Chapter one thousand and forty-two Don’t want to drive backwards

After chatting for more than half an hour in the living room, Xiao Jing saw that Jessica was back. Zhang Chengyuan sent Xiao Jing to take a bath and sleep, while he took Jessica to her bedroom.
Into the door Zhang Chengyuan took off his clothes.
Jessica was taken aback. "Elder brother, aren’t you in such a hurry? I just got back from work and haven’t rested yet. Do you want to do that to me? "
"You think too much, I just want to take a bath." Zhang Chengyuan couldn’t help laughing. He wasn’t aroused by anyone, and he wasn’t a young guy. How could he really be so anxious?
"Do you still take a shower? I think you must have some bad intentions? " Jessica suspected.
Zhang Chengyuan said, "I have ulterior motives, but it’s not a bad attempt. I just want to take a bath with you. Well, stop taking off your clothes and don’t wait for me to take it off for you."
Jessica stared his one eye and said, "It’s really unlucky to spread your good cesium brother, etc. It will definitely do bad things to me again." The mouth complained, but the action obeyed his meaning and began to undress broadband. In a short time, it was clean.
Then Zhang Chengyuan went into the bathroom hand in hand, and then put water and bubble bath salts into the bathtub. After foaming, he lay down with Jessica in his arms. Usually, he wouldn’t do such a thing in the shower, but at this time he wanted to play some romance, so he did. Jessica was a little disdainful and thought that her brother was really old-fashioned, but he didn’t say anything to spoil his mood.
Lying in the bathtub and holding Jessica in his arms, Zhang Chengyuan felt comfortable and gently rubbed her skin and asked, "Soo-yeon, do you know what I asked you to come over today?"
Jessica was lying in Zhang Chengyuan’s body and singing softly. "What can I do? Don’t you just want me to do that with you? "
"Do you know that I want to do that with you every once in a while?" Zhang Chengyuan continued
"Because you are good at cesium, and you should also want to show me that you are my man. I don’t forget you when I wake up." Jessica yawned slightly. In fact, she was already very sleepy, but Zhang Chengyuan obviously wouldn’t let her sleep like this and had to cheer up to deal with him.
Zhang Chengyuan said, "It’s good that you know, but you don’t seem to remember this very much. There seems to be an affair recently?"
"You mean I have coffee with Taecyeon OK in a coffee shop in Japan next month? So you want to pursue this matter, but what’s the big deal? " Jessica able to shrug off
"Don’t tell me that you two met by chance?" There seems to be some jealousy in Zhang Chengyuan’s words.
Jessica smiled slightly. "I didn’t say it was a chance meeting, but even so, it’s nothing, right? Can’t I meet and chat with my male friends occasionally? "
Zhang Chengyuan hesitated for a moment and said, "I know I’m not qualified to ask you to do this, and I believe there will be nothing between you and Taecyeon OK, but I still hope you don’t have any contact with him or other men, and I don’t like you gossiping with other men."
"What? Brother, are you jealous? " Jessica beaming laughed.
"Know past ask! A man will be jealous when he encounters such a thing! " Zhang Chengyuan patted her head and said
After a meal, he added, "Besides, this guy Taecyeon OK doesn’t seem to be a good guy. First he had an affair with Yuner, and now he’s like you. Well, it seems to be good with Pani, too. Does this guy want to take it all or be picky?"
Jessica scoffed, "You are suspicious when you see that he is not pleasing to the eye, and you make a wild guess to make people so bad. It seems that you are no different from other vulgar men. You talk nonsense when you are jealous."
Zhang Chengyuan said, "It’s the same for both men and women in this matter! Nothing is vulgar. "
"I didn’t," Jessica retorted.
"That’s because you and I are special. You can’t afford to be jealous."
"that’s your fault, too!" Jessica disgruntled hum a way
"Well, it’s far from Xiuyan. After you listen, you should associate less with that Taecyeon OK, otherwise don’t blame me for punishing you." Zhang Chengyuan gave a slight warning.
