"This hall is still so decorated, but things have changed. The hall is no longer that hall, and the beam is not that beam." Jade Duxiu sighed gently.

Looking at the scarlet beam in the hall, it is obvious that the beam is made of new wood and is full of vitality.
"This is it." Lunar Fairy slowly said.
Jade Duxiu nodded and looked at her face. The lunar fairy took the lunar fairy’s hand and "come with me."
Said the jade Duxiu shrink into inches, but breathing is already turned Qian Shan Wanshui came to a shabby small village.
"Where is this?" Lunar fairy village looked at the small village way
Jade Duxiu sighed slightly that this was the place where he was born again in those years. In those years, he noticed that there was a gathering of disaster and robbery here, but he informed the villagers. Unfortunately, some people were greedy but refused to retreat. Finally, they were slaughtered by the rich brother of Yanzhou House, and only a few people stayed in the village.
"This is the place where I was born." Jade Duxiu slowly stepped into the village with a slight sigh. This village has not been abandoned. On the contrary, after planting the seeds here, Jade Duxiu was robbed, and the people who were robbed were deified and killed out in the turmoil. It is more and more prosperous in this small village. After a hundred years of accumulated popularity, it has become a lot stronger.
"This is the village head’s house." Jade Duxiu looked at the house, but she didn’t go in. Instead, she took the lunar fairy hand to an abandoned blacksmith’s shop. Here he got a three-pointed double-edged knife. It was because of it that he dared to rush out of the village and go hunting in the wild forest that he had the opportunity to arch Wen Yingji to get that ray of Tai Su gas.
"this is where you grew up?" There was a curious flash in Taiyinxian’s eyes. "I don’t know if I will live like an ordinary person after reincarnation."
Jade Duxiu heard the words and looked at Taiyinxian. "If you want to be reincarnated, you must hide it from me. I will take care of your reincarnated status. You will step into the fairy gate and accept your disciples."
"Die!" Taiyin Xianbai glanced at Jade Duxiu and poked Jade Duxiu gently before smiling gently. "Are you on the right track?"
Jade Duxiu heard the words and laughed, but it was a lag, and then he replied as before. "In those days, Jin Li Long Jun was here in Du Jie, and I was interested in the cause and effect. That Jin Li Long Jun helped me to enter the Tao."
Chapter 4 Guilt
For Yu Duxiu, the strange Taiyin Fairy slowly moved his palm and took Yu Duxiu’s hand. "Did you think of something sad?"
Jade Duxiu heard a faint sigh of "causal cycle"
With that, I looked at the increasingly pale face of Lunar Fairy, but Jade Duxiu pulled Lunar Fairy into inches and walked into the distance.
A burst of bells sounded, and the Taiyin fairy looked at the palace in the mountains like a mist, but she sighed gently, "This is the branch of Taiping Road in Zhongyu, which I built myself."
"Oh," the pale face of the lunar fairy emerged with interest. As Jade Duxiu entered the palace, he saw that the palace Dojo had gained a lot of fireworks popularity after a hundred years of edification. In front of a tripod furnace in the middle of the palace, he saw several incense sticks rising into the sky.
"This is where I founded the legal system in those days." Jade Duxiu sighed slightly. In those days, people in the general altar of Mount Lishan in Taiping Road had a conflict and were punished by Zongmen. The incident of establishing the legal system was vivid. Now, with the higher vision of Jade Duxiu, the past gradually turned into dust and drifted away with the wind.
"It’s really nice that you set up a legal domain here. You spent a lot of time in that year, didn’t you?" Taiyinxian praised.
Jade Duxiu heard that she shook her head but smiled without saying a word. This legal domain monarch really didn’t cost too much, but it was just the best of three games.
Yu Duxiu moved his palm and pointed to the distant mountains. "If this is my foundation, then Taiping Road Lishan General Altar is where I rise."
Looking at this, I am still familiar with the Taoist temple, but things have changed. The war that swept through the Terran Kyushu and sealed the gods ruined the Terran’s eternal elite, and several ordinary brothers also devoted themselves to being moths to the fire.
"I’ll show you." Jade Duxiu took the palm of Taiyin Fairy’s hand, but it took only a moment to reach the general altar of Lishan Mountain. "This is where I took off. Here, the game between my monks finally stood out, and after the God War, I stepped into the eyes of my ancestors. Since then, it has been smooth in Taiping Road."
