"Does Veronica want to go back to the previous one?" Bilu said, "What are you doing back there?"

"Not necessarily," said the spy, playing a noodle game, and just watching without saying anything.
Until the spy finished the game … The surrounding scenery also changed rapidly.
At the end of the change, you can see that it is not the end of the day, but a spacious room.
This room is full of big cartons, which looks like a warehouse.
"Strange? Where is this? What’s in this? " Bilu casually stripped a carton next to it and found that … it contained a box of drinks called’ Pork Chops for Three Treatments’.
"Ah, this tastes terrible!" Bilu looked at the drink inside and showed disgust, but it soon became confused.
"Where are we? Is it in a shopping mall warehouse? " As he spoke, Bilu stripped other cartons, and it was true that there were many merchants in these cartons …
This place is really a warehouse of shopping malls. Actually, it is also a place with … overlapping.
The old building in Qianlin was detected and found … Although the old building seems to be surrounded by darkness, it can be felt that there are many different places connected around it.
These places are also areas similar to this state, that is, the overlap.
There should be many of these buildings or areas in Ershi, and there is an overlapping phenomenon in these areas … On the surface, it looks like some ordinary buildings, but in fact, another one is superimposed in the same position.
This may be the biggest overlap left by Walsh’s experiment, which is the myth.
But there are many similar places besides myths … These areas can be sent to and from each other and … through this watch.
College watches can be linked to a position feeder and playing old brain games can also trigger this feeder.
The present feeder changed the delivery target from doomsday to a random overlap point.
It is not clear why this phenomenon will happen. It may be the change when Midgarton came in.
Or maybe the original doomsday destroyed the feeder and automatically modified the target location …
Anyway, there is no place to play old games, so you can send them directly with this watch.
"Then go somewhere else." After talking to Bilu, I poked a few watches …
Because this gift can affect everyone who wears watches around him, the spy and Bilu are sent together …
Then the spy and Bilu went to another … building … which seems to be a stadium.
After a casual stroll, spy and Bilu left here and went on to other places.
It seems that there are quite a few overlapping points … There are art galleries, villas and buildings in various places … and they also include places like aquariums and military bases.
These places used to be scattered all over the world, but now they are all located in pipelines
Midgart doesn’t seem to have done anything to these buildings and creatures from Walsh, but just … put them all over the pipeline.
Lynn thought it might be better to communicate directly with Midgart.
Or … just keep exploring here?
Or … Let’s observe it first.
Then the spy and Bilu continued to move around and found some similar old buildings.
However, there are almost no people in these buildings, and once they sent them to a restaurant, they found a suicide.
The reason why it committed suicide was that it hit its head against the wall because the surroundings became too weird.
After sending dozens of places in a row, spy and Bilu finally came to a place with a lot of Kirsh people …
A prison
In this case, when the criminals saw the spy and Bilu, they all rushed to the spy and Bilu, and they didn’t stay long.
After another delivery …
The spy and Bilu came to a familiar place.
This place … should have been destroyed by the transpirator moon, not decomposed with Walsh.
"We’re … back?"
….. Bilu and spy of Tiangong College are now located in the … Arms-selling Square. Seeing the familiar scenery in front of them, Bilu has shed tears with excitement.
"We came back-! ! !”
Chapter one thousand seven hundred and twenty-six Isolated place
"You are a year ABB class Veronica and Billie Richkin classmates? How did you get back here? "
This is a weapons-selling square in Tiangong Institute of Technology.
This is a very lively place, full of students who buy and sell weapons. Even after that, the excitement is still unabated, and there are still a lot of students hanging around here.
It is …
They are all depressed, some can be desperate, but some are high and very excited.
And this ….. spy and Bilu’s guy are emotionally stable. He is a senior, and it’s very strange to compare how Lou and spy came back here.
Because junior students were still on vacation when Tiangong College was attacked.
"I don’t know!" Facing the immediate inquiry, the senior Bilu looked puzzled and said, "Did we poke a few watches and just … come back?"
"watch?" Senior glanced at than dew hand way "is this college hair watches? Have this function? "
The senior hit his watch and pressed it carefully. It seemed to look at every function, but … it soon gave up the saying, "It is impossible to have this function without roots."
"Yeah, I don’t know what happened. It seems amazing," said Bilu.
"Well … forget it, and then let the teacher study one."
The senior said, "Now that you are back, go back to your dormitory for the sports meeting … it will be soon. Please take a rest and come as soon as you receive the notice."
"Wait a minute!" Bilu stopped the senior and pointed to the day and said, "What is this place?"
The sky is blood red now, and many things of different sizes like stones can be seen floating in the sky.
Without clouds and stars, it is a very simple color, which also makes the ground appear a dark red color
"I don’t know …" The senior said, "The whole college was located in this strange place after the palace city was hit that day … I will discuss what to do."
Say that finish after the senior went away than dew a face of doubt, "what’s going on here … forget it, really feel very tired, Veronica. Let’s go to rest! Let’s take a shower first and then sleep together! I will feel at ease with Veronica! "
As he said this, Bilu took the spy and walked to an entrance next to it.

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