea takes half a spoonful of yuhua and two pieces of eucalyptus leaves at a time and drinks them in exquisite cups with century-old stalactite liquid, which has the effect of clearing the eyes, calming the mind and nourishing the body.
"So this is the smell of Yuling tea, and it is also clear in my heart." Jiman said after reading the introduction of the note.
"If you like horses, you can soak them. Anyway, there are stalactites here that need to be made into two cups. However, the effect of this fragrant tea is not as great as that. After Yang Daoxiu, we should also prepare some of these teas, wines and fruits. Otherwise, it will be like today when someone comes to visit but there is nothing to entertain."
"Well," Jiman picked up the bamboo box again, feeling small and unusually heavy, and occasionally had a flash of light. Obviously, this bamboo box is also a treasure to ensure the aura.
As soon as I saw the bamboo box, I put a small jade bottle and a note inside.
There are a few words in the exhibition note, Zizhu Dan.
Jiman was surprised when he saw it. "Is that Zizhu Dan inside?"
She didn’t wait for Yang Xiu to answer, so she popped the cork first and immediately rolled out a blue-purple pill the size of a thumb.
Dan Pills are bright and crystal clear, and a strange medicine fragrance spreads out, which makes mobster’s index finger move greatly.
"Look at the shape of Dan medicine, the fragrant path of medicine and" Zizhu Dan "are just two words, and since it is given away, it will definitely not be fake, but it is necessary to identify the details." Yang Daoxiu
Jiman wondered, "I heard that this purple bamboo Dan was very helpful to the monks in the late period of foundation. Brother, didn’t you say that Zhu Jia was only in the middle period of foundation? This purple bamboo Dan should be very precious to him, so why give it away?"
Although "Zizhu Dan" is precious, Yang Xiu doesn’t value it very much. After all, a three-thousand-year-old elixir was exchanged with Danmen in Delong for six "Ethyl Mudan" fruit names as good as Zizhu Dan.
However, as Jiman said, Zhu Jia only built the foundation in the middle period. This purple bamboo Dan is even more important to him. Is it necessary for him to give away something valuable? Moreover, he is an acquaintance with him before himself, which is really a bit confusing.
Think again that Malone’s excessive enthusiasm for himself outside the main hall today is indeed abnormal and seems to be interested in wooing and making friends.
If you don’t want to be white, don’t think about it. Anyway, just warn yourself to guard against Ma’s family. After all, it’s so expensive. Don’t want white pills. He is also worried that there may not be enough pills because of one more Ziman.
When Jiman was asked to carve several jade cups with several pieces of jade, and put some gathering spirit in the cups to reinforce the rune array and so on, he went to the stalactite jade bottle by the Lingchi pool to pick up some stalactite liquid to prepare Yuling tea.
To say that these stalactites are ten thousand years old, the fruit is much better than a hundred years old.
The jade cup system is not complicated, but when a few plants are fragrant, Jiman made five.
Yang Xiuxian put the small flowers and leaves of Yu in the jade cup, then poured the stalactite liquid for ten thousand years, and then shipped a real fire in the jade cup, and the tea came in an instant with a slight push.
Suddenly, a strong and refreshing fragrance spread out, and small flowers and leaves all stretched and floated in the water after being boiled by tea, just like they had just bloomed.
The mobster was the first to resist the temptation and immediately snatched the jade cup from Yang Xiu’s hand, but of course it was in vain. First, he handed Jiman the fragrant tea, and then he bought a cup for mobster, while the fog-controlled soul beast was afraid to be interested in it. It felt like a gangster was sleepy in a bun in Yang Xiu.
I took a sip of hot water, but I felt cool and lubricated. The sweet mouth was fragrant for a long time, but after swallowing it for a moment, I felt a stream in my heart, and suddenly it seemed to wash away the dust.
"Well, this spiritual tea is really empty. I am often afraid that I will never worry about demons invading my body again." Jiman sighed with emotion.
Yang Xiu also said, "It’s true, but it’s also because of our first time. It’s also because of the stalactite solution that we will feel so obvious, but the effect will be greatly reduced."
After Yuling tea, life has entered a formal stage again. Apart from occasionally communicating with Bai Zhi to let him deal with things outside a cave, he mainly meditates and practices every day.
As the saying goes, it’s been ten years since we fixed the truth regardless of the summer vacation.
Bai Zhi successfully helped Li Junhe to refine the Dan medicine for the treatment of invading pathogens. Of course, he also took the opportunity to explore the weakness of Li Junhe’s body, but there was still nothing to gain. The evil invading things were never born again.
Yang Xiu is still in the late period of the foundation, but now the spiritual force in the meridians is more surging and solidified, and the viscous semi-liquid state has changed. You can try to make Dan when the spiritual force is finished and viscous.
Chapter one hundred and sixty-four Closed penance
Fairy wild Chapter one hundred and sixty-four Closed penance
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