Counting it, Sun Hao found that he should have stayed in the endless flame for more than ten days, that is to say, the miraculous big mouse stretched himself from more than ten days to more than ten years.

This discovery once again made Sun Hao’s silence unbelievable for a long time.
The means are nothing more than that
Drive away the old Jia Sunhao’s abode of fairies and immortals for a long time and come to the conclusion that the old monster is really very heart-warming.
Shou Yuan was seriously damaged by a small fire, and the old monster used the means of heaven to abruptly improve himself a lot.
It is still a small fire to pull up Sun Hao’s roots and overcome the first difficult foundation.
Presumably, the old monster is also afraid that Sun Hao will be exhausted and bring trouble to the small fire without advancing to a big level.
The old monster looks bitter, but I didn’t expect to be so angry everywhere.
So what about the old monster? Sun Hao further analyzed.
No doubt or acceptance
It should be that the young man has met some of his requirements, and it is estimated that it is very difficult for ordinary Enzan Ijuin small fire rats to meet such requirements, otherwise the old monster would not spare no effort to cultivate small fires
With this inference, Sun Hao’s face smiled faintly. It seems that the so-called ten-year enmity can’t be reported, which is a great favor.
However, Sun Hao also thought that since the old monster really grew to a certain height in the future, he was supposed to kick his ass.
However, Sun Hao feels that it is difficult for him to achieve this grand goal, even though it is not small for the old monster to repair the unfathomable magical powers. It is also estimated that the whole continent is lined up and it is quite difficult to kick him.
When there was still plenty of sun Hao’s heart, a big stone fell to the ground and began to prepare for the treatment of clouds and purple smoke in an orderly way
There is more than one refined material collected by the elixir department for the solution of Erdan by Qiling.
But the magic level is so high that it exceeds the level of Sun Hao’s alchemy. Sun Hao has now become a three-level alchemist, that is, an alchemist.
However, Qiling Jieerdan is a four-level panacea, and the four-level panacea also belongs to a higher-level panacea
Under normal circumstances, it is difficult for a master of three-level alchemy to refine a four-level elixir, and it is difficult to have many difficulties to overcome.
Now let Sun Haoma refine the Seven Spirits to solve Erdan, and the possibility of Sun Hao’s conscious success will not be very high. After all, there are too many differences in alchemy levels.
After thinking for a while, Sun Hao went out to call people around him and arranged some cultivation matters. Finally, he called Wu Idle Lang and said to Wu Idle Lang earnestly, "Idle Lang must be careful in everything."
Wu Xianlang said sincerely with a bow, "I still hope that Master will check for leaks and fill gaps."
Sun Hao sighed, "This is another bitter experience. I know, you go. By the way, the Xia sisters have a weak foundation. You take my handwritten letter to this place and let them practice in the past."
Wu Idle Lang respectfully took the handwritten letter handed by Sun Hao and went back to act according to Sun Hao’s arrangement.
Soon Xia Yan angrily ran into Sun Haodong’s mansion, and Xia Yan followed him in.
After a long time, Xia Lan and Xia Jing had tears and smiles on their faces.
Xia An, who came out of Sun Haodong’s mansion, kept muttering that "the big bastard is a big bastard."
"Good good" Xia Jingbian pulling her "Sun Hao is also we want to have plenty of time, not you have to experience his painstaking efforts"
"Sister" Xia An looked angry. "I know, but I’m just not happy."
Xia Jing put his head to Xia Yan’s ear and whispered.
Xia Lan smiled at Zhan Yan. "I hope you said that now it can be like this, but my little ears are working. He must have listened to your words."
Xia Jing’s face flushed a little, and Xia Lan gave them a pair of hands.
Off Xia Jia sister Sun Hao and abode of fairies and immortals stayed for a few days to sort out a broken body and stabilize a self-cultivation, and then he decided to control his self-cultivation and control the initial level of then, and sent a note to XuanYuanHong and went straight to Qingyun’s main peak.
Once again, I felt the grandeur of Qingyun’s main peak. Sun Hao saw a smile on his face and his eyes narrowed into crescent moon Xuanyuan red.
Sun Hao’s going out this time has always been nervous in Xuanyuan Red Heart. Even when he is practicing, he always pays attention to the game-writing protocol ring for fear that Sun Hao will meet danger.
Now that Sun Haoan has returned, a big stone in Xuanyuanhong’s heart has finally fallen to the ground. Although I haven’t seen Sun Hao Xuanyuanhong for only a few months, I feel that it has been a long time.
As soon as Sun Hao’s arms fell to the ground, XuanYuanHong ran over with joy and naturally took his arm and asked cheerfully, "Did Sun Hao go out smoothly this time?"
