"Don’t worry, if you persist for a while, it won’t be long before I make them laugh!"

Resin emperor sink said
His eyes sparkled with joy at this time.
"Have you made a breakthrough in your realm?"
Hear resin emperor with a hint of joy words Jinlong honour person eyes a bright hurriedly asked
"It’s still a breakthrough, but I’ve accumulated enough corpse gas during this period, and I feel that my training seems to have reached a critical point, and the breakthrough is not far away."
Resin emperor mouth with a smile.
This is the first time that the corpse emperor smiled after a sneak attack on the blood phoenix demon emperor and Wanshu bodhi old zu failed.
He knows very well that once he breaks through, there will be no disadvantage in speed, even if there are more people on the Emperor’s side, it will not be able to resist him, but will ruin his prey.
"Do you want to find a quiet place to break through?"
Jinlong honour person mouth asked
"Don’t need it! So take me away, and I’ll kill and gather corpse gas so that I can break through faster, and once I break through the Emperor of Heaven, a group of people can’t stop it or d m: du an! "
Resin emperor confident way
His body was almost cut to pieces, which made him confident enough to face the thunder robbery. He was not afraid of the Emperor of Heaven and a group of people attacked him while he was in Du Jie.
"hāhā is so right!"
Jinlong venerable man laughed and fled slightly.
He fled in the direction of more people.
He took the corpse emperor all the way to kill, and with the golden dragon honour person, he deliberately led the way. From time to time, j and nggudong some big pools made the corpse emperor slay people all the way.
"It’s not bànfǎ to go to the root like this!"
The Five Elements Emperor frowned and drank low.
This way to hunt down the corpse emperor and the golden dragon venerable person is extremely obedient, especially to the corpse emperor. His killing all the way seems to have little effect on his gathering corpse gas, but the speed is much slower.
"I’ll try to block them in front!"
Xia Qi, who has been talking suddenly at the moment, actually wants to go to the front to block the escape route of Jinlong Zun and the corpse emperor.
"No, it’s too dangerous!"
The emperor of heaven flatly jùjué
Xia Qi is his son, and he naturally cares about Xia Qi’s life.
"Besides, the Golden Dragon Venerable fled with the corpse emperor. jiùshì’s eyes are so big. How do you know where the Golden Dragon Venerable is going to escape?"
The Emperor of Heaven hopes to dispel Xia Qi’s thoughts in this mouth.
"I don’t know the specific escape route of the Golden Dragon Venerable and the resin emperor, but I can probably still āiè."
Xia qi looked calm and said
Voice is let sent a group of people eyes are gathered in his body is full of consternation.
"Are you serious?"
"How do you know the escape route of the corpse emperor and the golden dragon honour person?"
"Are you sure?"
Five elements of the emperor several people have eyes flashing with surprise and doubt.
"I don’t know if you have noticed that the Golden Dragon Venerable seems to have deliberately chosen crowded places to escape, especially some big pools so that the corpse emperor can kill along the way. If you want to block them before, you may try to ambush them in the big pool ahead."
This is something that he notice not long ago.
"It seems so."
Bi Fang emperor frowned thoughtfully and then said
"Seems quite reasonable …"
The Five Elements Emperor nodded gently. What Xia Qi said seems to be somewhat reliable.

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