Jessica thought otherwise, but his mouth replied, "I know I won’t have much contact with him. I’ll just talk when I meet him by chance at most. Er, you won’t even allow this, will you?"
"That’s true, but you must never agree to his invitation to meet him on a date."
"Well, I remember," Jessica thought to himself. "He and I were just friends, and the work was very busy. Even if you don’t tell me, I won’t have anything to do with him. You are really making a mountain out of a molehill."
Suddenly I thought, "It seems pretty good to make this bad brother jealous. Why don’t you meet Taecyeon OK again and be angry with him?" Well, it seems interesting. What will he do to punish me? This has to be prevented. If it is too powerful, it can’t be done. "
Then she asked, "Brother, I’m a little curious. How will you punish me if I don’t obey you?"
Zhang Chengyuan said, "It’s hard to say. Maybe I spanked you a few times. Maybe I’ll hold you down without pity, and I’ll see my mood when I talk about it. Well, I can’t help it. I think we should start doing it now." Then he gently leaned over to her and let her sit in the right position, and then launched a continuous impact …
And in this case, Jessica and what idea to consider whether to be angry in the future? To enjoy and shout.
After having a good time, Zhang Chengyuan cleaned Jessica’s body and then carried her to bed. At this time, Jessica was sleepy and tired, and almost fell asleep just after lying down. Seeing this, Zhang Chengyuan dressed and left her room and walked to the bedroom on the third floor where Song Xu slept tonight. He wanted to talk to her and see if he could get closer to her. This is why he called her here tonight. Otherwise, I don’t know when this opportunity will happen again.
Go to the front of the door, he first launched a divine knowledge check and found that Song Zhuan had fallen asleep and didn’t wait for him, but it was normal, but it was nothing. After all, it was very late, but to his surprise, Sulli actually slept with her. I can’t help but wonder if she was worried that he had bad intentions for her, so she asked Sulli to come over and accompany her and made him scruple.
But how can he care about this? When I opened the room and locked it, I gently opened the door and walked in. Then I gently opened the door and walked to the inside. At the same time, I gave a breath and lit Sulli’s sleeping hole. After her little girl woke up, she hindered him and Song Wei. In addition, she scared Song Wei and turned on the light again.
Then he went to the bed and stretched out his hand and gently shook Song Zhuan.
Song Zhuan was surprised when he opened his eyes, and then sighed, "ppa, I knew you would come to see me tonight, and you did come." If he wasn’t looking for her, he wouldn’t have to stay with them for one night.
Zhang Chengyuan smiled and laughed. "You seem to be very unwelcome to me at this time? I also called Shirley to sleep with you and worried about what I would do to you? "
Song Zhuan said angrily, "Which woman would welcome a man sneaking into the house to find her in the middle of the night? But I didn’t call Shirley. She was used to sleeping in the same room with me suddenly. She came to me when she was not used to it. Oh, by the way, did Shirley wake up? " Quickly looked at the side head Sulli saw that she was still asleep before she breathed a sigh of relief.
Zhang Chengyuan said, "I ordered her to sleep. You’re not worried that she will wake up, but you seem to be worried that Shirley and others will know about you and me?"
Song Jue pouted and said, "What have we got?" I thought, "You’ve been chasing me all this time, but I didn’t promise to develop further with you."
"We’ve even kissed several times, and you still say we haven’t?" With that, he got out of bed and lay next to him, then stretched out his hand and put her in his arms.
Song Zhuan can’t move when he earns money. Some complain, "ppa Shirley is still in bed. How dare you lie with us?"
"You mean let me get Shirley to bed?" Zhang Chengyuan joked that he didn’t get along with Sulli, so he naturally wouldn’t care.
"I didn’t say that. Well, forget it. I’m too lazy to tell you." Knowing that Zhang Chengyuan would never get out of bed, she simply didn’t say it.