Sun Hao felt a little unnatural, but he didn’t break away from XuanYuanHong’s little hand and said with a smile, "It’s a long story, but all the elixirs need to be found, which is considered to have achieved the goal."
"Are you in danger?" Xuanyuanhong’s little hand firmly grasped Sun Hao’s eyes and kept looking at Sun Hao as if he were afraid of Sun Hao’s injury. "Is it dangerous?"
Old regal spirit shows that Sun Hao is worried about his life this time, so it won’t be so simple.
"Well," Sun Hao nodded and marched to the main peak. "I met an irresistible opponent, but fortunately Xiaohong’s prediction was accurate and finally saved the day."
"That’s good, that’s good." XuanYuanGong kept patting his chest with his other hand with a concerned expression.
Sun Hao paused and smiled faintly. "Little Red Friar’s generation is in danger of practicing all the way. Your old regal spirit is very good, but Xiao Hong must not stop because of a little danger. In that case, many opportunities will be lost."
"Aren’t people worried about you?" XuanYuanGong vomit vomit tongue hands still hold Corleone arm don’t trust still have worry uneasy as if there is still no peace of mind.
Sun Haonai shook his head and it seems that his persuasion effect is not great. In a flash, he thought of a method, smiled and took out a plain note, picked up a pen and brushed some materials, and then handed it to him. He still took his arm and looked at him with a curious face. Xuanyuangong smiled and said, "Little Red, you can find some materials here. I have them."
XuanYuanHong took the note and glanced at it roughly, but I didn’t see any tricks. But since it was Sun Hao who asked her to do it, what effect would it have? I’ll naturally know when the time comes, but I still casually asked a sentence, "How many copies do you need, Sun Hao?"
Sun Hao thought for a moment and naturally said, "If possible, the more the better, but some materials are very rare and even not easy to obtain, at least not less than two copies."
Xuanyuanhong nodded a little "Well, I understand" and naturally took Sun Hao’s hand. "Sun Hao, are you going to visit your aunt this time?"
"Yes," Sun Hao smiled frankly. "The ancestors of Yaqin accepted my relatives and naturally came to pay homage. I’m going to practice alchemy at the main peak of Qingyun. Xiaohong, can you arrange it for me?"
Thinking of Sun Hao’s magical alchemy, Xuan Yuan’s red eyes narrowed into a crescent moon and said with a smile, "This Yi Yaqin’s aunt is the top alchemist in Zongmen. It’s right for her to arrange it. Sun Hao, are you an alchemist now?"
"Well," Sun Hao nodded, "Just before Dan" ~ ~
Chapter five hundred and four An alchemist is amazing
"Then I’ll leave it to you, then. Hee hee hee shu"
XuanYuanGong hee hee laughed, but she knew that Sun Haolian Dan’s terror would be more helpful if she had a higher quality knot then she could condense then doubt.
"I have already refined it for you." Sun Hao smiled and shook his wrist, and a bag appeared and threw it to XuanYuanGong. "Xiaohong will bear these miracles for you in two or three years at most."
XuanYuanGong gods swept away eyes narrowed into a crescent moon "yi? Two kinds? "
Sun Hao smiled. "Well, the two effects have their own emphasis, but they should all be well assisted."
Xuanyuan blushed and showed a little consternation. I didn’t expect that Sun Hao could give her two different types of knots, and the levels were not low. Absolutely not. This was really a big surprise to her.
Xuanyuanhong’s identity is not difficult to get the knot elixir, but it is very difficult to get the high-quality knot elixir. This thing is really rare and can be refined from the second auxiliary knot elixir, especially don’t remember it.
From this, we can see that Sun Hao has suffered a lot in the past few years, and the opportunity is not false. Perhaps, as Sun Hao said, danger is often accompanied by opportunity. Xuanyuanhong feels that he used to be too conservative, but he has always lost many opportunities.
Smiling away, Sun Haoling, Dan Xuanyuanhong didn’t mean to thank her at all. It was only natural that Sun Hao helped her in her heart, just as it was only natural that she wanted to help Sun Hao and Sun Hao.
The main peak of Qingyun is forbidden to fly, but many monks come and go. Xuanyuanhong took Sun Hao’s arm and walked forward generously.
Many people will say hello to her when they see XuanYuanGong. XuanYuanGong is confused with her eyes. Well, well, haha, casually chatting up people. Compared with nature, Sun Hao feels a little flushed and surrounded by people.
Sun Haojie Danqing Cloud Gate has made a big noise. Qingyun Gate has a little identity. My brother has heard of his name, Aquilaria, and the signboard of Qingyun Gate is also a lever.
However, Sun Haoqing Cloud Gate has always been quite low-key and rarely visits, not to mention that the main peak of Qingyun knows Sun Haozun very little.

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