"You are wrong. It’s not that the Taiping ancestor favored you and gave you a chance. It’s that you saved your fortune in your previous life, and the order of Yin and Yang was stable in your time. According to the truth, it’s not too much to get the fairy fruit." Taiyinxian’s lips are a little pale
Jade Duxiu sighed slightly as the lunar fairy entered the general altar of Mount Li. Looking at the scenery, it was still small and beautiful, but it belonged to the first brother’s courtyard, but it was quiet and unpopular.
The Taiyin fairy walked briskly all over the Jade Show Xiaobixiufeng and then turned to smile. "After this Bixiufeng, you went to the heavens for nine days and stepped into the eyes of the heavens, didn’t you?"
Jade Duxiu nodded "is extremely"
"It’s a pity that I didn’t see you at that time. I couldn’t see your first half of life." Taiyin Xian regretted that she was a little depressed.
Jade Duxiu heard that the palm of his hand suddenly stepped forward to the front of the lunar fairy, and his left hand gently turned over only to see a six-lotus flower slowly suspended and gently pressed toward the forehead of the lunar fairy.
Looking at Jade Duxiu swinging the palm of your hand, although there is nothing, there is a strange feeling in the heart of Lunar Fairy, as if a black lotus flower in the white and delicate palm slowly fills up.
"Don’t resist." Jade Duxiu said softly, but she saw that the black lotus flower of the Lunar Fairy was breathing through the ancestral orifices and branded the Yuan God, and disappeared in a flash.
"What is it? Why is there a strange feeling? " Lunar fairy looked at jade Duxiu blinked way
Jade Duxiu smiled gently. "You fused that strange qi machine with its innate immortal aura, which is the most beneficial thing for me to find you. I don’t know that at this time, there is always a sense of foreboding in my heart. It seems that you will have a bifurcation in this reincarnation and want you to fuse this qi machine, or incarnate the fate of heaven, so you can naturally appear around you at any time and anywhere to get you back."
The lunar fairy heard the words and nodded gently, calling the strange qi machine to slowly merge its own innate immortal light. It is necessary to know that the innate immortal light has been bred the day after tomorrow, and it is incredible to not dye the dust. At this time, it is really difficult to integrate into the innate immortal light if it is not for the lunar fairy and the six lotus flowers.
Looking at the six lotus flowers slowly merging into the immortal aura of the lunar fairy, the lunar fairy’s whole body is full of rich doom, which is rapidly absorbed by the six lotus flowers, but it is a sigh that "the reincarnation of the lunar fairy is an inevitable result, even if it is its own great robbery, but it is not a long-term solution. The doom will inevitably accumulate and then once it breaks out, it will be like that the soaring waterfall is cut off. If it is suddenly released, it will be a rock-breaking record."
"No matter how good this Mount Li is, it will be Taiping Road after all, not yourself. I’m going to your palace." Taiyin Fairy gently embraced Yu Duxiu.
Jade Duxiu nodded and took hold of the Lunar Fairy. Once again, she turned to the place where Jade Duxiu had created the legal domain.
The lunar fairy looked at the Taoist temple with a gentle smile, and then slowly moved her palm to climb the summit of the Taiping Taoist temple. I still remember that it was here that I entrusted this Taoist temple to this person.
"You have a good eye. The scenery here is faint, but it is a rare place to cultivate." Taiyin Xian chuckled.
Jade Duxiu smell speech pointed to the limited mountains. "This place has been transformed by my great magic to lay the Wan Li mountains and rivers around this Taoist temple into an array. Fiona Fang’s thousands of miles of veins, reiki, sun, moon and stars are all absorbed by the large array."
"So forcibly searching for the source of heaven and earth to seize the essence of heaven requires great cause and effect. Even if you have several blessings, you can’t bear the accumulation of this karma." Taiyin Xian looked at Yu Duxiu.
"Yes, that’s exactly why I ordered people to broadcast a shallow training kung fu in Fiona Fang for thousands of miles, whether it’s terran or monster beast or if it’s spiritual, it can be given to that ordinary brother, and he should always help ordinary people pray for rain to reduce his karma and reduce my karma," Yu Duxiu said.
Lunar fairy smell speech looked at jade Duxiu corners of the mouth is peep out one silk smile "is that I worry too much, you have always been a legacy, since I met you, you have never suffered a big loss"

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