"You don’t want to say that I still want to tell you. Song Xu hasn’t seen you for almost two months. You should miss me, right?"
"Well, I miss you a little." Song Zhuan casually dealt with it. In fact, she didn’t know if she missed Zhang Chengyuan, but if she answered at this time that Zhang Chengyuan wouldn’t give up, she simply gave a positive answer.
"It’s good to miss me," Zhang Chengyuan nodded with satisfaction and then added, "I miss you, too." He naturally stretched out his hand and held her chest and gently stroked and kneaded it, which was his habit of moving to other women.
But Song Zhuan is not used to it. The horse grabbed his hand and said, "ppa, can you stop doing this to me?"
Zhang Chengyuan zheng slightly then otherwise, "I have already touched it, haven’t I? You didn’t resist that time. Why did you suddenly oppose it this time? You want me to drive backwards? Song Jue, I thought I told you before that we would go deeper step by step and not go backwards. "
"I didn’t feel it every time, and I didn’t object." She was kissed in a daze by Zhang Chengyuan and didn’t find that he had attacked her chest. After realizing this, Zhang Chengyuan let her go again, and she didn’t say anything, but this time she was awake.
Zhang Chengyuan said, "I have done it anyway, so I will definitely do it again and I will go deeper today." Then he put his other hand on her lower abdomen and moved.
Chapter one thousand and forty-three Anger; support
Song Zhuan quickly pressed his hand again and begged for mercy. "ppa, you are so fast that I can’t stand it. You can’t …"
Zhang Chengyuan laughed. "I’m just trying to scare you, but I don’t really want to take you now, but it’s not empty talk to go further with you. My goal is not what you think." Then his hand changed direction and moved to her hip and gently rubbed it.
Song Zhuan breathed a sigh of relief and didn’t speak out against Zhang Chengyuan again. She didn’t want it now. She already made her feel very lucky, so it’s not good to care about it when he touched her hips.
After rubbing it for a few times, Zhang Chengyuan temporarily stopped this kind of "bullying" and asked Song Zhuan, "How long have we known each other? Do you remember?"
Song Zhuan thought, "It’s been more than three and a half years."
"It’s more than three years and nine months. Is that quite a long time?"
"Well, it’s a long time. I didn’t expect that I have been in Korea for so long!" Song Zhuan said with some regrets that the day when she met Zhang Chengyuan was also the day when she came to Korea.
Zhang Chengyuan patted her hip and said, "I asked you this question not to make you feel that time flies. Don’t digress."
"Well, what do you mean?"
Zhang Chengyuan said, "I want to tell you that our relationship didn’t develop very fast until nearly four years ago. This kind of intimacy is actually very slow. If it were other lovers, maybe all the children would be born."
Song Zhuan retorted, "Although we have known each other for a long time, it’s only been about nine months since the day you confessed to me, and in these nine months, we have been lying in the same bed for less than ten times. Well, maybe five times. Isn’t that fast?"
Zhang Chengyuan said, "It is biased for you to say so. How can you not count the first three years? You know, it was these three years that made our feelings close and made me love you gradually. "
"Well, let’s count these three years, but even so, we won’t meet each other thirty times in these three years, which is still too fast."
Zhang Chengyuan said with a smile, "You want to delay the process of our relationship as much as possible, so you can find a chance to escape from my grasp. Oh, by the way, I heard that you will go back to China to shoot a TV play at the end of this year or early this year so that you can avoid me for a while, but I want to tell you that it’s futile for you to do so. You just ran back to China and never came to South Korea again. I will also fly to China to catch you back. I can find you even if you hide in Antarctica."
Song Zhuan said, "I didn’t want to hide from you. I won’t come to you today, and I know that your leader Gao Qiang can sense that I can’t hide from you at my roots with my true qi. But ppa, I really don’t understand that you have so many women and all of them have deep feelings for you. Why do you want to pursue other women and why do you have to look at me?"

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