Back in the office, Wang Jun was so angry that he quickly dialed the man’s words and asked him when he would do it. The man said that he would hang up his mobile phone directly in a few days.

Just as he was angry, the words rang out. He didn’t get angry and asked, "Who? Don’t call me all the time. "
"Are you old?" The other end asked coldly.
Hearing this, he was so scared that he almost dropped his mobile phone. "What are you talking about? I’m a grandson, you old good grandson" bah! You are the grandson, and your family is the grandson.
"Day nanjiang steel things will be published, how do you do your heart white? After the job is done, add one million. "There is no difference in money. Anyway, the dead are not RMB.
Smell speech Wang Jun hurriedly coax way "in vain".
He was in a good mood when he hung up. At the thought of another silver deposit, he suddenly smiled again.
At this time, Yue Jianxin sighed when he heard that the workers were injured. "Fortunately, people are Longyou now, otherwise others would have collapsed."
Just then, he received a message from another reporter, asking him if it would be okay to interview with this matter.
Yue Jianxin did not give a specific answer, but told him to seek truth from facts and pay attention to discretion.
The reporters there also know that the meaning of his words is not much to say.
Longyou doesn’t know that Yue Jianxin arranged an extra reporter just in case.
Chapter 164 Yu Jianfeng
Dark clouds cover the sky, and it seems to be covered.
Longyou took a deep breath of smoke and walked into the steel mill. Today is his scheduled press conference day, but he has a little anxiety in his heart.
Since the track was steady step by step, he seldom had any nightmares, but last night he dreamed that he fell from it and laughed at his faces and kept telling him what to do.
He woke up in a dream and didn’t sleep again. He knew that this might be a warning from heaven. Don’t get carried away. Beware that pride will fail.
Thought of here, Longyou put out his cigarette and arranged a garment unlined upper garment and walked into the office.
Just then Li Yan came in. "You don’t look well, but you didn’t sleep well?"
Smell speech longyou gave a way: "I didn’t see it a little late last night."
When Li Yan didn’t speak again, the phone rang. He picked it up and saw that it was the reporter’s words, "Well, just come directly."
Say it and let it go.
"The venue has been arranged, but do you really want to hold a press conference?" After all, Li Yan is still old-fashioned, and he always feels that washing his dirty linen in public.
Long Youbai thinks that he doesn’t seem to come from the 21st century and doesn’t understand the terrible public opinion.
"Uncle Yan, if we hide and dig it out, it will do great harm to the reputation of the steel plant. If we take the initiative to talk about the situation of the steel plant, we will surely not mess around. This is to minimize the harm as far as possible." Longyou was very patient and explained.
Li Yan’s eyes are puzzled, but according to Long You’s performance, he believes that he will take the steel plant to a deeper level.
"It’s your youth’s day after Uncle Yan doesn’t always really die."
Longyou looked calm and said with a smile, "Uncle Yan is an experienced steel mill, and steel mills need you."
"The national fund funds are all in place. Do you have any new ideas? You have to take Uncle Yan with you." Yan Yan said anxiously.
See longyou poured him a glass of water, "uncle Yan, I plan to add more projects to the steel plant, such as screw production and some parts production."
"This? Is it possible to increase the steel plant just after it has eased a little? " Li Yan still has some doubts in his heart.
When he saw this, he didn’t continue to say, "Uncle Yan, let’s go to the venue and wait. It is estimated that they will arrive soon."
Say longyou got up and went to the venue, followed by Li Yan.
It is said that the venue will vacate the office at ordinary times, and put some tables and chairs and some fruits.
Compared with the formal meeting place in the 21st century, it is much simpler.
Longyou took the first place. Li Yan sat next to him. Soon reporters came one after another. Yue Jianxin, an old classmate, also came to see him. He wore a Chinese tunic suit neck and that old-fashioned foreign camera. He looked very elegant. He just took a pen.
Although he didn’t meet each other, he recognized Longyou smiling at him at a glance.
All the reporters are seated. There are probably five or six newspaper reporters, and even foreign journalists.
"Thank you for coming. I am the largest shareholder of the steel plant at present. My name is Longyou." Longyou is generous and open-minded and will take the initiative to take control of himself.
The reporters have all heard of the name of Longyou, but I didn’t expect Longyou to be just a college student. Some people have surprises in their eyes, and some people have disdainful expressions in their eyes.

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